Lilith’s Creative Side

In most of our Mythological stories the archetypes represent aspects of individual personality. The archetypal stories present meaningful visualisations which help to understand functions of the psyche. In modern astrology each planet or star reflects both positive and negative meanings in the natal chart. Black Moon Lilith also has a creative side.

creative devil

God created Lilith for a reason?

In the mythology of “creation” perhaps Adam and Eve and Lilith are elements in our individual psyche and represent the ongoing nature of Creation of life itself? In a simplified manner Adam and Eve represent the masculine and feminine aspects of personality where Lilith seems to represent a dysfunctional form of the psyche. According to mythology and in Lilith’s case there seems to be a religious or judgemental process where her banishment from Eden may be a necessary function for “creation” to have taken place at all. Lilith “is” involved and whether banished or not there are good reasons for this.

Life isnt all roses and nice gardens it seems and the mythology of Lilith can represent a way of dealing with the more difficult aspects of personality. The interesting part about Lilith reverberating from the archetypal “Creation” to our individual psyche  is that Lilith emerges in creative ways for the sheer purpose of survival.

Lilith exercises her creative and fundamental side to get through situations which our normal feminine and masculine sides cannot.



Admittedly some measures of psychological survival result in ongoing dysfunctional thinking or behaviours however in times of need Black Moon Lilith emerges to take control because no one else is.

Lilith in psychology might easily be described as the repressed or “split off” element in the psyche however in my view, Lilith is a creative conduit aligned in the darker reflections of ones instincts and the unconscious or rejected part of personality. Black Moon Lilith in the astrology chart represents the manager and mouthpiece of our darkest stories. She works in creative and instinctive ways – not to bring balance to emotional structures however for survival purposes only.


13 Responses to “Lilith’s Creative Side”

  1. 1 Graffiti September 28, 2009 at 17:50

    Interesting comment kingsley,

    When you describe Lillith like this it does tend to make me think of the demon sub personality


  2. 2 kingsley September 28, 2009 at 18:16

    Its kind of comforting to know that Lilith has her positive side Graffiti. I am not sure that our communities understand the positive aspects of Anger (Mars) let alone appreciate the benefits of Lilith.


  3. 3 Marina October 3, 2009 at 00:59

    I have since learn there are 3 Liliths!! There are differences between them. From what I can make out:

    The one we all seem to know is the Black Moon Lilith is the Moon’s apocentre. And this one is the classic spell binding femme fatale that most people think of for Lilith. For me it is pure sexual energy, its the Kundalini, life force, animal magnetism. It has certain magic about it. Mick Jagger had it conjunct his Sun/jupiter. People tend to make this “evil”. But there is nothing dark or evil about Black Moon Lilith atall. Western religion has made it that way.

    DARK Moon Lilith is the dust cloud Lilith also known as Sepherials moon or Waldemath moon. This one IS the dark side. The place where ones demons lurk. Raging Lilith when she was put in Exile. But its a hugely creative place. Its the muse for many a melancholy Romantic Poet. Lord Byron had it conjunct his sun. Think fairytales with a dark edge. Lewis Carroll had it opposing Chiron. It has a very gothic feel.
    This is the dangerous one because if it isn’t used creatively it can turn destructive and vengeful. Henc the connection with the Lilith myth where she turned child killer in exile out of revenge.

    And this one I think is the creative one in the artistic sense. I think BML is more creative is a physical/sexual sense.

    Asteroid Lilith is the other one. Seems to be the Feminist, independant woman, fighting for equality.

    I have a new Blog dedicated to Lilith themes now. There is SO much to her.

  4. 4 kingsley October 3, 2009 at 08:06

    Yes there are many positive aspects of Lilith Marina. In fact over time there is quite a list of behaviours and thinking etc gathering on Lilith. I was thinking about listing them so that others could add to the list.

    Lilith does like to express herself rather than not Marina. Mostly that means “doing” or saying something. The big difference is whether a person is aware of those expressions. If not, there seems to be a potential for an unbound lilith.

  5. 5 Marina October 4, 2009 at 05:09

    Listing the behaviors would be great. The more I dig into her the more I there is. I dunno if this is a new thing or not but there seems to be a bigger interest in her or maybe I’m just seeing more of it around since I’ve become interested.

  6. 6 kingsley October 4, 2009 at 07:40

    I find that the more one begins to understand Black Moon Lilith, one has more interest in her. Discovering her potential and allowing/practicing her expression is a rewarding process Marina.

    The therapeutic benefit can be described by the Psychoanalists when they talk of the unconscious mind freeing up thoughts. The practice of bringing the “un thought” into consciousness requires the allowing of and then the “seeing” of ones Lilithness. Getting to know her can be initially uncomfortable however eventually very rewarding.


  7. 7 Marina October 6, 2009 at 21:34

    Hi Kingsley. The Blog is up now. Wow! I’m so into it. I have DARK Moon Lilith square my Sun. (2 deg) But otherwise its unaspected. I’m not sure if a 2deg orb is too wide for the Dark Moon. My Karmic astrologer said it wasnt inaspect and that it was working like a blindspot for me. Not sure about that. I have always felt very “Gothic” and now I know why! Dark Moon-Dark Muse

  8. 8 Marina October 8, 2009 at 06:27

    I made a comment a few days ago but not sure if it went through. I’ve now done a whole Blog on dark Moon Lilith alone. The link on my name this time.
    It’s so good there is so much interest in the Liliths online and on this blog too. Great stuff!

  9. 9 kingsley October 8, 2009 at 09:06

    Hello Marina, yes, I am not sure why your posts dont go straight through. They did previously I think. Some comments go straight through to spam however not yours.

    It is a good article Marina. I read it over at funkastrology. I am less convinced about using the dark moon though. I use some of the hypothetical planets however I ignore the Dark Moon. Perhaps there are a few too many Lilith points. It would seem more simplified to work with one main Lilith point however Astrology is not a simplified language and thus generates confusion at times.

    I am glad you have been looking into the Dark Moon Marina.


  10. 10 Marina October 8, 2009 at 15:20

    Yes it would be easier to work with just one Lilith point! True to her nature she is mysterious and difficult to work with.
    Some people even put the true node Black Moon Lilith AND the mean node which I think is going too far, since even the author who mentioned this (Kelly Hunter) said the effects were more noticeable thru the mean node. So I’m going to stick with that. Algol as the 4th Lilith!? Forget it. 3 is more than enough!

  11. 11 kingsley October 12, 2009 at 08:06

    It is a very good article Marina, apparently your comment did slip through but better late than never.


  12. 12 Renee January 9, 2010 at 09:21

    i think positive qualities and expressions of Lilith can start to emerge now that stories like Avatar are being embraced. The demonisation of Lilith will continue until the so called uncivilised ways of indigenous cultures are feared.
    As long as Adam still wants to dominate his will upon the Earth;
    As long as commercial progress is a priority over our basic eco-survival;
    As long as statistic not instinct is taught at school. Lilith will live in the shadows and her calling card will be havoc.


  13. 13 kingsley January 9, 2010 at 10:24

    Well said Rennee. Yes I think it is useful to embrace all the parts of ones psyche but that is easier said than done in the structure of todays society.


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