Venus and Jupiter Alright Tonight

Those in the northern hemisphere will see the delight of Venus Jupiter in the night. Such glorious lights!

Wherever Venus and Jupiter fall in your own chart can mean different kinds of “gifts”.

1st House                 Beautify self look lovely and feel buoyant

2nd House              Self esteem and generosity means improved security

3rd House              Very good news

4th House              Old friends and family happiness, returns from realestate benefits

5th House              Romance and winning the prize

6th House              Resilience in health and good cheer from workmates

7th House             Generosity to and from others, happy relationships and engagements

8th House             Benefits abound through others, refunds and reduced bills

9th House             Wonderful perspectives, gifts from relatives, good advice/counselling

10th House          Career Success

11th House           Socially good times, friends, abundance and happiness

12th House           A gift that you didn’t see coming or quality in yourself that you didnt know about

enjoy the moment



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