Solar Eclipse and Natal Nodes

For those born around March 1957, November 1975 and June 1994 the Eclipse tomorrow has special relevance. When we think about soul life and realms beyond our normal grasp you might consider the Solar Eclipse combined with the natal Nodes. 

The cosmic timing is proffering the return of the Nodal axis after nineteen years through the constellations for the above people. This event and refreshed cycle of life doesn’t come without its transitions but to be celebrated by an Eclipse on the Nodes one was born to, has a greater meaning. 

An Eclipse on a planet or angle in the chart is significant enough however when the Nodes are involved there is an opening up of time and space. Glimpses of ones soul life emerge through the Nodes because they have no relevant time frame between past and future lives. Sometimes the past is helpful to understand ones direction forward and glimpses of future lives places the pieces of the past to rest. 

Perhaps my writing about soul life brings ghostly like images that have no relevance to the mundane and practical worlds? However to consider other dimensions, spirits and gods is an openness to the significance of the New Moon rising now.

There are many many people with their Nodes positioned around 22 Scorpio and many more within the few degrees of orb that this Eclipse would affect. Not everyone is going to experience an opening up or kundalini like experience with their soul life. Not everyone would know what that experience might look like!

My Nodes are at 22 Scorpio and I know a Mother with her Moon at 22 Scorpio connecting to the Nodes of her daughter and son who are born in separate nodal cycles. I know a few Scorpio Ascendant types which this Eclipse will straddle. 

Sometimes lives are interconnected in this way bringing the sense of family or community of souls together. It might be interesting for Astrologers to search through their files for 22 degrees Scorpio Nodes to at least observe from a distance, any meanings that have relevance. 

Eclipses bring matters to a head and whether that experience has already happened or about to occur, these cosmic timings can be somewhat broad. Never the less, the Soul Life and perturbations between one life and another are “ripe” for exchange. 

If you fit into this Nodal age I am proposing, or you have angles and planets conjunct, opposite or square the Eclipse, consider your position in life and be open to the signs that connect you across the dimensions of lives. 

Maybe you will even see a ghost from your past. 


3 Responses to “Solar Eclipse and Natal Nodes”

  1. 1 Ellie February 5, 2013 at 11:35

    Hi Kingsley, I’m glad you wrote an article on this as I have been wondering about eclipses occuring on the nodes. My north node is 21 taurus (conjunct ceres 21 taurus and sextile mercury 20 pisces) in the 11th. South node is in 5th. So the last eclipse conjunct my south node, and the next will conjunct my north node. THe april lunar eclipse will conjunct my pluto in the 5th. Do you think an eclipse on the south node can have the negative connotations often suggested of the south node? Are the decisions I make now (on the energy of the south node activation) any less important or effective than those decisions I might make on the back of the forthcoming solar eclipse on my north node in may?! Similar to yourself, do you feel that the two eclipses occuring one after the other on each of your nodes have any particular meaning since they are pretty much exactly opposite each other?

  2. 2 kingsley February 5, 2013 at 13:35

    Hello Ellie, these are very good questions indeed. Firstly, I agree that the different eclipses positioned alternately over the South and North Nodes are important and suggests a pendulum effect and Karmic in nature. That doesnt mean a swing from “bad to good” or the other way around! I havent checked to see which series of Eclipses these two “opposite pole” Solar Eclipses belong to however that might be an idea. If they are connected to the same Family of Eclipses then the pendulum effect is emphasised.

    Both points on the nodal axis are just as important as each other, they are “telling” of each other and represent the flow of soul momentum at any one time. Remembering that on emotional levels one can “change the past” in the future by resolving karmic past life issues and in turn, changes to the future directions are also effected.

    The South Node can be difficult if one is not attuned to “going there”and similarly for the North Node. These karmic swings are a part of life and there are most likely very good reasons applying in the examples you provide. Perhaps you and I are born in opposite nodal cycles and for that reason, somehow connecting in our different journey’s here? The Nodes are great connectors over time, space and lifetimes Ellie. Your comment here is not only appreciated but connected with me significantly.


    • 3 Ellie February 6, 2013 at 16:11

      Thanks for your reply, you explain it well. So, depending on how we with our past life issues/karma in the present ultimately determines how our future path will unfold (and with what difficulty). The eclipses add an extra emphasis and immediacy to this I suppose! Well my life has changed dramatically in the past year (as regards career, living arrangements, confidence etc., I’m almost 28).

      My progressed 1st quarter moon (progressed sun in aries square progressed moon in cancer) will be exact in 2 months and aspecting the uranus pluto square exactly. Life is really really good right now. Very challenging, but in an exciting way. I feel far more confident and certain of my life direction (compared to how I did this time last year), although there is still a ton of uncertainty in my life at the moment (which would have killed me with stress in the past) I’m quite happy now.

      I like how you refer to my comment being connected to you significantly (our nodes being reversed). Astrology has such an amazing way of demonstrating how certain people appear in our lives at certain times in our lives to highlight somthing we need to know or acknowledge. A woman I’ve been working closely with the past few months has her venus/mars conjunction in taurus conjunct my north node. My venus mars conjunction at 20 aries is exactly conjunct her south node. Interesting!

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