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The Planets and Black Moon Lilith



Black Moon Lilith


Black Moon Lilith is a mysterious Astrological point which is not easy to put ones finger on. The Astronomy in simplistic terms, the BML is the Moons furthest point in its orbit around earth. The Moons orbit is elliptical and therefore its path around the Earth each month has two distinct points. One point in the orbit is the closest distance to earth, called the Perigee and the furthest point in the orbit, called the Apogee. It is important that one works with the True and oscillating Lilith point rather than the “mean Lilith” calculation to achieve an accurate representation of any aspects to other planets.

The Astrological and psychological descriptive meanings of Black Moon Lilith can refer to various cultural mythologies pertaining to somewhat darker references of life. Some myths describe how there is a crisis during the creative beginnings of life on Earth in the Garden of Eden. Apparently Adam’s first wife was Lilith and that didn’t go very well.

In essence however the Black Moon Lilith point describes a part of personality that is not only outside of one’s awareness but buried deep in the subconscious realms of the psyche. Like Adam and Lilith in the creative beginnings, there are signs that Lilith has her place in early developmental life. Although “Lilith” in personality is described as repressed, “she” becomes overtly active in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The Planetary aspects to Black Moon Lilith are strongest when Conjunctions within a few degrees are noted. Each planet connected to Lilith will have both creative and destructive descriptions which mainly relate to personality and behaviours. Perhaps the following very brief outlines of Lilith and the Planets will be a starting point for the “discovery of the dark”?


Moon Lilith         Dysfunctional emotional expression and highly intuitive sensing skills

Sun Lilith             Inconsistency of Identity, authoritative inflexible and dependable characters

Mercury Lilith    Blocks to processing facts and figures, highly creative minds and comedians

Venus Lilith        Possessiveness and attachment dysfunction, creative use of relationships

Mars Lilith         Unstable high energy patterns, control, assertive and direct confrontational

Jupiter Lilith      Boundary concerns, prejudices and motivation to creative teaching methods

Saturn Lilith       Abusive captive syndromes, rigid authority, carers for aged and disabled

Uranus Lilith      Unbound psychic impulses, “crazy”, creative anarchy and inflexible individualism

Neptune Lilith   Lost, Schizoid types, de realisations, depersonalisations,  victims and impressionists creative abstractions.

Pluto Lilith     Drama and Intensity, destructive obsessiveness, control and intrinsic understanding of others psyche

Chapters even books could be written about each combination above. All descriptions involve boundary issues, psychological projections, dissociations, sexualisations, denials and extremely creative expressions and potentials of Lilith in personality, when a planet is in close aspect to Black Moon Lilith.

The conjunctions of Lilith to the Angles in the chart also imbue personality and the Natal expression.


On the Mark

So far there have been some interesting writings about Neptune and Pisces over the internet. I haven’t read them all, however there is one theme emerging from such Neptune posts that is hard to put ones finger on. It’s interesting to see generic descriptions used by authors in their attempts to define Neptune in Pisces. The internet is a place where collective imagery, bits and pieces merge from here and there into writings that appear to come from the “same school”. I have even seen some writers using my own terminologies in their posts too. One would expect that any descriptive Astrology terms should be similar from writer to writer, that is, if we are all using the same language.
Even without the internet and technologies, Jung discovered that across isolated cultures, myths and legends were very similar from country to country. How can this amazing phenomenon occur between cultures separated by oceans and continents with no means of intercommunication? The answer to this question lay in the fundamental nature in which humans observe and understand their unique environments. Life experiences between non connected cultures are somehow described as similar overarching truths. So if the myths describing gods and unique archetypes are replicated in some way, without plagiarism or Chinese whispers then just imagine how the internet amplifies the Collective Paradigms”?
Clutching to one’s early teachings in the cosmic languages is perhaps the only sane way to make sense of such an ethereal planet. Neptune is hard to put ones finger on and some of the best articles I have read about this mystical force also describe its journey through the previous signs. It will take a few more years to truly work out the generational meanings of Neptune in Aquarius so how do we even begin to predict a Pisces journey?                  
At a time when structure and reality serves us well, Neptune in to Pisces has a truly magnificent chance to create a spiritual and interconnecting force over many dimensions. Sounds ambiguous indeed! If we are fooled by imagery and charisma or even accidental plagiarisms as the absolute truth, how will we know that? It seems that whatever we decide as the truth, it just doesn’t matter whether that is real or not with Neptune in Pisces. If the Global Collective carries on in Pisces  –  with its “co-creative” ways (stolen from Mountain Astrology Page), the whole world would seem to sublime into new consciousness’ without really knowing.
Sounds fantastic!
(apologies if you read this elsewhere)

The Unknowns

The Unknown areas of our lives could be classified as “mysteries waiting to be discovered” or perhaps “the unknowns” are seen as worriful elements that present dilemmas worth avoiding? In the field of Astrology and Psychology its the Unknowns that spur us on to learn more about ourselves and our interactions in life. It makes sense to bring the “Unknowns” into conscious thought so that we may live better lives. I must admit to searching for answers in both Psychology and Astrology to align myself with all the potentials, variables and mysteries.


There are particular cycles in life where personal energy levels are high however one’s directions in life are confusingly unclear. These times in life often present mysteries worth investigating for insight and clarification. Clarification and awareness can be achieved through either psychology or astrology however their paths to discovery are extraordinarily different. In the end it doesn’t really matter which path is taken if one can turn their “Unknowns into Knowns”.

The cycle of the New Moon is a time of high energy which can present periods confusion. These times are also inspirational and quite motivational for discovering the Unknowns. The New Moon presents the idea of a new cycle developing, an new idea or development in life that has not yet been born into ones consciousness. The New Moon is often called the “seed” and the  “promise of which is delivered at the full moon”. Ask anyone who has been born under a New Moon and they will tell you that discovery of self-identity through courses and an array of experiences, is an ongoing process!

The Progressed New Moon is a wonderful example of a high energy cycle that might be confusing to begin with. The progressed cycle is perhaps a very significant creative psychological cleansing where new directions manifest into life, literally. The New Moon is a seed of unknown variety and poses a mystery that beckons to be discovered.

The monthly cycles of the Moon are familiar life cycles that represent beginnings and endings. The New Moon represents a “refreshing” of the routines which can leave questions about how incidental life situations might unfold. Therefore, on the day of New Moons like today, there are high energy patterns and unknowns which affect us in subtle ways.

The New Moons brings hope and discovery through a seed planted and the idea of the “Unknown becoming Known”!


Escapism and Disguise

Since the beginning of time we human beings have relished the exploration of disguise by changing ones appearance into different forms. Disguising ones appearance contains the idea of fantasy and escapism from a self reality that may have become too mundane but is this behaviour as simple as it seems? Wearing a simple mask hides ones eyes but behind that, the minds owner experiences a kind of euphoria via a disconnection of an all too well-known persona. Escapism is a known trait born in the Astrological Sign of Pisces so it might pay to investigate the mythology of the twin fishes to find out more.


The story of Pisces indicates that disguising ones form and appearance is primarily to escape a terrible earthly monster called Typhoeus.

“The horrible earth-born giant Typhoeus suddenly appeared one day, startling all the gods into taking on different forms to flee. Jupiter, for instance, transformed himself into a ram; Mercury became an ibis; Apollo took on the shape of a crow; Diana hid herself as a cat; and Bacchus disguised himself as a goat. Venus and her son Cupid were bathing on the banks of the Euphrates River that day, and took on the shapes of a pair of fish to escape danger. Minerva later immortalized the event by placing the figures of two fish amongst the stars.

The zodiacal constellation Pisces represents two fish, tied together with a cord. The constellation is neither particularly bright nor easy to find, but it lies near Pegasus.” (By Cathy Bell)

Venus and her son Cupid are at the centre of this fishy tale and as we all know, the mythologies surrounding these two are primarily concerned with love and enjoyment. The sign of Pisces is a mutable environment where adaptability and change are fundamental traits. If many Gods changed into different forms when the monster suddenly appeared, there is a self-preservation element to this story with a goal to live another day.

If the of the story of Pisces embodies two pleasure orientated archetypes such as Venus and Cupid, one of the primary roles described in the constellation of Pisces is a transitional one, with a theme for pleasure and enjoyment. Escaping the reality of such earthly monsters in the story of Pisces conjures up a myriad of more mortal and human behaviours when we consider the monotony and harsher realities of life, in the monster Typhoeus.


In my view the sign of Pisces contains the idea of an older soul that is not only wise and experienced but less ego driven in the same way as other signs. The constellation of Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac which means that Pisces has “lived through” all the experiences of other signs, starting with Aries. There is a melancholic sense for the Pisces archetype and less desire to integrate into specific roles other Signs of the Zodiac identify with. So at the last outpost and final transitional environment, the horoscopic wheel turns to fantasy and escapism with a primary motivation to disguise the reality of ones identity!

We can’t really stop there when considering the Pisces constellation and the idea of manufacturing different realities for the purpose of escapism. The imagery of the myth is symbolised as two fishes tied together with string and swimming in opposite directions. Perhaps a duality of directions here represents the inner conflict supporting a perpetual and incomplete gestalt in life. No wonder the Piscean kind turn to “disguise” and attempt to escape reality through drugs and alcohol? We could list numerous positive and negative behaviours here relating to escapism. Even the simple application of applying perfume and latherings of lotions, disguise and re fantasize ones identity in the “real world”.


` The domino effect of the “yes we can” message

The other main component of the mythology is the string that ties the fish together like an eternal reliance on the “other”. In this day and age the Piscean idea of the relationship between “We” instead of “I” is perhaps an ultimate wisdom that hopefully intoxicates a collective form into change? The hidden and less egotistical ideals of Piscean forms may have their negative manifestations and co dependencies, however there is an underlying and creative message ringing out in the unconscious collective here. The fact is we are dependent on many things and we will always need other people or external leanings to survive those fearful and symbolic “monsters” of life.

The age of individualism and separationalism of the 1960’s was a necessary “therapy” to establish a global collective identity of which similarly permeated our personal need to evolve. Now that Neptune has entered Pisces the complexities of our unconscious workings will require different kinds of global analysis and transformations? Like some forms of psychoanalysis we need another person and trusting unconditional relationships to access intersubjective spaces for awareness. The sign of Pisces contains such rich and supportive environments for explorations into the unknowns. If it’s through these kinds of “clinical” escapisms that holds a more complete gestalt then the two fish tied by string is certainly an apt symbol for the sign of Pisces.

The idea of fantasy and creative disguise can behold a variety of literal and psychological outcomes. Through the watery journey of the sign of Pisces, we can access realms never before experienced and dangerously enough, be tied to the destructive tendencies of escapism.


Philosophical Moments

Philosophical moments occur when perceived realities are felt through experiences in which truths become hard to deny. It’s a bit like scientific theories being proven after observation and experimentation. It would seem that the current Astrological fluctuations refer to factual understandings and other realities but is it really true?
The planet of communication Mercury moves into aspect with Saturn bringing up good organisational abilities and a somewhat direct means for delegation. Perhaps we can say less during this period and get to the point instead of waffling on for hours? The truth of a matter is no doubt emerging and then Mercury transfers the idea of “some reality” to the planet Neptune in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces is idealistic at the best if not a little bewildered but this time Mercury has the wisdom of Saturn to back him up and says something philosophical!
I am not sure whether Neptune in Pisces beholds the realities of Saturn all that well, however in this case, it’s quite possible that even a small grain of truth has potential to be “real”. These consecutive Mercurial aspects bring ones suspicions and other experimentations into a perceived reality. It could literally be a dream coming true.
I hope that means Valentines Day beholds something special?

Wave Theory

A good Astrologer has the capacity to tune into cosmic cycles by using the positions of the Planets and stars in the horoscope. Over time, a very good Astrologer can “tune in” to the cosmic fluctuations via kinesthetic abilities before cosmic aspects actually happen. Call it intuition or pre-sensing but consider this; a ship travelling through water pushes up a bow wave in space and time before the ship arrives at that point.
In a similar fashion the good astrologer senses wave energy prior to any point in time by feeling, experiencing and understanding aspects of the “bow wave” in themselves.
Interpreting planets over daily or monthly cycles the Astrologer can place herself at the centre of the wheel and describe aspects in relation to her own experiences. There are some restraints to this kind of work in that, “how does one separate personal feelings and issues from the impartial work of interpretation”?
How can one separate their own issues, internal beliefs about self and the world and still use this amazing “bow wave” theory? The answer to this question involves a great deal of discussion. For the Astrologer to be impartial and to create less transference, such as dependencies and rescuing of their readers from all the realities of life; requires understanding people and the boundaries to good healing work.  Above all, one must know thy self well by ever exploring one’s own feelings, motivations and inner beliefs about self.

Matriachal Lilith

First Posted 9 May 2009

A prominent Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart is either having a conjunction to another planet or an angular Lilith. Having a prominent Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart usually means an intense personality expressed via a strong character. Prominent Liliths are developed in personality from a young age and can sometimes indicate early developmental disruptions within our nurturing environment. The development of personality according to Developmental Psychology occurs largely between birth and seven years of age. In many cases – the Black Moon Lilith part of personality relates to a much younger inner self.


How can a child be Lilithy?

A strongly placed astrological Lilith can manifest in personality through different ways. The Object Constancy (Mahler) developmental stage for example – is where the young toddler rips one of her dolls apart while she meticulously cares for another doll. The child is expressing the good and less than good aspects of her early nurturing experiences. This behaviour is quite healthy and over time the infant integrates these black and white psychological challenges into personality. Sometimes this kind of differentiation is not completed in the development of personality and the person develops a strong character expression in order to compensate.


Perhaps developmental Lilith emerges during this early “Constancy” stage more so than any other stage of development.

When the infant cannot resolve the psychological conflict between their “good and less than good nurturing” the psyche becomes somewhat inflexible. The child can develop an impasse where life is either all rotten or all wonderful. There can be few grey areas within such black and white beliefs. Sibling rivalry and jealousy issues can also be a product of this early stage in life.

When the child endures traumatic experiences – survival can depend on the part of personality which “takes charge” of the psyche. Enter the “prominent Lilith” and the Black Moon part of personality.

In essence during such a developmental crisis there is a part of personality that splits away from the impasse in order to survive. The split off part of personality remains functional albeit hidden from the persons awareness. Invariably this part of personality can have a “louder voice” than the black and white impasse dynamic. It may also reflect the “bad” nurturing object for the child, however not in all cases. Black Moon Lilith is not all “black” in my view. She is a highly creative energy albeit, confusing.

So the young child can take on aspects of mothers or grand mothers inflexible parenting style within the psyche. Have you ever heard a four year child old utter reprimands and ultimatums like a bossy parent does? The child is mimicking his or her own experience of that restrictive parent voice. The formation of Lilith is via this kind of verbal transference however Lilith seems to form in personality during the non verbal stages of development too.

In the normal transference process in personality development, aspects of our role models personality are injuncted and introjected as parts of our own personality. The Black Moon Lilith or split off part remains remotely connected however separate to these introjected parts. Lilith emerges in personality expression unconsciously – as counter transference to this system. “She” may take the form of the very prejudiced parent that abused her. She may take on an inflexible form – resistant to anything remotely sounding like grandmas authority. Lilith is a wild fire kind of aspect in personality she takes control of chaos in a manner which is contrary to the rest of the psyche.

When Saturn is conjunct Lilith in the natal chart, the “baby” Lilith within – the infant or adolescent can sound very much like the matriarchal Lilith.


Angry Granny

Someone must keep order in the chaos

Saturn represents the authoritative and controlling part of personality. The firm parent or prejudiced parent become a part of the  intra psychic dynamics. Saturn allows a framework for managing ones inner psychic structures in relation to the environment. Saturn is not always such a bleak part of personality however when Saturn and Lilith are together in the chart ones unconscious and “darker” sides can develop a mean Matriarchal streak.

Saturn and Lilith seek out ways to have control. The matriarch requires her young charges to experience her own sense of authority. In real life the Saturn-Lilith person can be a carer of disabled or aged people. The Saturn Lilith person may need to form a dependant relationship with a victim like person. One must appreciate that Saturn/Lilith is not wholly the carer in relationships however an abuser within that relationship too.

The Saturn Lilith can provide a form of structure and chaos.

1. Internal self psychological structure in the case of the early impasse – the persons un integrated developmental issues are kept in check by via Lilith and Saturn’s authority over internal and external systems. The person wears themselves out daily by organising and being in control. The person can develop prejudiced beliefs and blames others for problems.

2. Counter Transference in relationships where – even though a person is the carer and in charge of another persons chaos, the Saturn Lilith part of the carer’s personality is potentially abusive. The Matriarch becomes frustrated and angry enough to find corrupt outlets to express a darker self. Here the unresolved impasse during the object constancy stage is unleashed.

The Matriarchal Lilith can be a complicated process of maintaining dignity in contrast to an abusive counter transference process.


The Saturn – Lilith type of abuser encompasses a captive style of relationship. After abusing the dependant person in a surreptitious manner the Saturn Lilith person will then do something nice for the abused person. The dependant person rationalizes the abusers behaviour for their own survival needs. With a similar profile as the Stockholm Syndrome the Saturn Lilith person needs to have a captive or dependant person to manage and express their deeply embedded psychological impasse from earlier in life.

Some Saturn Lilith People

Kevin Costner                                                        Cecil Beaton

Neil Diamond                                                         Bruce Lee

Chris Evert                                                              Gregory Peck

Dean Martin                                                            Steve Earle

Salvador Dali

Interesting enough the South Australian – Royal Automobile Association shows Saturn/Lilith at the Mid heaven. (Data by Solar Fire) The RAA operates a service to help stranded motorists who have broken down. In this case it seems that Saturn and Lilith plays an intrinsic role in their public service.



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