Tsunami Samoa

Indonesia forms part of the “Ring of Fire,” an arc of volcanoes and geologic fault lines surrounding the Pacific Basin. The archipelago lies in a zone where four tectonic plates meet and constantly shift, sometimes causing earthquakes that can produce tsunamis. The recent Tsunami in Western Samoa and the Indonesian earthquakes are related to the “Ring of Fire” fault lines.

The Ring of Fire fault lines follows a section around Papua New Guinea, through Samoa and ends along New Zealand. The recent July 2009 Toatal Eclipse starts around Bombay and curves into China and then following the same path around the back New Guinea and ends just before the area of Samoa. (Aprox 171West 14 South).

The Astro mapping of the July Eclipse also shows the Neptune /Mc line going directly through Samoa.


Samoa id at the end of the Eclipse Line

Samoa is at the end of the Eclipse Line

Solar Eclipse Path July 2009
In my view the Earthquake and Tsunami came a little early according to the Astrology. Around the 15th of October 2009, the planet Mars crosses over the Eclipse degree of 29 Cancer.

Usually when Mars crosses over an Eclipse degree there are “worldly” manifestations such as volcanoes, earthquakes, fires and the like. The human loss and destruction in Western Samoa and Padang is devastating to say the least. Reports in suggest Padang’s fatalities are over 1000 today.

It may pay to check 29 degrees of Cancer in other charts as the 15th is only two weeks away.


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