The Constellation of Edith de Burgh

The many people who know Edith de Burgh will tell you about her unique sense of humour and great “Master of Ceremony” skills.  Edith is also a very good local Astrologer here in Perth Western Australia and a previous President of the FAAWA. I met up with Edith recently to interview her about things Astrological.

Ken:      I have to ask the penultimate question first Edith. How did you get in to Astrology, what triggered your journey to the Stars?

Edith:   “Well I have to tell you the story. It happened when I went to Myers where there was a book sale”.

Ken:     “Is it ok we get the short version Edith, I interrupted?”

Edith:    “It’s the story you see Ken; you see, I was in Myers and there was a 50% book sale so I went to investigate. There was the book by Robert Pelletier called ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’. I would never in a million years bought the book if not for the well discounted sale price. After reading Pelletier I turned towards Astrology with a passion. That was back in 1994 I think.”

Ken:      Do any of your children work with Astrology or what do they think about it all?

Edith:    I have four adult daughters and two daughters ask me about the ‘stars’ but they are not interested in the technical side to astrology. The other two do not think much of Astrology however they respect my work and studies.

Western Australian Astrologer Edith de Burgh

Western Australian Astrologer Edith de Burgh

Ken:     Who is the one person that imparted greatest influence on you as an Astrologer?

Edith:     I would have to say Bernadette Brady had the greatest influence on me. I did my basic certificate and then professional certificate with Bernadette through her school Astro Logos. I also tackled the Post Graduate Medieval Course and intend to go on with my Horary Masters qualifications with Deborah Houlding.

Ken:     What is your favourite point in Astrology, you know; technique or Planet, Midpoints, Synastry or Asteroids etc?

Edith:  (After pondering the question for a few whiles) “The Ascendant! And funnily enough that is connected to one of my pet hates too. I dislike the phrase many Astrologers use about the Ascendant; I dislike the phrase ‘The mask we put on’.

Say if person was going out for the night, they put on a coat hat and lipstick, “Oh bugger nearly I forgot my ascendant”.  What mask shall I put on? The Ascendant in my opinion is the most important point in the chart.

Ken:     If you were going to be a tour guide of the Cosmos according to Astrology, where would you start first in the skies?

Edith:   I have a soft spot for the Plato and Aristotelian system, (Philosophy) I would go to the Preventional or Conjunctional Moon in the chart first.

Ken:     Do you think that temperaments of personality such as humour and seriousness can be found in the chart? What about sexual diversity?

Edith:    Yes, I think you can see these things in the chart.

Ken:       How has the Internet influenced you and Astrology Edith? I know that you are reasonably isolated living in rural areas.

Edith:     The internet has influenced my Astrology very little. I often go to Deborah Houlding’s site, Skyscript because its suits my style of Traditional Astrology. Most of my assignments through Astro Logos School were sent by normal snail mail, however later in the piece I would use email to communicate. I am old fashioned, traditional and like the use of pen and pencil. Call me Saturnian if you will.

Ken:   Has becoming an Astrologer helped you evolve as a person?

Edith:  Yes! Triple yes! Astrology has given me a great appreciation of peoples ‘underbelly’ and their weaknesses. Personally, it’s helped to make me more empathic versus judgemental. The by-product of studying Astrology has improved my general knowledge greatly. I would never have known so much about MGM and Charlie Chaplin. I have studied things that I would have never ever gone into.

One of my main resources was the twenty six volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica because there was no internet, not even a computer to begin with. I did all my charts by hand using a pencil and tables.

In 1999 we got our first computer so before then everything was calculated by hand, even progressions and directions.

Ken:   What is your favourite Constellation or Star?

Edith:  I am not sure that I have a favourite Star or Constellation; however a favourite would have to be old Saturn, Cronus, mainly because I have “lived” with Saturn.

When I grow up I want to teach Astrology .


Edith is a very busy woman these days and can be found working at the Gravity Centre in Gin Gin on some days, the Government on other days and runs a Bio dynamic Farm with her partner Sid. Edith loves her Astrology and in my view, embraces and harnesses the Saturnian influences very well in her life. Thank you Edith for sharing your love of Astrology with us.


Ken Abrahams


This Interview was  initially published on the the Astrology WA Face Book page (FAAWA) Please head to this link and support our local Astrologers and “like” the page.  

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