Can’t Talk About It – Cant Think About It

Following on with Chiron’s ‘orbit’ between dysfunctionality and heightened sensory skills in personality, lets take a look at Mercury Chiron. The Astrological combination of Mercury and Chiron in the chart presents an interesting perspective between a sense of genius and some forms of Dyslexia.  


The Unconscious “Zip It”

Mercury Chiron at first glance is the “wound” of the mind. We will see, hear, read, talk and write millions of bite sized information pieces on a daily basis. It is called processing. Processing and mentalization of sensory experience leads us down many pathways which will ultimately be expressed in some way or not. We process our feelings into logical thoughts perhaps, or create visual representations in the course of comprehending the novels we read. We talk or write about meaningful and irreverent information as a part of our daily experience.    

Mercury represents the communication pathways, the doorways and hallways of our neural processing. Mercury denotes the literal measures we take, communicating from one place to another. Mercury symbolizes the verbal understandings in contrast to pre verbal messages in child development.  Mercury is the minds eye for sensory interface providing a means for processing information and ultimate distribution of that information down the pathways. At some point in time that information will need expressing in a physical way. Perhaps this can be called the “Delivery”. 

The hierarchy as follows

Minds Eye – Mentalizing Factory – Despatch – Delivery 



Something Going Wrong Between Mentalizing and Despatch


My own mother has Mercury opposite Chiron with the unlikely synastry match to the degree of my ascendant-descendant axis. Sometimes she doesn’t realise what she is saying to me, at other times “She just can’t talk about it”! 

All mothers seem to work with intuitive factors, however the one interesting function of Mercury Chiron is the ability to sense and know the unknowable. My mother has the extraordinary ability as a Bridge player. Like a shark she can pre-empt her target’s position and sense her partners hand in the matter. In one way her mentalizing and reflective process is dysfunctional and on the other she shows a sense of genius. Sadly, my mother experiences Vertigo at the moment and her literal walking down stairs and hallways is dysfunctional.   

Dyslexia comes in many many forms, including what is known as CRS or Conversion Reaction Syndrome. Quoting the Internet

“CRS is said to be a subconscious process by which deep emotional conflicts or fears which otherwise would give rise to considerable anxiety are disowned or put aside by converting them into an external expression of some type. This results in a feeling of detachment, which may appear as relaxed indifference – sometimes referred to as la belle indifference. This condition has been found in some dyslexics and in some persons with specific neurological damage.

So it would seem that the tittle of my blog (and what I am proposing about Mercury Chiron) can also become a means of psychological protection. Of course there are also  many people who actually “know” about difficult experiences in their lives, and for some good reasons, they choose to never talk about it. Its a kind of conscious detachment from the facts; a forever holding of information in the Despatch department. I am not sure whether in the long run, that is a healthy process to take.   


Dysfunction in The Hierarchy

Verbal Dyspraxia is an interesting form of Dyslexia. It involves the difficulty in the use of speech sounds. You may know a stutterer or someone who might have great difficulty in expressing the sounds of their words. A good old friend who has Mercury Chiron in Capricorn (10th house) cannot for the life of him say “ask” in the correct sequence of word sounds. He can only say “aks” (phonetically sounds like arxe).

My Capricornian friend uses the genius factor of his Mercury Chiron through his photography career. His private photographic work communicates intense and dark craggy rock formations with deeply blackened sky’s of clouds. Usually a dead or leafless tree in the landscape composition draws the viewer into the seemingly turbulent world of its creators mind’s eye. My friend is able to despatch the “processing of knowing his experience” through photographic mediums.

The step between “Despatch” to “Delivery” in the Mercurial hierarchy perhaps, takes on a novel process in Dyslexia. Information packages left at “Despatch” or which have no forwarding address will constantly beg to be opened in my view; Otherwise a great deal of energy is required to constantly “shelve it” there. This place in the mind is an “unknowing” of and perhaps disavowed part of the mercurial highway.  

Freight delivery is a complicated system and when “its absolutely got to get there the next day”, Mercury Chiron will find an alternative and novel route.

Although there are significators in Astrology for cognitive and personality dysfunctions, one must consider the overlapping ADHD profile with respect to Mercury Chiron. Depending on the sign Mercury is posited, his motion or direction and possible Saturnian aspects, one may deduce the potential ‘dysfunctional – genius’ scale.

One man I know has Mercury Chiron, was born with deficient chromosomes and he is  markedly incapable of self reflectiveness which often landed him foul of the law. The disability is pronounced and he views things in his own unique way. Although he understands the need for correct social integration his actions seem to go according what seems logical for him at the time.         

It is widely known that Jamey Oliver has a form of Dyslexia.  I believe he has Mercury in Gemini (rulership) with a sextile to Chiron. Tom Cruise is reportedly a dyslexic.


Famous Dyslexics

 Famous Mercury Chiron’s

Curt Kobain, Billie Holliday, F Scott Fitzgerald, Grace Kelly, Mel Gibson(out of sign), Glenda Jackson, Susan Sarandon, David Williamson, Muhammad Ali, Margaret Thatcher and Gareth Evans.

What ever the form and extent of dyslexia one may experience, it seems there is an alternative or optional quality in life available for them. A novel skill or ability that allows the expression of otherwise dysfunctional thoughts. Mercury Chiron individuals have a great capacity for sensing out different communication methods such as intuition.  

Perhaps the function of Chiron in Astrology as described in the “Wounded Healer” symbology also seems to speak volumes when placed with Mercury in the chart. I am constantly amazed at the potential catalyctic effect when Chiron connects with other planetary archetypes.  



8 Responses to “Can’t Talk About It – Cant Think About It”

  1. 1 Michelle March 4, 2010 at 15:08

    I’m coming to this article rather late, but I was struck by your first image because I used a similar one in an article I wrote about Mercury-Saturn-Chiron. I have Mercury at 26 Aries, Chiron at 27 Aries and Saturn at 26 Cancer- great article. No learning disabilities, just a tendency to hold my tongue, and an attempt to choose my words carefully.

  2. 2 kingsley March 4, 2010 at 21:18

    Hi Michelle, it is a very graphic picture isnt it. Its good to let things out and to have a place to do that. Perhaps thats why I like blogging so much?


  3. 3 Libra July 14, 2011 at 01:11

    I wonder if you can help me? Can you tell me how to translate progressed Mercury conjunct Chiron in Scorpio in the 3th house, which natally conjuncts Moon in the 4th.
    I would think for myself and think that this was living, and coming to terms with, a truth that can’t be spoken; and the pressure of that. I was impressed with your image of the man with safety pins stapling his mouth together.
    This is not my chart, but the chart of a man I had a relationship with , that ended very badly 2 years ago, and I never knew the truth from him about what happened; he just ran away, and 6 weeks later married a stranger. We had both given up a great deal to be together, but lived in different countries; the problems were immense.
    No attempt on my part to communicate with him worked; I gave up, but I am the one left with the problem. I can’t find “closure”, to use that awful american term. I tried once more, this year to reach him, but was slapped in the face; we both have public profiles so it was easy for him to do.
    I have Jupiter, Moon, Mars conjunct in the first 4 degress of Scorpio; and his 8 degree Chiron fell on my Juno, semi sextile my Neptune; I have the idea he had an idealised notion of who I was, and his anger at me failing to live up to the notion of the perfect partner was what ended our relationship. My Libran 23 Chiron squared his natal Mars and my own Ascendant; we fought, badly, when I would not give up my individuality for him; he was insecure and felt intimidated by my degree of worldly success, I know; we are both artists.
    Our progressed composite Venus/Sun conjunction fell on the composite SN, perhaps it is no surpise that the NN was conjunct the asteroid, Sphinx.
    I’ve had enough of a pain I can’t heal; I just want truth. In my head I can understand many things, but my heart won’t give up. Currently transiting Chiron trines my Moon, but inconjuncts my 4 degree Sun in Libra; I feel torn apart.
    Can you comment?

  4. 4 kingsley July 16, 2011 at 14:04

    Hello Libra, thanks for your querie about progressed Chiron and Mercury. It does sound that you are experiencing certain feelings about the way your relationship ended some time ago. I like your need for individuality and that you wont “give that up”. For some reason it appears that you dont wish to let this person go yet. In the astrology you described in the first house, there are lots of emotions with Moon Mars and Jupiter.

    I am not so concerned with nutting out all the other placements you mentioned between him and you however what is important is how you are dealing with stress fom all those feelings. I wonder how you can eventually drop your emotions regarding his apparent rejection/abandonment from two years ago?

    I know that I am asking a lot and its not possible to “do it” here but there must be reasons you do not wish to let these feelings go?

    Sometimes there are layers of feelings and upon investigating ones emotions in these cases there is usualy one main feeling with another feeling going on “underneath”.

    Moon Mars Jupiter can represent overwhelming feelings at times where feelings tend to be ‘always on” and at the expense of having any clarity and thinking.

    If you wish to stop the pain and move on, first you need to clarify the layers of feelings, such as anger or sadness and whether those feelings are directed inwardly to yourself as if you are taking the blame for all of this. Maybe you are really angry with him and if you dropped that feeling the tears would come up?

    You could ask yourself “what would my life be like if I stopped feeling these emotions about the break up and how he left me”?

    Progressed Mercury and Chiron are in opperation for a very long time and it seems his prog Mercury is retrograde which means he has been going through an inward phase. Mercury Chiron is a kind of dyslexia seen on the outside which could relate to psychological emotional or even neurological issues.

    Moon Chiron in the natal implies struggling with feelings which require inventing other ways to express them. Yes he would be insecure and most like experienced abandonment issues in his life. I guess thats his problem to work through? Unlike yourself where expressing feelings is ok and to be an individual counts for much!

    Two years is a long time Libra, so I suggest you seek help with someone who can help you “let go” and deal witth unresolved emotions so that you can get your Moon Mars Jupiter back to doing what they do best; that is “creating” and being spontanious in self and your art. unless that is, you wish to keep the pain and confusion about these feelings for another two years?


  5. 5 Sandra Lacey September 23, 2011 at 23:11

    Fascinating article and well written. Of course, I have Chiron opp Mercury, with Chiron in the 11th house. I struggle to find my place and my voice in groups. And when I do voice my opinion, it is often harsh and perceived as aggressive. I call a spade, a spade which often digs my grave. Thanks for the enlightenment. Sandra

  6. 6 kingsley September 24, 2011 at 08:24

    Hi Sandra, thanks for your personal descriptions of Merc/Chiron. It sounds like you are aware of how others perceive you when you do speak up.

  7. 7 Munequita Bonita June 16, 2012 at 10:43

    I have mercury in scorpio 3rd house, opposite chiron in gemini 10 house (chiron conjunct MC by 2 degrees). I have BIIIIIIIIIIIG communication problems. It is the bane of my existence. I also have saturn and pluto right there in scorpio too. That says it all.

  1. 1 The Sky is The Limit « Astrology by Kingsley Trackback on March 5, 2008 at 08:12

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