Stealth by Symbiosis

There is a technique in gardening called companion planting or inter-cropping.  Inter-cropping is where one plant is grown next to the other with the hope that both plants grow to maximum potential. The two plants compete for the same nutrients however they assist in each others growth in complimentary ways. In relationships and synastry work it would seem holistic to also find two people capable of growing together in a similar fashion as inter-cropping philosophy. Unfortunately that is an idealistic concept in the human world.


Below is a quote from a Danish inter cropping website explaining the nature of inter-cropping.

“Inter-cropping is considered as the practical application of ecological principles such as diversity, crop interaction and other natural regulation mechanisms. Inter-cropping is defined as the growth of two or more crops in proximity in the same field during a growing season to promote interaction between them. Available growth resources, such as light, water and nutrients are more completely absorbed and converted to crop biomass by the intercrop as a result of differences in competitive ability for growth factors between intercrop components. The more efficient utilization of growth resources leads to yield advantages and increased stability compared to sole cropping.”

The principle of companion planting sounds wonderful but is the result always equitable? There is a tree in Australia called Nyutsia Floribunda or the Christmas Tree. The Christmas tree is a symbiotic tree which requires a companion to produce its bright orange flower every year.

The Christmas Tree

Unfortunately for the companion plants the Floribunda sucks all the nutrients for itself and leaves the other plants to manage somehow. The Christmas Tree in other words is a thief by design and uses other plants resources to produce its display of extraordinary bloom. The Christmas tree is perhaps a passive plant with narcissistic and antisocial tendencies. Perhaps it is even more unfortunate for the Christmas Tree because without its reliance on and proximity to other plants it produces less orange flaming. In the end the other plants die off and become less useful for the Floribunda. Such is life in the plant world.

In Psychology the need for reliance on others to survive is called dependency. Where two people become quite reliant on each other the term co dependence is used and where a person needs both Independence and dependency at the same time, the term Hostile Dependency is used.

Co Dependency

There are many indicators in Astrology for dependency and the incongruous nature of hostile dependency in the natal chart. Relationships and the nature of the first and seventh houses are predominantly involved however there are planetary combinations which also play an emphasis in how we might attract others to get what we need in relationships.

Planetary combinations and placements for dependency in the natal horoscope involve:

  • Moon Neptune aspects
  • Venus Neptune
  • Moon in the seventh house
  • Saturn in the seventh house
  • Moon Pluto aspects
  • Moon in Pisces
  • Neptune on the ascendant

There are also placements in the natal chart that indicate strengths for a particular person which can ultimately work to attract others who may not have such strengths in their personality make up. For example; Moon Jupiter in a woman’s chart shows a need for caring and nurturing others in her life. It would make sense that she attracted the kind of worthy person to fulfill this ability she has. The complexity underlying her need to nurture others requires her partner to allow her this “job”.  There is something in the process that she gains by diverting her attention to the needs of others.  In other words the Moon Jupiter woman perhaps ignores aspects of her own life by caring for others. The development of this kind relationship can in build co dependency factors.

There is much going on beneath the surface here

A person may have an emphasis in Cardinal points in the chart which explains their need for action and seeking out challenges in life. They are survivors and have means to do that but what if they also have Moon on the seventh cusp? There seem to be two requirements the person will need to seek out. On one hand they can be independent and on the other they need relationships in their life.

Similarly with other chart contradictions which describe independent motivations for a person and then their need for someone else in their life. Mars in the first house and Saturn in the seventh house may also represent the incongruous nature of Hostile Dependency factors. The person is very happily dependent in the relationship one moment and then they push the person away during arguments to gain their independence once again.

The hostile type of relationship can take years to end with one ‘patch up’ after an other until one or both persons decides that they have been ripped off too much and seek out other partners. It is very difficult for a hostile dependant person to be alone but when they are with the person they claim to love, they hate that too.

Perhaps the Australian Floibunda Christmas Tree operates within a complex symbiosis where using the other trees to meet its own needs. Is that stealing if the other trees allow that to happen?

By either good luck or the complex underlying needs in relationship patterns, Jupiter in the eighth house represents how a person is lucky with other peoples resources. Perhaps Jupiter in the seventh house also allows for the good fortune in attracting generous and abundant partners.

There is something about the Moon Jupiter woman that is attractive for the other person involved in that kind of relationship. It seems all they must do is meet an underlying need in return to complete the relationship symbiosis.

It seems that the idea of companion planting in human relationships is fraught with complexities however in human nature our cognitive abilities allows for changing ones position in life. To stand firm and to create boundaries or by attaining awareness in how taking too much can be like stealth by symbiosis. Sometimes to accept that we need others in our lives and by operating in the best ways possible. Or by sorting out our own individual issues instead of enlisting someone else for that purpose.

Sometimes the “such is life” philosophy is “such a cop out”



12 Responses to “Stealth by Symbiosis”

  1. 1 a. August 5, 2008 at 09:37

    “Psychology” is awfully cynical it seems.

    I believe relying on others for survival is quite mammalian…. not “dependency” or co-dependency.

    Then again, I have a lot of Cancer in my chart so I like to need and be needed….

  2. 2 kingsley August 5, 2008 at 15:53

    Becoming too dependent on that reliance seems to be the problem A. Psychology would do well to get some cynicism going in my view because its all about statistics and clinical observations for them.

    How are you going A? A ok?


  3. 3 roses August 5, 2008 at 19:45

    Is there anything wrong with the saying “… you complete me”? It is possible that relationships are something that we want or choose to be in?

    Do you consider the christmas bush to be… perhaps not ‘politically correct’ but a very political creature? How does the christmas tree get all the other vegitation to give it their lives?

    Stealth by Symbiosis. I really liked this one.

  4. 4 kingsley August 5, 2008 at 22:12

    I guess the other trees do not have a choice Roses. It seems a such is life affair doesn’t it. They cannot pack up their bags and leave to gain independence and perhaps have a different kind of life. That Christmas tree probabl uses extractive identification on them trees Roses, it does what it does best by muscling in. Glad you liked the post.


  5. 5 a. August 5, 2008 at 22:47

    i am good, K.

    Although i wonder if i am dependently hostile on my SO! Or hostiley dependent.

    Or maybe just hostile lol.

    Wonder how you came up with those chart markers — What was your thought process?

  6. 6 kingsley August 6, 2008 at 09:22

    My thought process A? Moon neptune and for that matter Sun Neptune have a habit of showing up in the charts of people with missing parents, alcoholic parents, shed dads, and emotionally unavailable parents. It seems the flow on for that person’s attachment style may have something to say about dependency etc.

    Saturn in the seventh is leaving the responsibilities to someone else. POtentially finding older partners who have more control over things so the potential is for the person creating dependency . Could also be younger partners.

    Moon in Pisces is having very strong bonds with the mother, two peas in the pod kind of attachment which becomes the same in relationship choices.

    Neptune on ascendant fluctuates depending on persons evolvement. Victim status at the worst requires the person to find a bully or perhaps confusion and complexities of the neptunian asc, requires a companion who has good cognitive skills. Neptune could be the rescuer type too. They find a helpless person to manage and thus form dependencies.

    Venus neptune is pretty obvious, so to is Moon on 7th. And Moon Pluto? well I was hoping to get a response from you A.


  7. 7 a. August 6, 2008 at 21:28

    Regarding moon neptune and sun neptune: are you thinking of those in any configuration? A square OR a trine, for example?

    That perhaps the trine is a missing parent but the kid still got a lot of love from somewhere… or that the square is a missing parent and it was more difficult for the kid…..

    That what matters more are the planets involved (no matter what the aspect is).

    I definitely have seen many neptune people have boundary issues (or come from families with boundary issues) — esp sun/neptune….

    I do have venus/neptune and moon/pluto 🙂 (and capricorn ruling my 5th) — i do like my partnerships to have parental elements, lots of parental-type nurturing. Perhaps to re-do or remind…

    Perhaps this is a “lower” form of love and I’ll grow up into seeking a more mutual exchange. Or not!

    Moon Pluto is so complex… and can be so many things, depending on person/chart…. at least in my chart it is sextiled pretty much all the way around–

    certainly makes for an intensely emotional person. That may not wind up being dependency…. although moonpluto surely is related to the mother and the relationship with the mother–

    I used to think moonpluto created kind of a scorpio-lite personality type. But the more i see of scorpio moon or scorpio sun… i see that moon pluto is quite different…..

    but i digress… 🙂

  8. 8 kingsley August 6, 2008 at 22:39

    yes A, Moon Pluto is complex and quite a valuable part of ones personality, as it is represented in the astrology chart.

    I would consider all aspects applicable in my statement A. The Moon/Nept configuration does vary with the type of aspect, I agree. The trine is is still an emotionaly unavailable parent however for that particular chart aspect, the person has a way of working with that somehow.

    The “permission” from the mother may be to “be sensitive” “stay close to me” or the parent role modelled ways to visually express feelings. The opposite and square are different in that way too. In family dynamic charts one can find Moon Neptune aspects (of any kind) in every son and daughters chart sometimes. The individual’s experience to the parent can be different between siblings however the Moon/neptune is there.


  9. 9 Acomplia August 14, 2008 at 13:56

    Lovely post. Please add my email address to your list and email me the updates if possible. I always like to read your blog and comment on it.

  10. 10 kingsley August 14, 2008 at 15:10

    I think the way it is done Acomplia, is that you bookmark the site or add the site feed to your list and check in that way. Thanks for your comment.


  11. 11 dawn cerise December 22, 2012 at 00:33

    Hello! Very insightful & provocative article, kingsley. So nice to read you. I have Jupiter in my Taurean 7th, as well as a 9th house Cancer Moon trine my Scorpio Neptune conjunct Ascendant 🙂
    I can attest to your assertions:
    -Moon Neptune: absent parent… my mother has a debilitating neurological disease, needing me physically to care for her, but not being able to parent well or really at all. And my father left early to find an easier life. And my dear sister has always felt unloved or more aptly phrased~ less loved~ by our parents. And others always have the sense that I am an eternal earth mother type… they are correct.
    -Jupiter in the 7th: abundance of generous,partners… this has been true. my partners have been exactly so… kind, generous, helpful, supportive, generous, successful… did I say generous? I have been blessed in this manner, if not in others… fidelity has never been strong in these same men.
    Thank you for sharing your views

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