Rich Media Astrology Reading Presentations 

$280 aud

The 90 minute presentations includes audio and visual learning tools on each page, step by step of the way. I take you through interactive diagrams, charts, videos, maps and other visual learning tools which you can control at your fingertips. Go back and forth through the indexed pages to review your reading at any point.

I look at your soul’s purpose in this life time and create a picture that your higher self might only know. I also look at any chart point, fixed star, eclipse, asteroid, Lilith and mid points that have bearing to your life. If you have an area of interest such as relationships, money, family and career etc; I can focus on those areas specifically during the reading.

The reading is sent in PDF form and contains high quality digital audio, images and videos. I send you a secure link so that you can download the Reading File or I can send a hard copy CD (International Courier Fees apply outside Australia). Press this Link for expanded details.

To view the PDF file you must have the latest adobe acrobat reader, version 10. This program is available free to download. I can help you through that process if need be but it’s pretty simple.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader 10


Other Readings Available       Press Links For More Details

Two Years Major Trends in Your Life   ($160 aud) PDF Presentation Style 

Mini Readings General Updates ($55 aud) By Phone or Email

Horary – Interogative Astrology (ask an important question) $60 aud By Phone or Email or iMessage/text

Lilith Reading $120 aud by email or Audio File


Email me now to make a booking and I will send you a PayPal Invoice.

Kingsley     Diploma FAA

10 years Prof Counselling Experience


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