I am excited about my new Rich Media Astrology Readings so I am posting the information here at my Kingsley blog. Please feel free to join my Facebook page where I post regular Cosmic updates and other posts.

My readings are comprehensive and involve natal reading information where I tell you things that you may already know about yourself and things that you might see differently about yourself. The readings include natal and dynamic sections as listed below.

  • The natal reading is very useful to understand how the dynamic section of the reading interacts with your life. The dynamic reading explains the trends over the next two-year period which includes techniques such as transits, progressions, directions and solar return information. I also do Astro Cartography and look at various locations on the earth that you may find interesting according to your chart lines as they intersect locations in the world.
  • I also do a retrospective view where past and recent major turning points have meaning to your current life position. That is, I place you in perspective to the here and now. This is a kind of time-line of events over your life.
  • You will receive charts and diagrams and other visual learning tools which help to explain the information.



  • You will get a calendar of events that easily details the future trends week by week and charts that you can refer to during the Skype or pre-recorded reading.
  • I look at your soul’s purpose in this life time and create a picture that your higher self might only know. I also look at any chart point, fixed star, eclipse, asteroid, Lilith and mid points that have bearing to your natal and dynamic reading. If you have an area of interest such as relationships, money, family and career etc; I can focus on those areas specifically in the reading.
  • You will also be able to use my post reading service where you can ask questions to clarify any information you are unsure about.

The Astrology Presentation is delivered as a rich media “PowerPoint” style of delivery. This presentation includes audio and visual tools on each page, step by step of the way. I take you through interactive diagrams, charts, maps and images which you can control at your fingertips. This is a great way to learn Astrology if you have a basic level of understanding but it doesn’t matter if you do not.



  • You can go back and forth through the presentation and pinpoint areas you wish to listen to again. This style of presentation is very user-friendly and avoids having to rewind tapes and CD’s to find bits and pieces that interest you.
  • The reading is sent in PDF form and has high quality digital audio, images and videos. To view the PDF file you must have the latest adobe acrobat reader, version 10. This program is available free to download and requires uninstalling any earlier version of acrobat reader. I can help you through that process if need be but it’s pretty simple.
  • I deliver the reading by using Adobe “safe send”. You will receive a link to download the PDF reading file which is less than  1 GB of data. Unless that is, you prefer to receive a hard copy of the reading on CD which can be sent via Post or international carrier.
  • It usually takes me a fortnight to complete the reading; however the times vary depending on my workload.
  • The fee for my readings is $280 AUS. I will send you a PayPal invoice by email in advance; otherwise you can also make payment by bank transfer if you prefer that method? Sending you a CD hard copy of the reading will incur added costs for “trackable”, international mail carriers for around $50, depending on the costs to your place.


If you have a read through the above and you are thinking of  going ahead with one of my Rich Media Astrology Readings, please send me an email kingsley1@iinet.net.au  with your birth details (Time, Day, Month, Year, Place) and any other requests and I will get the ball rolling. Or go to my Service’s page and see other readings available.

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Warm regards



2 Responses to “Rich Media Astrology Presentations”

  1. 1 Jozzett Helle February 13, 2012 at 13:14

    Note of Praise, Kingsley did my astrology reading at the first of 2012 and I was amazed at the 100% accuracy of the reading, I highly recommend anyone that is interested in a reading.
    Thanks Kingsley,
    Jozzett Helle

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