Cosmic Cogs



The Cosmic Cogs are the planets moving predictably through time and reflecting Astrological insights to humans on earth. Its quite a significant time piece when you think about it.

As the various cogs and wheels of the solar system click and whir so do our lives. Unlike the predictability of Planetary behaviours, each and every individual human has a way of creating and changing the cycles in their lives. We can use Planetary symbolism and other Astrological techniques to assess and create interventions in a conscious life. The structure of the “Cosmic Gearing” over the next few weeks is quite considerable for Global events and less so for individuals unless natal points are affected.

In about one week the Sun will move into Scorpio and rendezvous with Saturn. Saturn speaks of governments and other structures that are all important to us all. With that in mind and knowing that its hard to ignore the US Presidential Elections on the 6 November, perhaps other astrological indicators are showing certain “writings on the wall”?

Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th November which is the date for the elections in The United States. Mercury takes a week to retrograde back into Scorpio and history shows this phenomenon means a degree of disruption and chaos. Remembering the 2000 election where there was recount after and recount in the voting there. In the 2000 US elections Mercury was in its last days of retrograde and it went forward, changing Signs between Scorpio and Libra in a very short time frame. According to the “Stars” there will be considerable changes occurring between the weeks of 6 November and 15 November for all of us.

On the 13th November within the above time frame there is a Solar Eclipse at 22 Scorpio which is bang on the Fixed Star, Unukalhai in the Serpens Constellation. Eclipses are the bearers of global change and which hold significant meanings for our world leaders. Unfortunately this particular fixed star has somewhat sinister connotations. Whether the Cosmic Gearing clunking over the next few weeks says anything sinister about US Elections I dont know, however one can assume that these reflections in the sky’s point to a considerable turn of events that we all connect to.

The Eclipse lines for the 13th of November shows the top end of Australia and Queensland involved, also New Zealand again and towards South America. The timing for manifestations of events stemming from Eclipses are notoriously difficult. One can work with a three week period either side of the eclipse or when a planet transits the exact eclipse degree, months later.

We enter into some interesting Astrological times of which bring creative change, replenished life, new and completed life cycles and rich experiences for all of us.


(Written on 19 October 2012, Kingsley Facebook)

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