On the Mark

So far there have been some interesting writings about Neptune and Pisces over the internet. I haven’t read them all, however there is one theme emerging from such Neptune posts that is hard to put ones finger on. It’s interesting to see generic descriptions used by authors in their attempts to define Neptune in Pisces. The internet is a place where collective imagery, bits and pieces merge from here and there into writings that appear to come from the “same school”. I have even seen some writers using my own terminologies in their posts too. One would expect that any descriptive Astrology terms should be similar from writer to writer, that is, if we are all using the same language.
Even without the internet and technologies, Jung discovered that across isolated cultures, myths and legends were very similar from country to country. How can this amazing phenomenon occur between cultures separated by oceans and continents with no means of intercommunication? The answer to this question lay in the fundamental nature in which humans observe and understand their unique environments. Life experiences between non connected cultures are somehow described as similar overarching truths. So if the myths describing gods and unique archetypes are replicated in some way, without plagiarism or Chinese whispers then just imagine how the internet amplifies the Collective Paradigms”?
Clutching to one’s early teachings in the cosmic languages is perhaps the only sane way to make sense of such an ethereal planet. Neptune is hard to put ones finger on and some of the best articles I have read about this mystical force also describe its journey through the previous signs. It will take a few more years to truly work out the generational meanings of Neptune in Aquarius so how do we even begin to predict a Pisces journey?                  
At a time when structure and reality serves us well, Neptune in to Pisces has a truly magnificent chance to create a spiritual and interconnecting force over many dimensions. Sounds ambiguous indeed! If we are fooled by imagery and charisma or even accidental plagiarisms as the absolute truth, how will we know that? It seems that whatever we decide as the truth, it just doesn’t matter whether that is real or not with Neptune in Pisces. If the Global Collective carries on in Pisces  –  with its “co-creative” ways (stolen from Mountain Astrology Page), the whole world would seem to sublime into new consciousness’ without really knowing.
Sounds fantastic!
(apologies if you read this elsewhere)

2 Responses to “On the Mark”

  1. 1 annette February 23, 2012 at 12:20

    Thanks again. Good sentiments. Im pleased when seeing consistancy btween various astrologers reports, gives credit to science of.

    “we can say nothing but what hath been said…
    Our poets steal from Homer…”
    R Burton

  2. 2 kingsley February 24, 2012 at 10:16

    As long as it doesnt become too bland and unoriginal Annette. I think you are right though, that the advent of the internet and mass global communicating will tend to put everyone on the same page so to speak.

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