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The Eclipsed Middle East

Ahmaed Jaabari’s Bombed Car Last Week

Last week on my Kingsley Facebook page I wrote about the Scorpio New Moon and how Mars going into Capricorn signified war ahead. I was particularly interested in the eclipse degree because it was transiting my own North Node degree. Eclipses in general can “open up the fabric of time” to manifest literal experiences and events that span across the borders of time. What I mean by this, is that the Nodal Axis has no relative time and instead breaches into history and beyond while shaping lives into the future.

As a consequence of the Eclipse on my North Node life opened up in some ways for me, of which I wont go into here. I can tell you that new directions in line with my karmic path did manifest. While presenting at my local Astrology Association yesterday I happened to realise that Prince Charles has the Sun at the same Scorpio Eclipse degree. With further investigation into the escalation of fighting in the middle east I pulled up the Palestinian Chart for 1988 Independence Proclamation Chart To see the Sun degree is also at twenty two Scorpio.

The main features when you see this particular overlay of the Eclipse chart, are the outer planets Pluto and Uranus on the fourth and seventh angles. Uranus has been stirring the natal Mars, while Pluto is sinking to unfathomable depths over the natal Neptune. Mars will join transiting Pluto this week on the fourth cusp in a cruel and harmful expression.

It was only hours after the Eclipse last Wednesday that the first salvos and escalation war were fired. You can also see Mars the ruler of Scorpio transiting Saturn and Uranus in this chart. The Mars = Saturn/Uranus description refers to “an act of violence, a violent or forced release from tensions, the stage of challenging others for a decisive contest or challenge”.

Traditionally, when Mars goes into Capricorn it can mean “soldiering up” and the act of War. In this case the ruler of the Eclipse, Mars ingress to Capricorn only days after the Eclipse. Since last week there have been numerous attacks by both Palestine and Israel with the notable killing of Ahmaed Jaabari by the Israelis. Israeli websites have also been hit by 44 million cyber attacks since the Gaza operation started. I hear that today there have been more deaths and bombing by each side as the escalation of war seems to continue.

In the global mundane charts and the charts of Kings and Queens, eclipses have special meanings especially when the eclipse degree triggers off  planetary positions. The other trigger for eclipses are when transiting planets and points move over the eclipse degree some time later and over a six month period. This week Mercury retrogrades over the 22 Scorpio degree and in late January the Nodes also back onto the same degree in Scorpio. The latter transit of the North Node will be the one to watch next year in the case of the war in the Middle East and with regards to the Royal Family concerning the arrangement between Charles and Queen Elizabeth the Second.



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