With out going into the Natal Reading details too much,  the Major Trends Reading is a two year insight into transits, progressions, returns and much more.

This is a good report to buy if you have already covered your Natal Reading before.

It’s important to know how your Natal configuration operates to understand insights into your future trends. If this is the case then the Major Trends reading is for you.


  • Major Trends Reading is delivered in the same way as the Rich Media Astrology Presentation, that is you receive presentation style reading with audio and visual tools to help digest the information.
  • Each slide in the presentation takes you step by step through an insightful Astrological Journey.
  • You will also receive a calendar of events and interactive diagrams to help your own insights into this next phase in your life.
  • I will refer back to the natal chart in this reading at some point, however in this style of reading I mainly focus on future developments.
  • Your PDF Reading File will be uploaded to a safe link, where you can download the file to your computer. Otherwise I will send the reading by Fast Post/International Courier.

Post Reading Support

  • You will be able to email me after viewing your reading if you have any queries about the information.

Major Trends Reading Fees       $160 AUD          

International Courier if required   Approx $40   


 To make a booking now, pease send your Birth details by email to kingsley1@iinet.net.au and I will send you a PayPal invoice.


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