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New Energy Moon

The new Moon in Aries today marks the beginning of the lunar year. The Moon in Aries chart shows an increased energy flow, care of the cosmos.

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Happy New Moon




The Unknowns

The Unknown areas of our lives could be classified as “mysteries waiting to be discovered” or perhaps “the unknowns” are seen as worriful elements that present dilemmas worth avoiding? In the field of Astrology and Psychology its the Unknowns that spur us on to learn more about ourselves and our interactions in life. It makes sense to bring the “Unknowns” into conscious thought so that we may live better lives. I must admit to searching for answers in both Psychology and Astrology to align myself with all the potentials, variables and mysteries.


There are particular cycles in life where personal energy levels are high however one’s directions in life are confusingly unclear. These times in life often present mysteries worth investigating for insight and clarification. Clarification and awareness can be achieved through either psychology or astrology however their paths to discovery are extraordinarily different. In the end it doesn’t really matter which path is taken if one can turn their “Unknowns into Knowns”.

The cycle of the New Moon is a time of high energy which can present periods confusion. These times are also inspirational and quite motivational for discovering the Unknowns. The New Moon presents the idea of a new cycle developing, an new idea or development in life that has not yet been born into ones consciousness. The New Moon is often called the “seed” and the  “promise of which is delivered at the full moon”. Ask anyone who has been born under a New Moon and they will tell you that discovery of self-identity through courses and an array of experiences, is an ongoing process!

The Progressed New Moon is a wonderful example of a high energy cycle that might be confusing to begin with. The progressed cycle is perhaps a very significant creative psychological cleansing where new directions manifest into life, literally. The New Moon is a seed of unknown variety and poses a mystery that beckons to be discovered.

The monthly cycles of the Moon are familiar life cycles that represent beginnings and endings. The New Moon represents a “refreshing” of the routines which can leave questions about how incidental life situations might unfold. Therefore, on the day of New Moons like today, there are high energy patterns and unknowns which affect us in subtle ways.

The New Moons brings hope and discovery through a seed planted and the idea of the “Unknown becoming Known”!


New Moon Experience

Its that time of month again when the Moon and Sun come together in their New Moon phase. The New Moon in Astrology is a reference point in time and attempts to establish a underlying cosmic statement for the rest of the month.  This month the New Moon forms an eclipse in our world and how auspicious that it starts on the 1st of August, the “Horses Birthday”.

Happy Birthday Horses

The New Moon experience happens to be a fun loving and creative Leo affair. Tonight I will be going to my Nephews birthdays where one is turning 18 and the other 21 years of age. The Leo new moon experience brings chances and opportunities for expressing ones dignity in playful ways. The sign of Leo describes the emphasis in the expression of ones identity. “Who am I”? The question begs to be answered with Leo planets and aspects. This month the collective energies remind us “to be who we are” and to express that with pride.

Who Am I

The reflection of light by the moon during a New Moon phase is negated until the Crescent phase when there a sliver of light reveals the “promise” of what is contained by the New Moon Experience. Its a mystery really when one looks to the moon and discovers a black area surrounded by a seemingly glowing disc. The moon is there but then again is it?

It is Invisible

The promise of the New Moon is a mystery, however perhaps there a vision for something new in our lives. The New Moon and Eclipse in Leo inspires expression of our creative side and implies that we can be “who we are”. The Eclipse factor for this months New Moon tends to frame a sense of hope in precarious ways. It would seem that during adversity and change our natural instinctive self emerges.

I am not going to suggest that this eclipse is worth fearing like some astrologers predict. Eclipses do bring variable and unstable conditions to world leaders and manifest in global events. What is important during eventful New Moon-eclipse periods is knowing what kind of opportunities are on offer.

The ‘dark moon’ symbolizes the start of a new cycle. The light from the Sun is eclipsed and the moon is without reflection. The new moon temps us to take a step in some direction – any direction. The sign of Leo suggests using a sense of authority and playfulness at the same time. By practicing diplomacy and by taking risks expressing oneself is to create our own opportunities. The Eclipse factor means the likelihood of more opportunities available at the moment. It could be that some will lose or change their positions and thus allowing others to emerge in the light of next Full Moon cycle.


Joker Eclipse

The name of the fixed star Sualocin first appeared in a catalogue in 1814 without explanation. The astronomer and founder of the star Niccolo Cacciatore apparently playing a practical joke, spelled his latinized name Nicolaus Venator back to front 


The Eclipse in February 2008 seems to have an underlying naivety and playfulness attached, thanks to the fixed stars in Dolphinus, Sualocin and Rotanev. The line up includes a tightly packed combination of Moon-Sun-Merury rx-Chiron all parked over the top of the fixed star Sualocin. 

Ptolemy describes the stars in Delphinus as the combination of Mars-Saturn. Robson describes Sualocin “fondness of pleasure, ecclesiastical matters, travel – but the danger of suffering ingratitude.

Robson refers Sualocin to “simple appearance, cheerfulness, dissembling and duplicity-love of hunting and sport but little happiness”.  (ref Sue Wilson)

Brady states about Sualocin  “Tantalising but naive, the symbol of the fish of Christianity. Tantalising character, The tease of the shy person-certain naivety while at the same time – overconfidence”. 


Gunzberg quotes “starlight” saying that Mercury culminating along with Sualocin is “playfulness with the truth and facts, a different way of seeing the world”.   

                                                  A Different View

The eclipse at first glance seems pretty harmless. An irreverence of facts, the practical joke, something lost between the naivety and boldness perhaps? Is the eclipse “for real”? Does this eclipse “walk the talk”of eclipses? Is it just joking?

If you have read previous posts of mine you will perhaps identify the Moon Chiron and Mercury Chiron threads describing dysfunction along with heightened senses. With all seriousness and irreverence I put it to you, that a diagnosis of the forthcoming eclipse involves Cosmic Cognitive Dissonance (CCD). The likelihood of conflicting thoughts and beliefs in our every day lives is emphasised to the degree that we are motivated to form different perspectives of life.

The New Moon, retrograde Mercury and Chiron is a cosmic joke indeed. Perhaps a good laugh is therapeutic and the situation leaves nothing else to do but laugh. The February Eclipse as an oxymoronic juxtaposition that may seem  back ass-wardly, in a one way direction. Confusing situation indeed and like puzzles, there are ways to put the pieces together form an image. 

The New Moon eclipse is about a completely new perspective in communication systems. Re routing logical systems and sensitive interpretations of things ‘unknown’. 

 It is about understanding our own inner chatter and cognitive dissonance. Deciding (and how ever frivolously that may be), upon another train of thought in some aspect in life. 

There will be a way to understand and develop therapeutic paradigms to create different outcomes within ourselves and the community; because we can. Otherwise the things we leave unexpressed become backed up like the problems with the writers strike in America. Humour and irreverence is creatively used to break stuck ideology in order to move forward in a new start.  

New avenues of interpreting and disseminating logical processes through visual technologies.   


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