Horary Astrology is also known as interrogative Astrology where the client asks the Astrologer a question that is dear to his or her heart.

Horary Astrology is based on ancient Astrological techniques practiced since circa 1 AD and involves a great deal of study to be proficient at the art.

  • The Astrologer makes a chart for the time he receives and understands the question and with uncanny accuracy, gives you the answer. 
  • Questions should be asked when all other options have been exhausted.
  • The question must be from the heart and asked clearly and precisely.
  • I may have to clarify your question if I think there is an ulterior or hidden question involved. 

Questions could relate to the whereabouts of certain lost items or the outcomes of certain meetings and other important life situations. Sometimes the Horary Chart says the question cannot be answered and if this is the case I will tell you before you make any payment for this service.

I am specifically trained in this type of Astrology and have studied with Deborah Houlding and Lee Lehman. I am well  experienced (15 years+) to give you an answer containing the surrounding details to the matters you ask about and to tell you either yes or no, along with the reasons why.

Horary Questions     $60 (aud) 

I will send you the answer by e-mail, phone or even imessage/text message.

Please make a booking for your Question by asking the question in an email to kingsley1@iinet.net.au and I will send you a PayPal invoice to get the ball rolling.

If you wish to send me a text message with your question please do so on +61408439609 



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