Popularity Contest

On Monday the twenty-seventh of February at ten o’clock in the morning, members of the Australian Government caucus will decide the outcome of a popularity contest. The official time for the meeting sets up an event worthy to judge Astrologically. This official time holds more than any Astrological Event chart could show, because it’s the chart of a contest. Contest charts are similar to predictive Sports Astrology or Buy Sell charts where two teams or people engage with each other to one end. They say winning is everything however perhaps the element of “chance” is less important in tomorrow mornings chart?

`The outcome of the “popularity contest” between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd is much like Court case scenario where the presiding judge or jury votes for either defendant or plaintiff. The judge or reigning authority decides this matter which is a 10th house affair and ruler Saturn.  In contest charts the challenger takes the ascendant position and the incumbent party takes the descendant degree.

One can see that the first house seems to give Kevin Rudd a great deal of support with the Moon, Venus and Jupiter there. I always use the day time ruler for Aries and that Means that Rudd is represented by the Sun. The Sun sextile to Jupiter certainly looks beneficial for him. In games of chance we look at the fifth house for associations to winners, however on this occasion (according to the Ancients) we must look to Saturn’s “choice” for the winning party.


Winners are grinners they say and with Saturn in Julia’s “house” it seems that the ruling goes with her. Saturn is not in the best condition being retrograde and perhaps there will be a recount amidst a supportive Rudd camp but the event chart of this contest points to Julia retaining the head job. I have had a varied success rate in the practice of Sports Astrology, it’s a very fickle process. To counteract the terrible possibility of making mistakes when being so vocal about ones predictions, I turn to the natal charts for some confirming information.

I didn’t have to look far to see that Kevin Rudd is approaching a progressed Moon return, Neptune opposite his Pluto, Nodes conjunct his Saturn and the eventual Uranus opposite his MC. The latter Uranus transit is a very interesting one, if his rectified chart is correct. I am relying on Dymock Brose’s rectification work here. When the progressed moon comes back to its natal place, there is an emotional turning point in life where “letting go” is the theme. When Neptune opposes PLuto one goes through a precarious period of psychological adjustment. I am the same age as Kevin Rudd and experienced this Neptune aspect all of last year.



In a day and age where popularity is the most important factor in staying in government, the Australian Labor party could choose Kevin Rudd tomorrow. Kevin does have great appeal and support from the public but are politics that fickle?

Julia on the other hand is going through a great test for “control” with the Nodes square to her elevated Pluto and a tiring Saturn transit to her ruling planet Mars. No doubt Julia Gillard will be somewhat burnt out after all the recent events but I doubt whether this is enough to astrologically reflect losing her grip on the current position.

If the Kevin Rudd chart is correct then I would say he will relocate when Uranus hits the 4th house and live in another country.



2 Responses to “Popularity Contest”

  1. 1 annette February 26, 2012 at 13:10

    Ok. I get the cap asc also. Unfortunately i think rudd, though budgie monk will be grinning for sure in the short run.

  2. 2 kingsley February 26, 2012 at 13:25

    I am not sure what you are saying Annette? Do you think Rudd will win the contest and that Abbott will be the real winner? k Glad you are coming around to the Capricorn ascendent.

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