The Unknowns

The Unknown areas of our lives could be classified as “mysteries waiting to be discovered” or perhaps “the unknowns” are seen as worriful elements that present dilemmas worth avoiding? In the field of Astrology and Psychology its the Unknowns that spur us on to learn more about ourselves and our interactions in life. It makes sense to bring the “Unknowns” into conscious thought so that we may live better lives. I must admit to searching for answers in both Psychology and Astrology to align myself with all the potentials, variables and mysteries.


There are particular cycles in life where personal energy levels are high however one’s directions in life are confusingly unclear. These times in life often present mysteries worth investigating for insight and clarification. Clarification and awareness can be achieved through either psychology or astrology however their paths to discovery are extraordinarily different. In the end it doesn’t really matter which path is taken if one can turn their “Unknowns into Knowns”.

The cycle of the New Moon is a time of high energy which can present periods confusion. These times are also inspirational and quite motivational for discovering the Unknowns. The New Moon presents the idea of a new cycle developing, an new idea or development in life that has not yet been born into ones consciousness. The New Moon is often called the “seed” and the  “promise of which is delivered at the full moon”. Ask anyone who has been born under a New Moon and they will tell you that discovery of self-identity through courses and an array of experiences, is an ongoing process!

The Progressed New Moon is a wonderful example of a high energy cycle that might be confusing to begin with. The progressed cycle is perhaps a very significant creative psychological cleansing where new directions manifest into life, literally. The New Moon is a seed of unknown variety and poses a mystery that beckons to be discovered.

The monthly cycles of the Moon are familiar life cycles that represent beginnings and endings. The New Moon represents a “refreshing” of the routines which can leave questions about how incidental life situations might unfold. Therefore, on the day of New Moons like today, there are high energy patterns and unknowns which affect us in subtle ways.

The New Moons brings hope and discovery through a seed planted and the idea of the “Unknown becoming Known”!



1 Response to “The Unknowns”

  1. 1 Jozzett Helle February 22, 2012 at 13:15

    Great article Kingsley, so informative and makes a person reflect on certain aspects of their own life with a new moon and the cycles that go with it.
    God Bless~~~~

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