Wave Theory

A good Astrologer has the capacity to tune into cosmic cycles by using the positions of the Planets and stars in the horoscope. Over time, a very good Astrologer can “tune in” to the cosmic fluctuations via kinesthetic abilities before cosmic aspects actually happen. Call it intuition or pre-sensing but consider this; a ship travelling through water pushes up a bow wave in space and time before the ship arrives at that point.
In a similar fashion the good astrologer senses wave energy prior to any point in time by feeling, experiencing and understanding aspects of the “bow wave” in themselves.
Interpreting planets over daily or monthly cycles the Astrologer can place herself at the centre of the wheel and describe aspects in relation to her own experiences. There are some restraints to this kind of work in that, “how does one separate personal feelings and issues from the impartial work of interpretation”?
How can one separate their own issues, internal beliefs about self and the world and still use this amazing “bow wave” theory? The answer to this question involves a great deal of discussion. For the Astrologer to be impartial and to create less transference, such as dependencies and rescuing of their readers from all the realities of life; requires understanding people and the boundaries to good healing work.  Above all, one must know thy self well by ever exploring one’s own feelings, motivations and inner beliefs about self.

3 Responses to “Wave Theory”

  1. 1 annette February 12, 2012 at 13:02

    Serendipity and neptune.How to stay grounded plz? Will be locked up for hugging trees soon. A very good question. Thanks again.

  2. 2 kingsley February 12, 2012 at 14:04

    I hope it doesnt get that “out of control” Annette. I like what I heard on a movie last night, The Golden Compass. “hold the images lightly in your head and try to imagine a real situation” k

    • 3 annette February 12, 2012 at 23:13

      Thanks. In my case the images come first, then the reality manifests. Perhaps result of strong neptune/pluto in my chart. With correct action and reactions possible to surf the wave with control, and saturn. Researching narcissim i ended up on a tarot site. Am amazed at the similarities and patterns im finding in charts of some highly skilled bow wave riders and some who only believe they are. With neptune ingressing into pisces it also appears that quite a few people are suddenly ‘clicking’. Most intriguing.

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