Murdoch [Re Post 2009]

Rupert Murdoch has always been an innovative and ruthless Newspaper –  man. Murdoch born in Australia took his empire around the globe and established himself as a powerful figure in the world of finance. Recently Murdoch became angered by his own biography written by Michael Wolff. As Pluto makes its approach to Murdoch’s ascendant – Wolff reported how Murdoch dyed his hair red one morning.

murdich_frontPluto Transit to Ascendant

It seems that Murdoch has a sixth sense and is already making  trans-formative changes coming his way next month. PLuto will be crossing Murdoch’s ascendant on the 5th of February 2009. Changing his hair colour will be merely  a touch compared to the heavy-handed trans-formative pressure that Pluto represents in the cycles of Astrology.

On the 8th of February Rupert Murdoch’s philanthropist mother Dame Elisabeth Murdoch turns one hundred years old. It is certainly a busy Astrological time for Rupert Murdoch – having the planets Saturn and Uranus transiting his ninth house ruler – the Sun while Pluto crosses his ascendant.

bi-wheel-murdochMurdoch’s natal chart surrounded by transit chart

At a time where global financial institutions and world leaders are searching for economical direction and innovation –  it seems that Rupert Murdoch has the last laugh. The Sun in the chart represents the idea of ones identity – the values and ideas incorporated into personality from our early role models.

Murdoch’s natal Sun represents his belief system – his religiosity and propensity to higher learning in life.  Recently Murdoch has released broadsides to the Australian Minister of Education claiming the Australian Education system is a complete shambles.

The ninth house ruler also represents a number of other astrological significators when analysing a chart. The ninth house is the persons Lawyer or astrologer – priest or relative. Psychologically speaking the ninth house mainly refers to ones attitude and belief system in life.

It would seem that Rupert  Murdoch will be adjusting his frame of reference next month by suddenly appearing as different kind of man. He will be a man sporting different kind of  “spots” in his life.

Michael Wolff describes Murdoch –

“Rupert is kind of a mafia guy,” Wolff said. “It’s a Mafioso view, but it’s all about him–he’s protecting his family and his company. And he’s always at war with everyone else.”

PLuto over Murdoch’s  Capricorn ascendant represents fundamental structural changes to his personality and physiology. Any cosmetic alterations observed in Murdoch’s appearance are really reflecting profound and powerful personal changes.

Michael Wolf has apparently stirred up the waters for journalists by claiming that Murdoch will most likely buy the New York Times recently.


michaelwolff-ayers1Michael Wolff

Perhaps Michael Wolf has his own Astrologers making predictions about Murdoch’s affairs in his attempt to keep one step ahead of Murdoch? In my astrological view, Murdoch will relish the auspicious turning of age by his Mother next month. This is an event that will deeply affect Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is then pressurised to change his life by seeking  innovating solutions.

In my mind the Astrology transits of Saturn and Uranus to Murdoch’s natal Sun represent a time involving  the “clearing out the cupboard”. In an extraordinary move – I believe that Rupert will surprise international economic experts leaving them out of step in the field. Rupert’s powerful transitions and radical “investment” moves will  leave him with the last laugh. [This blog was originally posted in 2009]




3 Responses to “Murdoch [Re Post 2009]”

  1. 1 saturnjourney September 16, 2011 at 14:22

    it`s interesting and I like your take on the subject

    what would you say on Lilith in 1st Capricorn conjunct S. Node?

  2. 3 kingsley September 16, 2011 at 19:25

    Hello saturnjouney, Lilith is closdely connected to the Moon so it pays to check her condition and aspects however it would seem that authority figures have a generational presence in your life. That is the way your family heritage recycles the same kinds of influences down the line. Its ok to exercise authority and express authority. In some families there are generations of policemen or teachers and each new generation seems to carry the same theme accross incarnations.

    Saturn and the SN can also represent returning to systemic patterns of personality that involve authority or authority figures. Lilith will either be a voice against traditional patterns or “she” is the product of a structured upbringing where her expression somewhat stymmied or shy. Lilith breeds within these banished or restrictive kinds of existences until she bursts forth with her own banshee like shrieks (even if they are muffled out of respect to authority).

    Perhaps she is content developing working relationships with “structured systems and authority? One would need to look towards the North Node and the Moon for the other side of the story. Others are attracted in a strange way to the appeal of your “importance” via the Capricorn/first house, Lilith expression.


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