Silent Super Power


Every now and again a challenge comes along that tests our ability to handle something new. It wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise, right? The challenge at this time, is to say very little at all. Its going to take super human powers to say nothing about a situation you would normally have much to say.

The planets Mercury and Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith are opposite to Saturn. Normally Mercury Mars and Lilith would represent the unleashing of personal ideas and opinions. They would be swearing black and blue like troopers or creatively drawing pictures to get particular messages across. Lilith certainly adds a sexualized component to ones ideas and communication. Lilith doesn’t seem to hold back or think about consequences in the heat of the moment. She lets it rip instead, and because her expression is subconsciously driven there is a potential to say damaging things in the heat of the moment.


You may or may not “let things rip” this week, however the challenge not to say anything will need super human strengths. Working with silence is a difficult process however there is something Lilith can gain from a bit of self-regulation today. From within her silence she will be heard. Through her silence and body language she commands respect and gains power.

I guess the situation will have to be summed up, if that is possible in the quickness of the moment? If you have been quiet for too long then breaking through that barrier today will need super human capabilities. It is possible to find creative ways to get your messages across though. It is also possible to find creative ways to remain silent if you are a person who normally has much to say.



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