Mars Hype

Currently Mars appears stationary as we observe its motion from planet Earth. The red planet is not really standing still however its apparent lack of motion becomes rather significant to some astrologers. If we were Martians viewing Earth’s apparent lack of movement through space would astrologers add hype about “the blue planets” emotional mood shifts? I think so!


The Blue Planet

When a planet is “stationary” it means that its direction as observed from Earth is changing. The planet has reached its peak in movement one direction and seems to pause before changing directions. When we think about a stone being thrown up into the sky against the forces of gravity, the stone reaches a peak point where gravity becomes greater than the force in which the stone has been thrown with. The stone pauses at the peak point and then falls to earth in its usual way.

For a moment the Stone is weightless and doesnt have an up or downward motion and instead seems to float in the sky. For one moment the stone is not a stone in relation to gravity!


Zero Gravity is a different experience

What does the analogy of weightlessness and the stone cast into the air mean for the stationary planet Mars? As astrologers we observe nature and carry out meta-research for interpreting valuable symbolic meanings. But do we go too far? Do we as astrologers and “social cosmic scientists” get caught up in the sensationalism and hype and misinterpret the symbols?



At the point where an object is about to change its direction the forces are equal and the nature of the object experiences a change of state. Perhaps for a short while the object works differently. It’s detached from its usual patterns or behaviour. I like this analogy in reference to human psychology where at the precise period of “stillness”, all bets are off and a there is potential to experience a different kind of “state”.

Stationary Mars in a symbolic way is without his usual behaviours and belief systems allowing a temporary change of state. With stationary Mars there is little pull or push of our personal Mars behavioural definitions. We have a window where we can experience a different kind of  “activity, motivation, anger, aggression or assertiveness” etc. If we do not use mars energy that well usually then perhaps the stationary period is a time to practice it more?


The window when Mars is not really Mars



5 Responses to “Mars Hype”

  1. 1 Ellie April 15, 2011 at 09:40

    Hi Kingsley,

    Interesting article! I have saturn stationary retrograde in my chart and I’ve always found it difficult to make sense of what this means. Some astrology sites say a stationary planet is stronger or more obvious, but your analogy of it being like a stone thrown in the air(temporarily motionless and without direction) makes more sense when you think about it. I wonder does this make my saturn a bit ineffective, or would it mean it tends to contemplate before taking action? Does it produce an even more cautious saturn? My saturn is in my 5th house, with only an inconjunct to my moon. I’m quite a serious person, not a worrier, but very ambitious and a well organised worker so I don’t think I’m lacking in saturn. I dunno, this stationary retrograde malarky baffles me sometimes!!!

  2. 2 kingsley April 15, 2011 at 10:15

    Yes it sounds like a dilemma Ellie. Saturn is not really about taking action however its more about our values and where one creates boundaries either morally or personally. In many cases in the establishing of values and boundaries in personality, its our parents and role models who impart this process. If there is a lack of modelling in this area, over time and through experiences we develop our own set of values to opperate by.

    I wonder if one of your parents has been less interested in creating a balanced set of values in your case. One way or the other Saturns stationary place in your natal chart, (according to my analogy of the transitting Mars station)you are afforded the potential of creating your own set of values during your early development as opposed to the lack of or outdated (over stated) values imparted by your role models.

    Perhaps your own sense of importance was derailed temporarily and you had to work hard to establish that in your self. Saturn in the fifth can point to growing up quick – all work and no play and taking on responsibilities rather than having fun.

    best regards

  3. 3 Ellie April 15, 2011 at 18:29

    You provide some very interesting food for thought! Alot of what you say resonates. Although my parents provided good boundaries and model of values, my mum had/still has a bad tendency to waver from these values in order to justify her behaviour at a particular time. I suppose her ambivilance was at times so glaringly obvious that it really motivated me to never be like that. Growing up, my mum was more like the child who threw a tantrum and provided ridiculous excuses to back up her behaviour. I, on the other hand, was driven to remain calm and rational in thought in order to maintain harmony in our home. This probably describes my saturn in 5th and the chance I never got to just be a noisy and messy child.

    My saturn went retrograde when I was six so it won’t be going direct for another 120 years haha, I better get used to it had I not? I also have merury, venus, pluto and uranus retrograde in my progressed. All these planets were direct when I was born!

    Thanks for the swift response. I’ve only recently come across your site and it’s really refreshing to find such intelligently written articles. It’s great to see astrology explained against a backdrop of pyschology and science. I look forward to following your work!

  4. 4 kingsley April 15, 2011 at 22:24

    That is very interesting feedback about your Moon Saturn aspect Ellie.
    Thanks very much for your comments too.

  5. 5 kingsley April 15, 2011 at 22:29

    If you are interested I have a face book page where I doing different things. “astrology by Kingsley”. I must admit to not having written here for quite a while. K

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