Fabulous Five

The “Fabulous Five” list of transference’s are called Drivers in Transactional Analysis. Drivers are verbal commands (transference) that children take on from parents during developmental years. The embellished Drivers become incorporated within an individuals set of beliefs about self and others. Drivers are potent devices that offer super powers for better or worse. They are often passed down through generations however unlike genetic coding the various Drivers are a learned function.

Astrology can be a unique way to discover how personality works. Each planet in the chart can be isolated for its descriptive potential in personality. Combinations of  Planets can be delineated as a part of the whole astrological picture. Transactional Analysis concepts also differentiate individual personality functions and help to show the parts contributing to an overall picture of personality. The Fabulous Five Drivers is a concept by Taibi Kahler Transactional Analysis Journal, 5:3 1975.

You may like to read about Drivers and Injunctions in this link too.

The Fabulous Five Drivers in Transactional Analysis are;

Please Me

Be Strong

Be Perfect

Try Hard

Hurry Up

The Drivers are the verbal commands that parents unconsciously direct children to follow in the same way their parents did for them. Children mostly follow these verbal prompts because there is a sense of safety that their attachments to parents will be stronger. Drivers form an integral part of ones scripting process in life and have both positive and harmful effects in personality. The five Drivers are “doing messages” which counter act against non verbal parental injunctions or “Dont” messages.

`                     dont_speak_by_pizzadreams.jpgDont

You may have heard the expression “children should be seen and not heard”? Children can take these messages literally and believe that to be ok with parents they had better not say anything. The child can potentially develop a belief that they are not important enough to have a say. Perhaps in some cases the underlying injunction is “Dont Be You”. One way for a child to maintain a safe bond with parents is to adapt and follow the Driver message of Please or Be Perfect.



Be Perfect

Following the Be Perfect driver may be helpful to achieve many things in life. Employers and clients reward the “be perfect” for a job well done. In childhood recognitions by parents are mainly for achieving and getting things right. Sometimes the rewards are forthcoming with high grades only. That means getting a B for maths in the child’s eye is not good enough for the parent. “I am not good enough yet”.

I wouldn’t wish to go into heart surgery if my Surgeon did not have a Be Perfect. There are many careers where perfection is paramount and in these arenas the “Perfect” person can excell.

The Astrological combinations that show the potential for taking on the “Perfect” driver are;

Sun in Virgo aspects to Pluto

Venus contacts to Saturn

Virgo Ascendant and Mercury in connection to Saturn and or Pluto.

Jupiter Pluto contacts (obsessions)

Moon-Venus in Virgo

Neptune and the angles.

Liz Greene’s book about Neptune describes the idealistic world of Adam and Eve as the “paradise of perfectness”. Perfectness is all but an illusion which can eventually create disappointments in life.



Dont Be You

The Please (Me) driver sees the person doing all manner of things to gain recognition for helping and pleasing others. The Please Driver is good in the hospitality and retail industries. The trick is to not let your natural self become a shadow of your former self.

Astrological indicators for Please Me are;

Moon Mars contacts in earth signs

Angular Venus especially in the 7th house.

Moon and or Venus in Libra

Mercury-Venus conjunctions

Venus and Jupiter Pluto contacts

Venus at the mid-heaven in the chart can represent an actor or very clever salesman. They can put on the charm to please that’s for sure.



Over Hanging Harried

The Hurry up driver stems from verbal messages from parents to hurry hurry! “Quickly do things so that I won’t annoyed with you”. The Hurry up driver is discounting the child that he or she cannot do things in their own time. All of the drivers are behavioural discounts in the form of “do things this way otherwise you will feel less than”. The Parents in effect unwittingly bribe the child to suit the parents ability to deal with children in any other way.

It’s ok to be on time and sometimes the Hurry up is good for meeting deadlines and being politely punctual. Unfortunately if a person with a Hurry Up is running late or has missed their plane the consequences of being angry with oneself is pronounced. Hurry up types are prone to anxiety and become impatient with slow movers.

Astrological significators for the Hurry Up are;

Mars Uranus contacts

Moon Mars in fire signs

Moon in Aquarius (the harried Mother)

Aries Ascendant and Mars Jupiter contacts

Mars retrograde

Mercury Mars conjunctions or mutual receptions.



Jump through my hoops and you will be ok

Understanding these drivers and isolating the potential personality functions can be helpful in careers and getting it right for those – all important job interviews.

When someone doesn’t want you to “Be You” and prefers you to conform to other perspectives there is a limit to how much a person can take.



I can take it and then some

Be Strong is Driver which has an underlying message to not have feelings. The old parental saying that “boys don’t cry” is the verbal message for children to be strong and not present awkward situations that parents would rather not deal with. The child learns to be strong for everyone else in their life at the exclusion of having their own feelings. At least the person finds ways to nurture others even at the price of their own natural expression.

Being Strong is good for those occupations where controlling emotions is required, such as politicians, ambulance officers, pilots and counsellors.

The astrological indicators for the Be Strong Driver are;

Moon Jupiter contacts especially the opposite aspect

Moon Saturn contacts

Sun Saturn

Moon in Capricorn

Mars Pluto

Some Saturn-Pluto aspects are also very inclined to show the person’s ability to deal with immovable forces and objects.



I am trying my best

The Try Hard driver is a hard one. It can also be associated to an extra Work Hard Driver.

The belief about self can be; “I am only ok if I try hard for you”. The person is constantly tackling difficult jobs with the hope of to gaining recognitions for being alive. The Try Hard is linked to the archetype and Life Script of Sisyphus. He is constantly trying to achieve something great in life and almost gets the boulder to the top of the mountain before failing and then the boulder rolls down to the start again. The Try Hard loves a passionate involvement in some difficult task.

The person learns to endure life at the expense of actually achieving a specific goal. Accountants, Stone Masons, Researchers, Farmers and perhaps Missionaries all incorporate the Try Hard Driver to feel good about themselves. There are many very experienced and accomplished People with the Try Hard driver.

Underneath the Work Hard driver (which I haven’t included in the Fab Five) there is a possibility the person has a secret wish to not exist. Underlying suicidal thoughts are perhaps at the bottom of the mountain when all else fails in their endeavours.

The Astrological potentials for the Try Hard driver are;

Mars Saturn contacts

Mars retrograde in Capricorn

Saturn in 1st house

Sun Chiron and or Saturn contacts

Sun Mars Pluto

Jupiter Saturn spasmodically.


The Driver is an analytical tool for understanding ways a person may be inclined to experience or cope with situations in life. In some way the Drivers get handed down from parent to child over generations. The Planetary indications for Drivers can help find these trends and Astrologically describe the same behaviours and potential beliefs within personality.

The descriptions of psychological Drivers are learned behaviours and beliefs developed out of parental transference. In the development of personality and the concept of Nurture it seems that Astrology can potentially identify an individual predisposition to one driver or another. This potential is in line with the theory that we are born with certain temperaments which lend themselves to our early learning environments. After all we are born into families with an inherent set of beliefs and that seems inescapable or fateful.

It is possible however to adjust or drop some Driver patterns during the course of life. It is not that we can ever be Driver Free but to learn to use any of the Fabulous Five in the best possible way.

Kingsley 2008


3 Responses to “Fabulous Five”

  1. 1 roses February 25, 2010 at 18:50

    Oh K…

    “It is not that we can ever be Driver Free but to learn to use any of the Fabulous Five in the best possible way.”

    I like this sentence – do you mean we become a good all rounder?

  2. 2 kingsley February 25, 2010 at 23:07

    Hello roses, usually it’s possible to
    reduce or Even drop scripts which
    means there are less pay offs like
    anxiety or anger. The driver is a coping
    mechanism and in stressful times
    it’s always there to use again if needed.

  3. 3 LB July 25, 2010 at 02:47

    Hi Kingsley – I really enjoyed this post and found your insights to be spot-on, especially your observation that Moon in Aquarius indicates a “harried” mother – so true! I have strong astrological signatures for all of these, and for the most part I’ve learned to use them constructively.

    Reading your post stirred up an early memory from when I was 3 or 4 years old and my mother locked me in a dark closet because I failed to put my shoes on quickly enough to please her. Moon in Aquarius/5th trine retrograde Gemini Mars/9th which squares Virgo in Pluto/12th. And I have Venus in Libra conjunct North Node and Sun (opposite BM Lilith and Sedna/8th). Also strong Jupiter/Moon contacts as well as a Virgo Ascendant with Mercury/Pluto sextile and in mutual reception.

    My mother said when she opened the door, I was just sitting there, looking sad but calm. She also said I always seemed so strong, it was as if I didn’t need her. This was very untrue, and was obviously an adapted behavior designed to meet the expectations of my parents.

    The irony to the “Hurry Up” message was that in my youth, I became a very fast sprinter and swimmer who could outrace almost everyone around.

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