In the Mythology, Vulcan the son of Zeus and Juno was born deformed. Vulcan is also known as Hephaestus in Greek mythology and his story is an interesting one. Although Vulcan did not have an altogether unhappy childhood his Mother did reject him. Over time he developed skills as a forger of metals and constructed beautiful jewellery and specialised armour for the Gods.

In the current Astrology transits Venus Vulcan and Jupiter (Zeus) are conjunct in Pisces. Alan Oken the genius of Esoteric Astrology describes Vulcan in Pisces as the following.

Vulcan in Pisces (exaltation): The universal, loving focus of the soul and the ultimate death of anything that is not useful to the higher life are very much at the heart of the esoteric significance of Pisces. In this respect, the reader should recall that Pluto is the soul-centered ruler of the Fish. As such, the harmonious combination of the energies of Vulcan and Pluto work together to produce the total extinction of any impediment in the personality to the resurrection and externalization of the soul. The Path stands open and clear. The Pathwalker ascends to the task and serves the World Server. (Alan Oken Soul Centered Astrology)

“Vulcan is an undiscovered or hypothetical planet and esoteric astrologers believe that it is located near the Sun. To date, there is no officially accepted ephemeris to calculate its position and there are varying opinions as to Vulcan’s actual distance from the Sun. The astrological software package Solar Fire, developed by Esoteric Technologies, offers two options for the calculation of Vulcan’s position: the method of L.H. Weston or that of Dr Douglas Baker”. Quote Candy Hillenbrand.


Hephaestus (Vulcan) chaining Prometheus to a rock by order of Zeus. Hermes Looks on.

Hephaestus married Venus in the mythology and it would seem that todays Astrology provokes a reunion with Venus, Vulcan and Jupiter (Zeus) for good measure. Below is an excerpt from the story of Hephaestus (Vulcan) which is relevant to the reunion.

Vulcan had a happy childhood with dolphins as his playmates and pearls as his toys. Late in his childhood, he found the remains of a fisherman’s fire on the beach and became fascinated with an unextinguished coal, still red-hot and glowing.

Vulcan carefully shut this precious coal in a clamshell and took it back to his underwater grotto and made a fire with it. On the first day after, Vulcan stared at this fire for hours on end. On the second day, he discovered that when he made the fire hotter with bellows, certain stones sweated iron, silver or gold. On the third day he beat the cooled metal into shapes: bracelets, chains, swords and shields. Vulcan made pearl-handled knives and spoons for his foster mother, he made a silver chariot for himself, and bridles so that seahorses could transport him quickly. He even made slave-girls of gold to wait on him and do his bidding.

Later, Thetis left her underwater grotto to attend a dinner party on Mount Olympus wearing a beautiful necklace of silver and sapphires, which Vulcan had made for her. Juno admired the necklace and asked as to where she could get one. Thetis became flustered causing Juno to become suspicious and, at last, the queen god discovered the truth: the baby she had once rejected had grown into a talented blacksmith.

The Forge of Vulcan by Diego Velázquez, (1630). This painting was produced during the renaissance, at a time when the god was no longer being worshipped.

The Forge of Vulcan

Juno was furious and demanded that Vulcan return home, a demand that he refused. However he did send Juno a beautifully constructed chair made of silver and gold, inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Juno was delighted with this gift but, as soon as she sat in it her weight triggered hidden springs and metal bands sprung forth to hold her fast. The more she shrieked and struggled the more firmly the mechanical throne gripped her; the chair was a cleverly designed trap.

For three days Juno sat fuming, still trapped in Vulcan’s chair, she couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t stretch, she couldn’t eat. It was Jupiter who finally saved the day, he promised that if Vulcan released Juno he would give him a wife, Venus the goddess of love and beauty. Vulcan agreed and married Venus. He later built a smithy under Mount Etna on the island of Sicily. It was said that whenever Venus is unfaithful, Vulcan grows angry and beats the red-hot metal with such a force that sparks and smoke rise up from the top of the mountain, to create a volcanic eruption.

To punish mankind for stealing the secrets of fire, Jupiter ordered the other gods to make a poisoned gift for man. Vulcan’s contribution to the beautiful and foolish Pandora was to mould her from clay and to give her form. He also made the thrones for the other gods on Mount Olympus.

The mythology of Pandora and Prometheus are both very interesting stories which relate to the retaliation by the Gods (fates) to man. The stories encapsulate archetypal scripts and experiences within human behaviours and other social interactions.

Many of the mythologies seem to infinitely merge and into each other however perhaps we can take in the meanings of the current Venus Jupiter and Vulcan astrology conjunction where the gods have tea and reminisce the good old days of yesteryear.

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4 Responses to “Esoterically”

  1. 1 RevJ March 9, 2010 at 10:54

    When I was growing up in the 70’s I remember reading somewhere that Mercury ruling both Gemini and Virgo would phase out when another planet was discovered that would ultimately rule Virgo. My memory is fuzzy, but I thought Vulcan was mentioned as the planet that would end up ruling Virgo (which I am one). And it seems like there have been soooo many new planets and bodies discovered that I would have thought that Virgo would have it’s own ruler by now. Any thoughts? Peace, RevJ

  2. 2 kingsley March 9, 2010 at 12:25

    Hello Rev, in Esoteric Astrology Vulcan is the ruler of Taurus. I have heard somewhere that Vulcan in Pisces is Exalted soe Virgo would mean Fall.

    There is however the TNP Transneptunian planet called Vulcanis used in Uranian Astrology and I am not sure about there rulership capabilities.

    If there was a poll to decide a new ruler for the sign of Virgo then I think sympathies would be allocated to Chiron. What do you think?


  3. 3 Dorothy April 3, 2010 at 07:10

    According to Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey, the esoteric ruler of Virgo is the Moon, veiling Vulcan. So Virgo still does not have exclusive use of any planet. But then, According to the same source, Humanity did not respond to Leo and Virgo until the spark of mind was implanted in the Lemurian age. Then the zodiac included Aries through Capricorn. The polar opposites, Leo and Virgo were added during Atlantean times.

  4. 4 karenbeth47 January 28, 2011 at 18:28

    Hello Kingsley,
    this is a lovely article.
    Well put together, relevant to me;
    Libra Sun. Vulcan Cnjt Uranus. Trine the Sun.I have real issues with the ugly part of me, anything base. LOL!
    With three Scorpio planets, and strong eight house Saturn Pluto Mars .I have had to learn the hard way. Capricorn moon. Thank You! KC

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