Star Signs: Good and Bad about Managing Illness (2006)


Star Signs are Astrological generalizations about the Sun’s placement by sign in the Astrology chart; the descriptions below are light-hearted and simplified techniques of an age-old practice. Medical Astrology used by physicians hundreds of years ago is still widely used today although it is a specialist field and difficult to learn.


Aries can readily take up the challenge and the fight involved with chronic illness. Aries’ dislike restrictions in life resulting in major frustration dampening their usual spirit. They do not like how symptoms of illness slow them down. Most likely, Aries will be the first to join support groups and start treatment plans. They love to turn the focus on themselves by claiming pioneer status and sole rights to their illness. Taking up the challenge they are prone to headaches and burnout when stress levels are high. Side effects of illness include regressive psychological behaviors like that of a two year old. Needs attention, parent figures, validation and home delivered chicken soup.


Taurean’s enjoy practical monitoring of food intake and outgoing. Only the really fanatic Taurus person will study the quality of their daily stool. The Taurus person conserves their energy through careful management and by grazing on foods. They tend to eat sweet foods including ice cream when they are tired and indolent. Stubbornness is a classic trait for the bull however patience can be their virtue too. Especially when dealing with symptoms and planning specialist appointments. Taurus people benefit from sensual touch (massage etc) and permissions to be lazy when managing illness. They have a potential to become stingy and possessive when  stressed. The grass is always greener they say and the Taurean values his sense of security above all. Obsessiveness, Sore throats and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are some illness symptoms.



The Gemini has a multi planned approach to living with illness. In one respect they will deny having an illness while on the other hand over-worry about being ill. Confusion is the worst enemy of the Gemini. They tend to write, read and discuss general symptoms with others to make sense of their own symptoms. They set up new social networks and acquaintances in pursuit of managing illness. Different friends or associates are utilized at different times for managing illness. Perhaps they cannot accept that the two parts of them are ill together. They become fidgety and show loss of Identity while managing illness. Their thinking style is fitting of the ADHD profiles with illness and symptomatic stress. Quiet dark rooms are antithetical but helpful for Gemini’s healing.


These people find comfort by spending time at home with family. Being sensitive and intuitive to changes in their bodies, Cancer types tend to build psychological barriers and accumulate stress. They will nurture others to stay inwardly strong themselves. Fluid retention and digestive issues need management during illness. This Star sign may have a tendency to lie about their health condition or only discuss what others might prefer to hear. Sometimes they don’t really know all the facts about their illness so it isn’t really lying. Is it? Symptoms of illness include a potential for hysterics and vast mood shifts while managing their illness. Staying in bed, taking baths, going to counseling and pampering self are helpful and healthy-treatment plans.


Here is the “illness poster person”; their picture is actually the one on the poster describing their kind of illness. If not they could be on a particular hospital committee for disease and illness. This person knows how to rejuvenate their supplies of much-needed energy. You see, Leo’s need to show off how well they are coping with illness. Enjoying the spotlight is demanding work and Leo’s somehow need to find the energy required. The Leo person fuels themselves through playfulness, enjoying children and expressing their sense of authority. Leo’s strive for the attention and recognition for enduring illness. Passionate in health management and inconsolable about giving up pleasurable and unhealthy pursuits. Heart Chakra vulnerabilities for Leo’s and potential identity crisis with stressful illness symptoms; like mild autistic emotional temperaments.



Fastidious, analytical and practical are key words for the way Virgo’s approaches illness. Management is their friend. The polarizing attributes for Virgo can swing from micro pedantic to hedonistic wallow. The stressed Virgo will have a shower to feel healthier; as an alternative for pain relief they approach mundane tasks with fervor which then escalates to a seemingly spiritual experience for them. Virgo’s discussions with doctors are polite but condescending in body language. The Virgo knows more about medicine than most. Psychological projection occurs when they are ill, which includes blaming others, controlling everything and martyrdom syndromes. Virgo hold an Immaculate Conception type of belief about contracting their illness. Jars in their cupboards will contain holistic and healing foods labeled clearly. Virgo has a soul lesson while managing illness; that is by learning the difference between the immortality of goddess’s and living a mundane life on earth. You are perfect at being ill Virgo.


Libran’s gravitate towards peace, harmony and beauty. Their challenge in managing symptoms of illness is to appease the ‘beastie’ illness. Give the illness what it needs and it will stop being so aggressive. And if that doesn’t work Libra’s are happy to please the doctor by following his suggestion for staying in bed. “Will I have medication or will I not have medication?” That is the big question for the Libran. It is a difficult choice for Librans because it may involve more ugliness. With the potential for sadness and confusion, the Libran meets their nemesis-shadow in the mirror of illness. Their own inner beastie emerges much to the Libran’s horror. They need solid relationships and a partner who can love and make decisions for them while ill. When and if the Libran emerges victorious from illness, life moves on and so do they.


Scorpio’s have an affinity to blood and death stories somehow. They absorb the intensity and fluctuations of their illness somatically. Scorpio’s usual innate skills and potential to take control are equally met by panic and emotional trauma while suffering illness. Scorpios keep the facts about their illness secret. Their major challenge during illness is trusting someone to describe their darkest symptom. Emotional security may be a prerequisite before beginning any lengthy treatment strategies. Somehow they manage to sexualize their specialist’s visits, look beautiful and intelligent at the clinic. Potential mood disorders and borderline temperament styles are possible symptoms of managing their illness. Sex is always helpful to unhealthy Scorpio’s but they need to watch any sadistic tendencies where psychosomatic tendencies increase symptoms.


The Sag has a wonderful opportunity to develop new philosophical pursuits while managing their illness. It’s the only way they can transcend the confines of illness. Knowing the facts about their illness is grounding for the Sagittarius as it helps them develop a bigger picture about their illness. The ever optimistic Sag tends to stay afloat by teaching everyone else about their illness. They think they know more than the doctor. Weight gain is a potential symptom for Sagittarius and they do better by reading instead of crawling up the walls in hospital. Social level symptoms for the Sagittarian during illness include dogmatic responses, finger-pointing and becoming loud in discussions. Blood pressure issues are potential for Sagittarius under stress and toxins tend to hide away in their joints. They dislike detailed explanations while enduring illness. Sagittarius employs hope and optimism to feel better about themselves.



Capricorn’s middle name is ‘management’. This old soul has a practical and business like approach to dealing with diet and energy levels managing illness. Capricorn are hard workers armed with persistence to quietly achieve their goals during healthier times. What a bugger though, when illness gets in the way of the real work. The Capricorn may seethe with delays caused through illness and soon learns to incorporate some control in managing health issues. The Capricorn who stays at home is “not happy Jan” unless they find a way to run things at work by remote control. Underneath the work-hard ethics there is a vulnerable and sensitive Capricorn soul who hates going on sickness benefits. Hari-Kari would seem more dignified but that’s not going to help the work situation either. Capricorns do well by changing their frame of reference with regard to their goals and lifestyle during illness. Perhaps some voluntary work might be helpful. They are wise listeners and could benefit from some of that Sagittarian optimism or Pisces spirituality. Work with it! Potential hair loss, bone and skin conditions; melancholia and grumpy person syndrome while managing illness.


If there was ever a Star sign-social worker Aquarius fits that job description perfectly. Aquarians have unique but traditional approaches to managing symptoms. Their reformist approach may include herbal or alternative healing modalities. Aquarians are social and intellectual creatures with dependable (stoic) temperaments resistant to change. They are rebellious of authority and that means most doctors. Denial of their illness is no excuse to keep drinking heavily though. Managing illness will present challenges for Aquarians who tend to burn out when stressed. Aquarians detach from their painful symptoms by reading, partying or engaging in mildly perverse behaviors. If that fails they will worry a lot. They need space and freedom to process the effects that illness has on their sense of identity. Aquarians entertain the idea that they are crazy. Whilst enduring longer term treatment strategies for illness they will rent a house with other friends receiving treatment and all go mad. They make friends at hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and chemists. They do not suffer fools gladly however sometimes the truth about their illness hurts. They are prone to emotional rage and not following the doctors orders.


The Pisces person may not be religious in the biblical sense however they acquiesce to spiritualism and world-empathy. Unfortunately the weight of the world is too heavy for any one person. The Pisces person enlists creative dreaming within their management plan for illness symptoms. They are driven by compassionate and selfless acts while remaining invisible to their own pain. Only a Pisces will understand what I am saying. Pisces live in time warps across past and future lives thus creatively dissociating from the pain of the mundane during illness. They prefer to live in isolation when they are sick. If that doesn’t work for them, sadly, alcohol and drugs will not help either. Compulsive behaviors don’t “need ” to be harmful so Pisces do well to form spiritual bonds with others while managing their illness. They can sometimes contemplate the next life if stress gets too difficult. Pisceans are quite sensitive and when backed into a corner by the effects of illness they have potential for bullying others. Schizoid temperaments, loss of smell and sore feet apply.

Copyright Kingsley 2006


5 Responses to “Star Signs: Good and Bad about Managing Illness (2006)”

  1. 1 roses February 12, 2010 at 19:17

    By your description, it would appear that i’m not a gemini except for the last bit. I love dark quiet rooms – they’re the best!

  2. 3 Aurelia Laughridge February 26, 2010 at 05:59

    While I do think that addiction is a disease, I do not think that medication is the lone means to resolve the problem. There are myriad natural and chemical reactions that go on inside an addicts mind while they are using drugsbut there are also even more physiologic reactions that happen before and after the drugs are allotted into the body. Medication that subdues neural dopamine receptors assist to decrease the alertness of the brains pleasure centres. This enables the junky to battle their cravings. Nevertheless, studies have also established that these medications can have severe negative side effects, causing an exceedingly under-stimulated reward centercausing depression. For this reason, I guess that even though medication can assist in the remedy of drug dependency, I do not believe that it should be the sole solution. If intervention were to include medication as well as some type of therapy, then I do believe that therapeutic treatment would be appropriate. That way, therapeutic techniques would not only aid the drug addict on his path to recovery, but it would also help to preclude the intense side effects of the medication.

  3. 4 david June 3, 2010 at 04:07

    leos are the best rember that

  1. 1 Star signs and disease | Steve Delve Trackback on July 14, 2010 at 17:26

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