Astrology Election

I attended an important meeting today hoping that I had picked the right time for my endeavours. Electing a time to start a particular activity can be astrologically fraught with possibilities, although its worth a look into from time to time.

Sometimes a series of events leads one to “arriving” at just the right time without any Astrological guidance. In my case I wanted the meeting to go well and that meant finding the best time of the day for the astrology to work for me and not “them”.

Arriving is an Important Event

The night before my meeting I calculated the best astrological conditions available. I also attempted to represent the other party with the least beneficial planetary considerations. One could say that I looked for a time where “they” would be on the back foot and in a state of flux.

The only problem with doing this kind of election is that the outcome of such meeting has the potential for problems in the end. Why wouldn’t I elect a chart where the other person is in a more helpful position for my endeavours? Sometimes wishing for what you want can go awry.

I elected the Moon in Libra to be on the seventh cusp square to Mercury at the mid-heaven. I knew the Moon on the descendent would destabilise the other party and Mercury gave a sense of emergency or priority to the situation. Here is the chart for my meeting.


Sometimes the other party get things wrong which helps me

I left home for the meeting in good time. Actually I wasnt paying attention to the time and I left early because I was bored. I was half way to my destination when I remembered that I had left one important document at home. I did a U turn and went back to retrieve it. Once on my way again I realised that my arrival timing would match my original astrology election prepared the night before. I started thinking about my forgetfulness and whether my accidental delay meant anything in the scheme of things?

I arrived at the government building to find the office occupied by a plethora of people. The ques were nearly out the door.

Apparently my election and timing had coincided with an “all staff meeting”. Thats right all the staff were at a meeting and the desks were manned by temps and workers from other departments. “I sure have them on the back foot” I thought to myself. The whole place was fluxed out!

I knew that Saturn square PLuto described challenging times with bureaucracy but how would this situation work out for me. My paper work was too difficult for a very nice man to process so he made me a “high priority client” to see someone else. I sat for a little while before a lovely young women apologised for the circumstances. She said that she would process my papers and that I didn’t have to wait.

Perhaps I had elected for too much “fluxing” on their behalf? There were important questions and considerations I was hoping to put forward at my meeting however I didnt get that chance.

I have resided that my situation will change after the outcome of my supposed meeting and the extremity of possibilities could now be weighted either way. I sit back and carry on with my day with the good faith that Jupiter is high in my chart. I am sure that however the situation turns out (for good or ill) that it will be better for me in the long run.

Best regards


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