Transit Cops

There is a well established war in my city and the front line is happening on railway platforms. The frontline between Transit Cops and Teenagers is developing into a serious affair involving rage and corruption. Not many people know about this escalating war between teenagers and authorities but someone will pay an ultimate price eventually.

Many of the teenagers involved in this insidious war are between fourteen to sixteen years old. The teenagers I see in counselling are no saints however it seems to me that Transit Guards are deliberately (ignorantly) escalating situations and potentially making career criminals out of some boys. I will get to some of the astro-sociology and the Saturn Uranus trigger so please read on.


Not all victims of Transit Guards are teenagers

Train guard sacked

after baiting death




Transit Guards send out thousands of dollars worth of fines each week. One common offence for teenagers is “begging”. When a Guard overhears a teenager asking a mate for a couple of dollars to purchase a ticket, the teenager is then charged with begging and receives a $100 fine. Some teenagers are well known by guards because of the constant verbal abuse directed at them. I have heard reports where teenagers are receiving fines when they were not even on a railway platform nor did they commit any offence. Some teenagers have racked up thousands of dollars worth of fines with no way to pay them off.

Transit cops know that teenagers must pay their fines otherwise they cannot obtain their drivers licences when turning seventeen.

Teenagers are resorting to using their mobile phones as weapons against rail cop bullies. All the teenager has to do is activate their recording device on their phone when a guard begins to taunt them verbally. Guards will usually say something extremely derogatory about the teenager’s mother however when the mobile phone device is revealed the transit cops walk away.

Some transit cops have been suspended for three months for racial discrimination because of such recorded evidence however transit cops have the power to remove any teenager from a rail platform whether they are causing trouble or not.


Transit Guards would hardly qualify for the Police Force in Western Australia

I have heard how rail cops follow teenagers into the toilets where there are no cctv cameras and physically bash them. Some teenagers are reluctant to inform “real” police about the abuse by transit cops because their current bail orders or justice programs may be defaulted. Some teenagers claim they will bide their time to enact revenge on railway cops by getting them sacked.

Some time ago I wrote an astrology piece specifically about teenagers born in 1995. The piece was called Oppositional and Defiant . Many of my clients who are referred by Juvenile Justice teams are fifteen years of age and therefore support the Saturn opposite Chiron aspect for the year of 1995.

First of all let me say that I do not practice astrology within my treatment plans for clients however I do research astrology and human behaviours extensively in my spare time. I am curiously scientific in my astrology pursuits. Never the less the Saturn – Uranus opposition last year has deeply impacted on those with natal Chiron and Saturn at 20 degrees Virgo and 20 degrees Pisces respectively.


Saturn opposite Uranus last year triggering Teens born in 1995

The Saturn Uranus opposition is widely known to cause social unrest, political and economic crises and changes in the weather patterns. It is also well known in charts for anti social personalities. See post on Anti Social Planets .

This time last year the Saturn Uranus opposition affected those born with planets at the 20 degrees Virgo and Pisces. Teenagers born in 1995 who support the Saturn Chiron opposition will undoubtably be faced with dificult experiences involving parents or other authorities in their life. This natal aspect represents a kind of moral wounding and impacting concerns around developing appropriate boundaries.

Teenagers are renown for projecting their anger onto authority figures and Transit Cops are no exception. The transiting Uranus and Saturn opposition co-joining natal Chiron – Saturn last year could represent the fierce stance some teenagers are taking against authority figures.

Meanwhile the very real war on our rail platforms involving both transit cops and teenagers is not about to go away. Transit Cops are supposed to be adults operating in a responsible positions by upholding the laws around railway property. If Transit Cops are going to be a part of the solution with todays increasing anti social youth then it would be useful to implement better training programs for them. It would also be useful to implement better psychological testing for prospective transit guard applicants.

In my mind it will take either a Transit Cop or a Teenager losing their life before something is done about the current state of affairs on our rail platforms. I hope it doesn’t come to that however from what I am hearing that possibility is growing day by day.



2 Responses to “Transit Cops”

  1. 1 Marina February 7, 2010 at 01:34

    Oh yes that last Saturn/Uranus fell across my Chiron opposition to Uranus/Pluto at 19degs Pisces/Virgo. It also squared my AC/DC ay 18 degs.
    A totally mindblowing year. My whole life path changed. I divorced, became an Astrologer and visited your lovely country for the first time.
    Uranus and Chiron planets of Astrology. Saturn on Pluto in the 4th/5th divorce!
    Thanks for bigging up The Lilith Pages:)))

  2. 2 kingsley February 7, 2010 at 08:46

    Yes there are quite a few circa 1965’s who would have experienced radical changes at that time Marina. Lucky you and some of them have a kind of working immunity to such weird planetary transits.

    Sounds like you made the best of the situation Marina.


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