Happy Federation

Today marks the one hundred and ninth year of Australian Federation. It is the Federation Birthday today. The Federation of Australian states were sworn in, on the first day of January 1901 at 1 35 pm. The official time of the event was recorded by astrologer Gwyn Stoney. Here is a good article called “The Birth of a Nation” by Ed Tamplin.


The Rock of the World

Fifteen months ago the Federation chart for Australia showed a progressed New Moon almost on the ascendant degree. It takes 28 years for one of these to happen let alone being positioned on the ascendant. New Moons represent new cycles of life however at first it is difficult to know what it’s all about. The seeds to the new Australian cycle are not completely visible yet however quite omnipotent in the astrology. The New Moon lunation phase on the ascendant speaks about reflecting a different kind of image to others.


A new Australian persona is forming.

The astrology says that we will have a better idea of what it’s all about by the year 2012. The 2010 progressed chart however shows the progressed Sun “coming out” of the twelfth house and to the ascendant degree. The Sun represents ones identity and will to “achieve” in life. In 2010 it seems that the “Australian smile” gains a great deal of confidence against the backdrop of its global affairs. Australia is on the road to showing how we are the “rock of the world”.

With the help of strong leadership with the likes of Kevin Rudd, Bob Hawke, John Howard and the John Curtin’s etc; Australia has shaped and formed as a nation for 222 years. Australians have arrived at an important time in politics and world affairs indeed. We have come a long way since the “prawn on the barbie” days and other charismatic figures sold overseas. Paul Hogan is a funny guy although his image tends to embrace older Australian generations.

With both luminaries positioned on the ascendant the nature of a person is described as forthright, open and sometimes brutally honest. It can also represents the ability to form friendships and associations. The progressed Sun on the ascendant is calling for a genuine and honest expression of a nation and one which shows authority and confidence in itself.


Happy Birthday to the Federation!

Australian politics are in a state of enormous transition presently and something has to give soon. The Liberals are attempting to run government from the opposition bench and Kevin Rudd’s Labour Party are struggling to get their bills passed. The two political parties seem to battle between the new and old visions of Australia’s identity. The Progressed Sun on the ascendant degree means there will be no mistake about who holds the power in the land.


The Australian Digger

Saturn and Pluto have set the stage for an impasse in Australia politics recently. This year becomes an election year in one way or another and Australians must discern between two parties and their own vision for the future. In my view we will need the most genuine quality in leadership going into the next decade.

The rest of the world will sense confidence in Australia’s new and emerging global identity.  Australia’s direction and place in this world will be decided in a referendum in 2010.



4 Responses to “Happy Federation”

  1. 1 Kahless January 5, 2010 at 07:07

    Happy belated Australian Federation Birthday.

    Kingsley, I wanted to read my astrology outlook for 2010. Can you recommend any good internet sites?

  2. 2 kingsley January 5, 2010 at 09:33

    Hi Kahless, good to hear from you.

    There are so many sites out there offering readings for free or for a fee. You might like to try Star IQ, Jonathon Cainer, Eric Francis for an excellent yearly report. You may get a small introduction for your sign in 2010 and then you will need to pay a small fee to get a more detailed version.

    Is Planetary has podcasts and reading services for a fee. http://itsplanetary.libsyn.com/

    Usually the best star sign astrolog sites are connected to other reputable sites such as Mountain Astrologer, Star IQ etc. Sorry I dont seem to have any of their site adresses Kahless.

    The sun sign reports will be somewhat generic however still quite informative. If you want a detailed and accurate report you will need you birth time and credit card.

    I would be most happy to write a report for you Kahless. There would be a dicounted fee involved if you are interested.

    All the best

  3. 3 Kahless January 13, 2010 at 08:15

    Hi Kingsley,

    I think Jonathon Cainer is usually quite accurate and I like reading his writings.

    What reports do you write?

    ie what type of report and what is your fee?
    I know my birth time and exact place. Google maps gives me exact longitude and latitude to nearly a meter!

    You have my email I think as I have to leave it with this comment.


  4. 4 kingsley January 13, 2010 at 10:13

    I will find your e mail somewhere Kahless. My reports are individually written. I take the incongruencies in the chart into consideration when doing interpretations.

    Some well known commercial astrologers have well written generic interpretations ready to copy and paste however there doesnt seem to be any integration between some of their interpretations.

    There are different types of reports and it seems that the individualised ones require more work and typing etc. Not everyone knows this when looking for astrologers.

    Give Cainer a go, I am sure you will get a good product and that it will be quite useful.

    My fees are written in the “services” section at the top of my blog. I usually cover a couple of years so that the different cycles can “unfold” with their purpose specific to the individual.


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