Local Predictions

The New Year is approaching quickly for the southern hemisphere. The countdown is almost seven hours away from where I live. Perth is three hours behind Sydney Australia so the revellery spreads around Australia ending in Perth.

The local outline for New Years Eve here in Perth is an interesting one especially with the Lunar eclipse following at about 3 am.


New Years Eve 11 59pm AWST

The Moon is on the Mid Heaven and opposite Venus Pluto

Saturn is on the Ascendent with the Full Moon looming in the sky

The usual public haunts to celebrate New Years will be well patronised however an increased police presence will subdue too much excitement. There have been crackdowns by police in both Northbridge and Fremantle recently as a part of a national policing project. The police have drawn strong lines against anti social behaviours. The new penalties for graffiti and hoon drivers are quite severe for the next year but will that stop anti social behaviour? No.

Perhaps revellers may regulate their exuberance by complying this new years. If an individual stands out too much and looks like they are having too much fun, there is a good chance of being sniffed by dogs or strip searched. The police are doing their job and that is a good thing. Unfortunately these authoratitive moves can also attract a kind of public undertow against such governance.

Bushfires have destroyed forty homes north of Perth in recent days. It  is one of the most devestating fires in over fifty years. The Rolleystone Highschool also burnt down overnight with an estimated $100 million in damages.


The Eclipse Chart for 3:12 am shows Mars on the mid-heaven

A full moon eclipse with Mars high in the chart suggests over-committed police and fire services. Fire fighting resources have been stretched to the limits in recent fires. The current eclipse period is already operational here in Perth .

It will be interesting to see how new year revellers sink into the “undertow” tonight. History shows that there are always trouble makers during new years eve celebrations. Trouble makers are only trying to express their own sense of uniqueness however self-regulation goes out the window when drinking too much alcohol.


The Fires are a worry

William Lilly an astrologer in the 17th century became famous for predicting the fire of London. I already know there are fires burning somewhere north of Perth. There are always fires in Australia so I do not expect to claim a prize for predicting trouble for this week.

The retrograde Mars on the angle could equally represent a shift in our state’s anti social behaviours? I think not. The new years celebration will be cathartic for sure. If not through fighting and crashing cars, there are opportunities to release stress’ and other pressures this week.

A display of fireworks is a good way to see the new years energy in. Keep safe and think of the undertow mixed with alcohol. Have some fun and then accept that has been enough. When all the counting is over it means that things are winding down a bit. Stepping back from the excitement takes a few hours and its mainly in these hours where trouble can start.

All the best for New Years in Perth and around the globe when it becomes your turn.

Best regards



5 Responses to “Local Predictions”

  1. 1 kingsley January 1, 2010 at 10:16

    Over 250 arrests in Perth. The New Year celebrations in Perth are described as “the roudiest ever”.



  2. 2 roses January 1, 2010 at 16:42

    Wow! That’s a lot of arrests. Hope they slept well.

    I agree with you… the fires are a worry indeed. I hope the new year (2010) is a good one for you K.


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