Competition is a healthy process where challenging the odds is motivation for wining something. I think it is safe to say that most people like to have a win and be recognised in some way. For some people though, winning is secondary in the competitive process and instead the recognitions along the way are more important. Competing is an exciting experience which propels us along an experiential journey of self discovery.


Competition is a game of creative strategies

It feels good to get positive praise from partners, employers and other fans. From an early age we learn to compete for attention within our family dynamics. We compete with our siblings, parents and friends for many reasons. Having a role to play in life means receiving either positive or negative praise for that role. It feels good to get more praise than the other siblings. If a particular role in the family is already taken we choose another one or compete vigorously for that role.

There are different levels of competing where perhaps even “non competitive” behaviour is also a role which attracts certain recognitions in life.

Competitive behaviours can be described as “hard-wired” and creative factors in personality. The way in which we compete also reflects an experiential journey of ones individual development in contrast to ones family dynamics.


I am important

A well used cliché that describes our primary hunger for recognitions is known as “strokes”. I am not sure whether there is a better term to describe the way we seek to fulfil our basic hungers in life. Eric Berne used the word “strokes” and defined three basic hungers in life.

stimulus Hunger – A need for physical emotional and intellectual contact with others

Recognition Hunger – A need to have ones existence as an individual recognised

Structure Hunger – A need to structure ones time in order to meet the need for strokes


Look at me


Look at my winnings

A planet or sign on one of the angles and especially the Mid Heaven angle describes a trend towards particular strokes in a natal chart. The Moon of course is the “primary sponge” for strokes in personality. She soaks up anything that appears to be a stroke. The Moon doesnt seem to be able to discern between warm fuzzie strokes or prickly strokes. The Moon describes the early need for strokes and why a person may accept or reject positive strokes.

Love me

Get positive strokes today – they are free if you know where to get them and can recognise them.



2 Responses to “Competition”

  1. 1 Mrk Cooper December 30, 2009 at 18:34

    Thc for the post. I think I might have a competitive overdose in my natal chart. I am a rather agrresive tem player.

  2. 2 kingsley December 30, 2009 at 18:40

    Sounds like you enjoy the fast lane Mrk Cooper?


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