The 2004 discovery of methane gas on Mars means that there is either life on Mars or that volcanic activity continues to generate heat below the martian surface. Scientists originally thought that heat and chemical reactions were causing methane gas to build up on Mars. Scientists have now ruled out the theory that Meteorites originally brought methane gas to Mars.


External Causation?

According to scientists; “Mars’s atmosphere are too low to maintain the current atmospheric levels of methane. Previous studies have also ruled out the possibility that the methane is delivered through volcanic activity.

This leaves only two plausible theories to explain the gas’s presence, according to the researchers behind today’s findings. Either there are microorganisms living in the Martian soil that are producing methane gas as a by-product of their metabolic processes, or methane is being produced as a by-product of reactions between volcanic rock and water”.

Luckily the methane gas build up on mars is reduced after a few hundred years because of a reaction to the Sun’s rays.

From our perspective here on Earth, Mars seems to be a hostile planet indeed. Our scientists are still discovering inexplicable properties and chemical reactions on Mars.


Core Issues

In my mind there are similarities to the gaseous build up on Mars with some of the psychological and neurological issues of anger in personality. In Astrology and metaphysical studies the planet Mars is symbolically attributed to war, aggression, and anger.


The God of War

Anger is simply an emotion that if repressed, will eventually erupt like a volcano becoming active would.

The practice of Astrology is based on an early understanding where the planets and the Sun were all considered to revolve around the earth. This is called a Geocentric perspective. In this manner astronomers and astrologers from previous centuries viewed Mars from an Earthly perspective. Of course we all know now that the earth and all the planets revolve around the Sun or in a Heliocentric manner.

Mars viewed from geocentric position is therefore an “outside influence'” to our world and we notice the reddish colour twinkling in the sky at night.  The confusion surrounding the gaseous build up of methane gas on Mars is similar to the confusion in understanding anger sometimes.

If one was able to live on Mars or at least send a probe there perhaps we would learn more about its unique properties? Similarly if we were able to view Anger from a different position I guarantee that our own psychological workings would also become better understood.


When working with anger its helps to have a Mars Centric view

Working within the angry world of clients means that its best to think like a Martian or be “Mars Centric”.

I have only been scared of anger on two occasions working with clients in therapy. One such occasion was when a client held a knife against his chest in my office. He allowed me to call the police and eventually the police tazared him and carted him off to hospital. Another time was recently where a man who was severely agitated rocked back and forth in his chair for nearly all of the session.

When I was able to view his world from a “Mars Centric” view; that is, to feel ok about being in his world, he stopped rocking in the chair.

Sometimes it helps to “live on” Mars or to express anger without being viewed as red, ugly or socially incorrect. If we deny Mars in our world then anger separates in our emotional makeup and becomes difficult to deal with.


Travel to Mars safely

Mars or anger does exist in our universe so there is no reason to feel alienated or separate from this emotion.



6 Responses to “Mars-Centric”

  1. 1 frite February 25, 2011 at 02:42

    I have gotten to know my Mars-influenced chart just recently, and I do feel good about it. Mars is important! even for women obviously. what would you say uranus-lilith conjunct, square mars is about? Ive got positive aspects to my sun. I am a very strong woman and I feel very well connected to both Lilith and Uranus, I am naturally self-expressive and have got very deep intuition/a good an close relationship with my primitive feminine Lilith power or whatever. except for my longing of merging with the people I get to know. I have no problems in my atttitude towards men and feel equal to them, but not above them. 😀 I do sometimes have it difficult to be practical but Im not irrational. I have a lot of drive, does not always put it into action. thats what I can get from it myself.

  2. 2 frite February 25, 2011 at 02:49

    ..and I do feel that my chart is a conflict of receptive vulnerability (moon-chiron most elevated planet, making aspects to venus neptune in 12th) and primitive drive (sun-mars-jupiter-pluto stellium, mars square uranus-lilith)

  3. 3 kingsley February 27, 2011 at 06:54

    I like the way you describe your experience of the planets in your chart frite. You seem to describe the potential vulnerable areas and reactive areas in your comments. It would be hard not to be “expressive” with Mars sq Uranus/Lilith Frite,however in my experience Moon/Chiron learns or prefers to avoid the fallout, in conflict and separations. What does one do? To be oneself and express self accordingly but then suffer rejections as a result requires finding a working relationship with Lilith. The creative possibilities are exciting thinking about these aspects.

  4. 4 bob April 18, 2011 at 21:27

    i need distinctive features about mars now!

  5. 5 kingsley April 19, 2011 at 08:56

    I am not sure what that means Bob? Do you need to know about how Mars works?

  6. 6 mackenzie May 16, 2011 at 06:25

    WEll having sex is good

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