Christmas Lights

The week before Christmas is traditionally a busy time with many people preparing for their family get togethers and other holiday activities. The Astrology for Christmas 2009 certainly reflects this busy period leading up to and including Christmas Day. Luckily the Sun is always in Capricorn for this festive period.

I can remember many previous Christmas periods where I would avoid the very stressful time leading up to Christmas. This year all my shopping done and I intend working right up to Christmas eve.


Christmas time is an energy burner

The Astrology for the week before Christmas shows Mars going retrograde in motion and Mercury all but Stationary retrograde on Christmas day. I am hesitant to make quips about Murphy’s Law for this Christmas however there does seem to be a market for fear and loathing kinds of astrology.

Traditionally Mercury retrograde represents transport and communication issues going haywire. There are usually disruptions for many people travelling during the christmas period however this years Astrology implies “more so”. The pre christmas period also seems like an opportune time for striking workers to place more pressure on the powers to be. Already we have seen British Airways staff attempting a pre christmas strike and Victorian postal workers have been disruptive leading up to Christmas.

I would imagine there will be more than the usual christmas gift “returns” for retail outlets this year with mercury retrograde and Venus changing signs. On a global level Mercury and Mars retrograde could reflect such incidences such as the Euro Rail troubles this week where four trains broke down in the tunnel between France and England. The Copenhagen discussions about Climate change also appears to be a false start.


Because its a busy time more things can go wrong

There is an important change of sign for Venus on the northern hemisphere Christmas day. When Venus changes signs it can represent how relationships and finances make adjustments.

The Sun will conjunct Pluto on Christmas Day (Australia) while squaring Saturn. In fact earlier in the day the Moon forms a T square with Pluto Sun and Saturn. We have all been embedded in the Saturn Pluto emphasis recently. In my view many people wish for a happy and memorable christmas day no matter what else is going on in life. Perhaps by being strong and controlling emotions during this christmas is one way of coping with family of origin issues?



Last years Christmas astrology showed a similar stressful build up with the Sun Pluto Mars combination.

In 2007 there was a Sun Pluto and Jupiter conjunction.

Christmas 2006 showed Mercury Pluto trine Saturn and in 2005 Venus was conjunct Chiron with Mars square Saturn.

There is nothing new about the stressful time preceding and including Christmas day. The Astrology and the lights in the sky would need to reflect such a busy time of year. I hope that the lead up to Christmas this week is a productive and manageable one.



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