War of Adjustments

I am enjoying the re runs of a television series called Band of Brothers. Band of Brothers is about Easy Company and the 101st Airborne Paratroopers in the second world war. In this graphic and chilling story of war, the soldiers face personal battles adjusting to extremes.

I think that most Astrologers would prefer if the current Saturn Pluto square would go away to leave us in peace however some have rightly stated “its not over yet”.


Easy Company

There was an intriguing scene in this tv series where Easy Company had returned home from enemy lines for a much needed break. Before the soldiers could settle into their time away from war they were ordered to another mission. With all leave cancelled Easy Company faced a difficult task of adjusting to fighting again. Digging deeply for that instinctive survival process reminded me of the Saturn Pluto square and adjusting to ones environments.

Saturn does go retrograde and meets with Pluto again in late January however more importantly the Mars retrograde before Christmas represents a different kind of battle.

The Generals and Commanders of the cosmos symbolise the reality that binds us to the idea of adjusting. Working within the guidelines can bring wonderful personal changes that may have otherwise not been possible. Let me tell you its not easy. Easy Company had the most difficult “behind enemy lines” kind of battles because they are trained to do so. But there is another “war” for soldiers to face when they return home from battle.

Perhaps the fear of war and death motivates ones instinctive survival patterns but what about when there are no battles to fight? The adjustment required for the returning soldier is also a fearful process where letting go is necessary.


Letting go

With Christmas around the corner we all “return home” and reflect on life. Retrograde Mars represents different “battle lines” in our personal ambitions. Retrograde Mars is about looking back on previous encounters with a view to making adjustments. Within the framework and structure of Saturn Pluto there are limited choices available at the moment. One choice is to move forward which means letting go of the old fight. Sometimes the fates are about “necessity” and moving on becomes the survival priority.



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