Social Engineers Wrong

Today Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says sorry to the “Lost Generation”. Many children of migrant families in the 1950’s were separated from siblings and families many of whom ended up in abusive care programs. The Saturn Pluto square exact yesterday represents the social conscience and the bureaucrats who engineered such conditions for migrants between 1950’s and 70’s. The news story can be found here.

migrantWelcome to Boys Town

British Prime Minister and President Obama will also apologise to British migrant families this week to facilitate a healing stage for millions of migrants. Saturn and Pluto are the very bureaucratic planets conjunct in Leo in 1947 and preceding the strategies for Migrant and other social engineering policies. The most recent conjunction of Saturn Pluto was in 1982 in Libra.

On the exact degree of the closing square to the previous conjunction of 1982, apologies from different governments finally emerge. Saturn in libra represents our social conscience while Pluto in Capricorn represents powerful Governmental transformations. The social engineers today have decided that it is better for our society if they apologise to the british migrant families of yesterday.



English Boat People

One wonders what the social engineers are getting wrong now days? Who will we be apologising to in the next fifty years. Saturn and Pluto will conjunct again in 2020 in Capricorn. Perhaps the current dilemma with refugees and the different kind of “boat generation” are being mistreated too?


Maverick Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey has lit a match under the nations explosive border protection debate, claiming that unlawful boats on their way to Australia could have terrorists on board.



The new boat people and new abusive patterns starting

oceanic-vikingFloating Our Refuge Issues

If it takes fifty years for a social conscience to slow down to receive an apology then what can we do about the current refuge situation. We can put it in the too hard basket (Saturn Pluto)?  We could send our social engineers to workshops on Predicting Trends.



2 Responses to “Social Engineers Wrong”

  1. 1 Funkstar November 22, 2009 at 14:45

    Is this a coincidence that we, the UK and the USA are doing this all at the same time?

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