Scapist Goatism

All the astrological signs are represented by animal symbols. The sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is represented by the symbol of the Goat. The qualities of the Capricorn sign do not however include the idea of “the scape goat”. Saturn is squaring off with Pluto which means there is a bit of push and shove over territorial rights.

The scape goat person tends to be expendable in the outcome of a dispute about territory. The scape goat will invariably end up on the “outside” while another person attempts to consolidate their own position.

TheVictim Scapist Goatism

The social and political psychological games in Scapist Goatism usually involves a stage set for drama. No one really knows they are players in the “game” until there is an uncomfortable outcome.

The usual suspects in a good drama include the Victim, the Rescuer and the Persecutor. The Drama Triangle concept devised by Steve Karpman shows how co dependant issues play out in social interactions. The goal of the Victim is to enlist as many rescuers to support their “hard done by” position in life. The Victim needs a Persecutor in the system so that rescuers can align themselves with the Victim’s perceived persecution.


Unfortunately in the outcome of Scapist Goatism the Persecutor ends up as the Victim in the Drama Triangle and the Scape Goat. The co dependant person and all the enablers switch their roles to Persecutor by blaming the Persecutor for the Victims unfair position in life. There is much to and fro on behalf of the Victim setting up the stage to claim “victory”.  Perhaps its about the victim’s anger or their scare of being on their own. The victim wishes to find ways to maintain their reliance on others and avoid dealing directly with their issues.

Co dependency issues usually involve Venus and Neptune. Moon/Neptune represents the Victim while Saturn is the likely Persecutor. The Rescuer is someone in the helping field who supports an altruistic and egoic investment.  The rescuer is represented by a dysfunctional Sun in the astrology because their belief about self involves a care taking identity versus working out their own issues. Perhaps the rescuer is Sun/Neptune?

Pluto represents the psychological displacement and projection in such dramatic social games. PLuto the god of the underworld has a special hat that renders him invisible. Pluto represents the unconscious nature in which the players get drawn into the Drama Triangle.

The current aspect of Saturn square Pluto will undoubtably raise social and political games designed for maintaining ones territory. One could say that the psychological “drama” is just a coping mechanism – a defensive pattern when a challenge to ones position is perceived.

In Scapist Goatism the outcomes are all pretty crappy. Nobody really wins anything. If there is an initial feeling of relief for the victim after a game of Scapist Goatism it is usually short-lived. Eventually they revert back to same old the belief patterns which supports co dependency.



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