Reality Check

Recently I was in the Australian Capital Territory and the city of Canberra. Canberra is a unique place filled with a plethora of bureaucratic buildings including Australia’s Parliament House.

Parliament House overlooks the body of its many departmental buildings in a “paternal” and authoritative manner. I experienced a reality check while in Canberra which was insightful to understanding the approaching Saturn Pluto aspect.


Parliament House (C)Kingsley

Political clouds brewing between Saturn and Pluto

Although politics refers to the “behaviour within civil government”, politics has been observed in all human group interactions, including corporate, academic and religious institutions. It consists of “social relations involving authority or power” and refers to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy”.

Social politics involves our relationships to various groups or individuals. What about psychic politics and the intrapsychic relationship between various parts of personality? When two or more parts of personality engage in debate there is an internal psyche interaction. This internal speak is constantly occurring on structural levels in personality. When the conscious or subconscious psychic chatter becomes uncomfortable then a form of Cognitive Dissonance is occurring.

Saturn denotes the structural elements in our conscious psyche workings. Saturn defines our internal and external limits. Saturn represents the authoritative or parental part of personality pointing to the reality of matters.

Pluto represents the sub conscious workings of the internal structural  system. Pluto can also represent the way control and transformative elements work in the psyche. When Saturn and Pluto square off, our social – political experiences can also trigger off internal reality checks. Parts of the sub conscious mind attempt to emerge into awareness. Pluto however can either help or deny (control) the level of reality or awareness.



The Subconscious and Structural World     (C) Kingsley

Whether ones intra psyche communication allows such a reality check to occur depends on the hierarchical system and the outcome of the cognitive dissonance. The Saturn square Pluto aspect usually results with some form of reality check “ready or not”. The struggle and political element is a kind of coercion for order and structure to the subconscious world.

Pluto is a powerful match for Saturn. The square aspect may result with either transformation through awareness or denial of ones reality.

The authoritative element in the psyche may be a laconic statement involved in the cognitive dissonance and attempting to coerce the system into a familiar belief structure such as “I am dumb”. The power within in the person may comply or argue against such a belief pattern though.

The idea of the Saturn square Pluto aspect relates to the stress of internal politicking and the potential realisation of such negative beliefs. They say that awareness is the first step towards transformation. People with Saturn Pluto aspects in their natal chart will acquiesce with this square aspect while others may not. There is always something to learn with Saturn.

Make of what you will with any reality checks coming your way.



3 Responses to “Reality Check”

  1. 1 roses October 30, 2009 at 10:29

    Yes. I’ve just begun the process of withdrawing from both of my Uni subjects. ‘Reality check’. Just too much stuff going on and I want to survive this ‘stuff’ to continue my studies next semester or the one after.

    What is most upsetting about the subject withdrawal… I’ve been receiving really good grades!

    ‘Reality Check’ – study is only posponed for a time. End of these subjects (for now) does not mean the end of everything.

    Really relavent post K. Thanks for that

  2. 2 kingsley October 30, 2009 at 11:17

    Welcome back Roses. I like your second last sentence.


  3. 3 Amawayamarymn November 26, 2009 at 04:40

    Various of people talk about this subject but you said some true words.

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