Right Place Wrong Time?

The ingress of Saturn in the sign of Libra brings balance and justice to relationships. Saturn through the signs represents the one thing we can problem solve in our lives. Saturn is also about timing. Saturn in  Libra can invariably mean good timing for lessons and rewards in life. The ingress of Saturn into Libra meets head on with Pluto.  It would seem that Saturn is in the right place at the wrong time.


Saturn The Rock

Saturn is Exhalted in Libra which allows the Dignity for praise and respect. The ingress chart for Saturn in Libra shows Venus in her sign of Libra. Saturn is placed very well indeed. Saturn represents graciousness, honour and social justice in Libra. As Saturn crosses the precipice into Libra, Pluto hijacks Saturn with a political issue. The square aspect brings changing structures to relationships. Our work place relationships and committment issues.


Saturn Libra Ingress

Saturn in the right place at the right time! 29 – 30th October

The ingress chart shows the Sun in Scorpio square Mars in Leo. One would think that personality issues are the order of the day however the Sun and Mars have Mutual Reception by rulership. The challenge and frustration of the square aspect in this case means overcoming hurdles successfully. The Sun in Scorpio wants to transform things at this time while Mars in Leo supplies the courage. The reception between them means they will do it.

Meanwhile back to my statement about Saturn being in the right place but the wrong time. The square aspect to Pluto represents the transformative process to our various committed relationships. The political atmosphere of change means that coercion is opperating within our attachments. This could simply mean an age difference or inappropriate working relationships create issues.

The timing is right in this instant and it seems that any problems will resolve respectfully and justly. Saturn is the rock of reliability in Libra and the call is for honour and respect. Of course if I was writing about finances and politics the Saturn Ingress would mean “smiling to our supporters whilst someone is twisting our arm”.



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