The current astrological patterns show good indications for friendship and social networking. Natal Astrology work has a sector for friendship called the Eleventh House, however the planets themselves can be “friends or foes” according to the receptions between them. The Mutual Receptions between the planets in our current transit charts are indicating social networking and good friendships.



Mutual Receptions

The mutual reception involves planetary dignities where planets are either in each others Sign, Exaltation, Triplicity or Terms. The planets are said to have a greater “reception” if they are also in aspect to each other.

The Astrology for the next week suggests that we are able to consolidate our friendships and associations. Business partnerships are especially highlighted. The technical details for the current mutual receptions are as follows.

Mercury and Venus

Saturn and Mercury

Mars and Saturn

Venus is conjunct Saturn in the next few days and Mercury links a network between Venus and Saturn.

Saturn adds Mars to the network which is reinforced by the favourable aspect between Mars and Venus/Saturn. Venus and Mars are generic friends and even stronger when in aspect. While there are beneficial “planetary relationships” in the sky it makes sense that the astrology also reflects favourable times for our social and business linking.


Linking the pieces – takes two or more

Soon enough the window of opportunity for networking will change again according to the Astrology.  It’s not that our friendships will change however at the moment it is a good astrological time to combine our associations for some reason.

Saturn will eventually move graciously into Libra and begin to square PLuto in Capricorn. The tensions created by this future and “political” combination will surely benefit from the “linkings” we create now.



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