Individuation and Uranus

The opposition of Saturn and Uranus can be symbolic of negativistic stages in our relationships and within our community. It seems that experiencing growing pains is the order of the day.

Recently I have received a number of inquiries about anger management work with teenagers and children. Astrology transits such as the Saturn and Uranus opposition can reflect the difficult growing pains teenagers experience. It is the teenagers job to individuate from an “authority” in their lives to become “oneself”.


It’s hard for Teenagers and Parents to let go

Many young people reconcile this difficult stage by taking more responsibility in their life. To go through this timely separation process the teenager pushes against parents, teachers and sometimes the legal system. The teenager is either angry they are still dependant on mother or angry that they don’t know how to separate yet. Something must give in these situations and outcomes can be surprising with Uranus.

Usually the Saturn Cycle denotes our personal developmental stages through life. The Saturn opposition (Transiting Saturn opposing Natal Saturn) around the ages of fourteen years sees an increase in negativistic behaviours. The child is attempting to separate psychologically and to individuate from his authoritative objects.


Teenagers get sick of doing things someone else’s way

The Saturn and Uranus opposition transiting in the sky today is also emphasising the need for individuation from an authority “object”. This aspect will filter down into our personal relationships creating friction. How can one be truly unique if someone else is explaining how “to be unique”? The separation process is an individual experience in relation to the other.

The need for change quickens this week. Uranus the planet of separation is conflicting with Sun and Saturn. Uranus wants to split things up. Uranus cant wait any longer, something must “give”.

So my phone is ringing with concerned parents desperate to know what to do with their children. Some teenagers have gone to counselling for years and others are just starting to act out. It’s best if Teenagers take their own time to grow but that doesnt always fit in with schedules.

I know that its difficult for Parents to do less for their children in times of need; however if what parents are doing to help their children isnt working anymore then why continue that path?

Sometimes Parents need as much help as their Children during these times of extraordinary growth.



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