Restoring Status Quo

Earlier in Perth this year the justice system seemed to fail in its ruling against an assault charge involving the McLeod family. Constable Mathew Butcher was left permanently paralysed after a vicious flying head butt during a brawl outside the Joondalup Tavern. Mathew Butcher has many supporters which is evident on his Facebook page.

Mathew ButcherStatus Quo gone wrong

Around the 11th March 2009 when the court ruling was made in favour of the McLeod’s there was a planetary configuration involving Sun Uranus opposite Saturn. The climactic full moon period was also involved with the planets at the time. There was an uproar amongst the police and communities alike as the McLeod’s walked to freedom.

Next week around the 19th September the very same grouping of planets “face off” in a different way. This time the Sun is conjunct Saturn and both are opposite to Uranus. The planetary combination next week seems to be a reversal to the one earlier this year. Instead of the Full Moon lunation in the March chart there is a New Moon phase co joining Sun and Saturn.

Does this mean that our life scenarios will manifest in the opposite manner to that of Mathew Butcher’s case?

It does seem like an extraordinary astrological pattern repeating in time. Astrologers do well to recognise re occurring patterns over time and to make sense of them somehow.

Breakin Status QuoThe Crisis of Saturn opposite Uranus  March 2009

The planet Saturn represents tradition and the rules that govern communities. Uranus is the planet of opposition which sometimes represents a call to express individuation in the world. Uranus can turn things around for better or worse. Uranus can be quite rebellious when Saturn is involved.

Recently in Australia it seems that the Horse Racing industry is being turned on its head. Jockey’s have united in opposition to the ruling against using whips during races. The jockey’s went on strike earlier this week throwing a multi billion dollar industry into chaos right before the spring carnival.


Inflexible stand off between Jockeys and Racing Board

One could also say that there is an inflexible stand off between the Australian Government and the Opposition party here in Australia. The Government has the potential trigger for a double dissolution after the Liberal Party voted another bill down. This could very well be disastrous for Australians because the last thing they need is to go to the polls at the moment.

So the New Moon chart for the 19th September shows the Sun and Saturn as the ” authoritative party” which is at odds with Uranus the “separative system”.

New Moon SaturnSame Planets different positions

One could say that the recent changes to laws regarding the bashing of police officers will be enough of a deterrent to stop scenario’s such as the one Matthew Butcher found himself in. Mandatory gaol sentences to anyone assaulting a police officer”.

Do the Jockeys of Australia really think they can hold the Racing Industry to ransom? Do the Government and Liberal Party really know what they are doing? Is bloody mindedness a disguise for anger management work?


Malcolm Turnbull

The New Moon represents how new projects and unfolding scenarios emerge into our sphere of operation. The new energy for next month relates to the Saturn and Uranus opposition. The ongoing themes of “breaking the bounds of traditions” will continue. Perhaps novel ways of using the system will see new projects going forward this time?

Normally, Saturn would delay the New Moon energy or perhaps limit what can be achieved at the present. Perhaps a long term project can start now. It would seem that tradition and the ruling authority would have the upper hand this time. However when Uranus is involved anything goes.

Expect delays and the reorganising of well laid plans next week. Expect the unexpected and to go with spontaneous opportunities. If you side with the rule breakers and challenge authority you can expect surprising outcomes this time.



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  1. 1 Jo Tracey September 12, 2009 at 19:36

    Good post. Just discovered this, off now to read about Ben Cousins 🙂

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