Mr Dynamite

Many years ago I quite enjoyed playing Iggy Pop albums in my city basement studio. My photographic studio was located in King Street, the central city and hub for the fashion industry. Outside the city noises and bustling pedestrians seemed a world away from my deep dark basement studio which thumped with music all day long.

My favourite song by Iggy seemed to be about a photographer. Perhaps the song was about the paparazzi? Iggy Pop was much deeper than that. I expect his song Mr Dynamite is about wrestling with the duality of being loved or hated.

Perhaps Iggy Pop explored his darkest Lilith and “Demon” creatively through his music. Black Moon Lilith certainly represents the two “Rs” in Rock n Roll.

iggypop1Iggy Pop

Mr Dynamite by Iggy POp

They call me Mr Dynamite

I blow things up in black and white

An end to your charade

A button I have made must be pushed


There is no reason for the sky

When I am on fire with your lies

So if I win this fight

They will call me Mr. Dynamite


So here we both stand you and I

We are face to face but eye to eye

Tomorrow you may change

I may be the train my friend


Oh Mommy, mommy, mommy

Do you remember Mr Dynamite?

You know that guy right down the street

He blew things up in black and white


Yesterday he changed

Today he is betrayed

He is on the ground

The neighbours gather ‘round


Poor Mr Dynamite

Poor Mr Dynamite

Oh no, I’d have mercy and pity on

Poor Mr Dynamite

Hey where are you now Mr Dynamite

Are you in heaven?

Hey where are you now Mr Dynamite

Are you in heaven?

If you are in hell don’t tell




3 Responses to “Mr Dynamite”

  1. 1 Desiree June 4, 2010 at 02:16

    This is the Best Picture Ever.

  2. 2 Tony M. April 24, 2011 at 01:19

    This is what I think it was about: Approximately a year before this record was released; there was a show on “60 Minutes” about two men who worked for the military. They were assigned to launch nuclear missiles if asked (God Forbid). If one man was acting unstable or crazy, his partner was required to kill him on sight. I always liked this song, but never was able to find information about its meaning; it could be just nonsense.

  3. 3 kingsley April 24, 2011 at 10:03

    Yes Tony, it could be just nonsense. A dream or some such other “Iggy moment”

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