Performance Review

The Sun has moved into Virgo recently. The sign of Virgo represents practical and solution based systems. To improve a particular “system” whether it be in accounting, management, health or voluntary work one must first analyze the current operating system. The Sun in Virgo can also represent a kind of psychological vacillation between sensing that we are doing well in our work and then thinking that we are under performing instead.

This week we have the arrival of Venus and South Node over the recent Eclipse degree of 29 Cancer. Mercury Mars and Pluto forms a cardinal T Square at in zero degrees. This creates a pattern involving two quincunx aspects. This week expect a performance review at work and a critique on ones abilities.

performance review

The System has Room for Improvements according to Virgo

In the following week there is a strong astrological emphasis for making difficult and practical considerations. The planets Mars and Pluto are formidable forces of both resistance and change. The opposition of these two planets can represent aggressive battles for control. There is an omnipotent pressure building in some pocket of life at the moment. The “battle” may turn out to be ones determination or will to remain resolute in situations. The planet Mercury forms the square aspect to these hard hitting planets on the 26th August 2009 (S. Hemisphere). Mercury is the planet of thinking and movement. What we say or think this week is very important in some way.

Verbal or cognitive control may be a case of saying “nothing” in situations, however with the Sun in Virgo there will be a tendency to be  drawn into making constructive and critical comments. How can we say things in a Venus kind of way this week? Venus is on the South Node and that solar eclipse degree of a couple of months ago. Lets hope that Venus can add a soothing influence to what seems to be a mind controlling experience this week.

mind_control1This is an exaggeration of controlling ones thoughts

The chart for around the 25th August Shows Mercury, Mars and Pluto at zero degrees. The following chart has had some planets removed to highlight the aspects between the planets involved.



Venus is the ruler of Mercury and “she” is forming a quincunx aspect to PLuto. The aspect between these two planets in my view involves a testing process in relationships. Mars is also forming a quincunx to the North Node and is presumably going to test the way we can be assertive in the same situation. Perhaps we can be assertive or just comply to the potential manipulation involved. It looks like a “stalemate” to me where potential energy is prime to cathect (pop). Cardinal planets are reknown for their active roles and Venus is reknown for her indecision.

There is another way to deal with what seems like a difficult energy this week. Pluto usually involves a psychological process involving projections and denials or transformation and transcendence. Pluto has the capability of making new decisions when faced with Mercury and Mars.  If you are “sick” of some situation going on in your head or home why not “deal with it” by making a redecision in life?

In psychotherapy this therapeutic style of work is called Redecision Work developed by Mary and Bob Goulding. The work involves dealing with an old and reoccurring blockages in life.  Sometimes the work involves the client becoming angry and often there are tears (regressions) too. Perhaps one decides to simply stop procrastinating? Feelings are involved on some level with redecision work however there can be a good feeling at the end of the work too. In my view its great to “move on” or drop ones anger. Why not let go of out dated systems which are not working now?

The performance review this week may be a self generated one. The performance review may be an inescapable critique that you find confronting. One thing for sure is that when the Sun comes around to Virgo, energy becomes available for improving practical based systems. The mix of Mercury, Mars and Pluto is a driven kind of force to focus on issues and to get things into shape.



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  1. 1 kingsley August 24, 2009 at 11:05

    Not to forget the midpoints during the next few days also. (Ebertin interpretations)

    Merc/Sat = Uranus “Sudden release from tension, quick departure, great inner tension”

    Venus/Sat = Nept “A cold heart,dissapointments in love, a sobering down”

    Nept/Pluto = Venus and South Node “wavering beteen the fanatical and mystical, a strange love, loyalty in spirit – to those who are not present.

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