Laying Down the Law

These days with so many rules and regulations its hard to know what to do and say in some situations. The nature and degree of political correctness in our society – raises the bar while increasing the potential for social failure.


Kung Fu Panda wants to get it right

I have heard some extraordinary stories describing a culture amongst teachers and headmaster who surreptitiously bully a particular student. The student in question tries hard to fit in with the rules and participate in class. Admittedly the boy has previous history for misbehaving however in my view he has done very well to rectify this over the year.

I can distinguish between fact and fiction with most children’s stories and sometimes realise that its more important to believe the child. Recently the boy’s mother confronted the school about the treatment her son is receiving from some teachers. I have also spoken to the Principal about one teacher who seemed to consistently change her story between her classroom and the principals office. The teacher singled out the boy once during lunch time – to instruct him to get lunch for her.


Something is fishy here

In more times than not a teacher finds a way to send the boy to the office and sometimes without reason. The boy is picked out of a group for apparently “doing something” even though it was another boy. If the teacher can only suspect the boy of being the culprit but gives him detention anyway it seems to me that they are making a potential criminal out of him. Of course the principal backs his teachers and sounds insulted after being quizzed about the irregularities.

Unfortunately the boy has become the focus of teachers anger and frustration. It seems like these teachers are wanting some pay back. Perhaps they are “hazing” the boy so that he eventually goes to another school?


Draconian Bullshit

Teachers are supposed to help aren’t they?  The situation has become so confusing for the boy that we are considering writing to the Education Department outlining our protest for a seemingly corrupt culture at the school. The situation reminds me of the Irish redress board and how the Nuns abused their charges whilst thinking it was appropriate discipline for the children. The school really needs to be shut down or at least a change of principal seeing as though the responsibility for fairness lays with him.

On another note about laying down the law it was a surprise to hear about a judge’s direction to a young offender. The judge set bail conditions that the boy must shower, not swear and go to school. I have never heard of a young offender sent back to jail after breaking his bail conditions for swearing or not showering. Crickey moses!


The Hanging Judge



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