Lilith Edits

Mythological Lilith – Symbolism and Descriptions

The following excerpts on Lilith have been gleaned from various writers and web pages. There is a new section below on the psychological Lilth or Demon Sub Personality. I have also updated my various blogs about Lilith here. This page is always being updated and you will find it at the top of my blog “Lilith Edits”


Lillith is found in the Inanna (Sumerian goddess) story “The Hallupu Tree” found in the book “Inanna, Queen of heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer” By Diane Wolkstein, and Samuel Noah Kraemer, published by Harper and Row Publishers 1983. Here Lillith is seen as “the dark maid” who “built her home in the trunk& of Inanna’s Hallupu tree. When Inanna’s brother, Gilgamesh (according to this story) drove Lillith out of the tree she “fled to the wild, uninhabited places.”

The word “lillith” means demon-wind, which could either be a dust devil, or an all-out hurricane at the time the clay tablet was written, around 2000 BC if not earlier.

Lilith being called unfaithful, a “whore” etc. comes from the traditional Jewish legend writing Haggadah (2nd cent bc) that says that the first wife of Adam was made of the same earth he was taken from, because of this she demanded equal rights, Adam did not agree, she fled, having her own children (in what manner we are not told) , upon this Adam approached God saying that the woman he had made him had fled.

God sent 7 angels to bring her back, she refused, upon which a curse came over her where she would loose some of her children to death every day, upon this, we are told, she returns to civilisation to have her revenge, where she kills the one-day old girl babies and three-day old boy babies bore from a human woman.

Because of this, the reader are instructed to use 7 medallions with the Hebrew names of these 7 angels (they are not mentioned in the Haggadah excerpts i have read, perhaps for obvious reasons so to not condone primitive magic).


1) Lilith was not a woman, but a hermaphrodite; as was Adam before Eve’s creation. Admittedly, this is the Kabbalistic understanding of things, but Lilith is generally considered an aspect of the Kabbalah (among Jews).

2) She was made from air and fire, and Adam from earth and divine breath. Some legends indicate that she was made from sterile soil and night wind.

3) According to about half of the tellings of the story, Lilith insisted on exclusive dominance, and when this was refused she lost her temper and

4) The succubus aspects of Lilith are fairly downplayed in Jewish/Hebrew culture as far as we can tell. She primarily was the smotherer of newborns, secondarily the killer of wives, and tertiarily (?) the wasting seducer of young men. This is supported by the proliferation of amulets protecting children and women from Lilith, few if any have been found to protect adult males. It is the children of Lilith who sometimes are succubi and incubi, not usually Lilith herself.

5) Depictions of Lilth on these amulets, when they appear at all, show an insect headed creature covered with hair or spines, a flipper for a tail, and a pair of tentacles for arms. It’s hard to be sure, these were carved crudely onto cheap silver with a heated knife.

6) The three angels were not sent to entrap Lilith, but to inform her of God’s command.

According to a number of sources, among them _The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets_,

Lilith means “screech owl” in Hebrew. She was the goddess of rage, alienation, stillbirths, abortions; and her devotees gave us fingernail/toenail polish. She was Adam’s first wife, and left him rather than suffer the indignity of being on the bottom during intercourse. She flew to an island where she copulated with demons, and gave birth to 100 children a day.

Lilith does appear in the Bible once (Isaiah 34:14). This hebrew word _lilith_ is translated in most English Bibles as”owl”. She is seen in this passage in the negative light, in line with the usual patriarchal/rabbinical attitude.

(Taken from “Fallen Angels and Spirits of the Dark, by Robert Masello.”

Lilith searched for men who were sleeping alone, then seduced them and sucked their blood.  She was also a great danger to . . . any boy under the age of eight, or any girl less than 20 days old.  To protect them,parents were advised to draw a charcoal circle on the wall of the room, and write inside of it “Adam and Eve, barring Lilith.”  On the door they were supposed to write three names ï “Sanvi, Sansanvi, Semangelaf”.

Lilith was originally a Sumerian storm demon, part of a group of vampires, but was adapted to the Hebrew mythology as Adam’s first wife. They had disagreements (of sexual nature), and she gave birth to the demon subclass of the succubi and incubi (sing. succubus & incubus).——-

Identified in post biblical Judaism as a female demon who seduces men and kills unsuspecting children.  Lilith (Heb., Lilit) also became identified as Adam’s first wife, created from dust to be her husband’s equal. As the name of a demon, _Lilit_ is etymologically related to the Sumerian _lil_ (“wind”) and not, as some once supposed, to the Hebrew laylah (“night”).

Yet like the Sumerian wind demon and her later Babylonian counterpart, Lilitu, a succuba who seduces men in their sleep, Lilith is active at night seizing men and forcing them to copulate with her. Although as child slayer Lilith bears greatest resemblance to the Babylonian demon Lamashtu, Lamashtu eventually became confused in the popular imagination with the succuba Lilitu.

Actually, when she fled the Garden, God sent three angels to bring her back. She did not want to go back, so the Angels KILLED 100 of her children per day. This accounts for the fact that she kill/steals children in their sleep.

During the first weeks of their birth, children could be killed by Lilith. (Explanation for cradle death).  Only an amulet with the names of the three angels, adam, and eve, combined with a spell, could keep her away. These amulets are still on display in some museums.

She also seduced men in their sleep, forcing them into sex. She needed the semen to give birth to more demons. This is how they explained the male wet dream. In the bible, she is referred to as Night Demon or Night Rider in Isaiah 37. ( I am not exactly sure, don’t have my reference on me) In later myths, she became the wife of Lucifer. She also has ties with the Greek Lamia.

Lilith  Bibliography

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Psychological parallels  Lilith

“The Demon Sub Personality” paper in Tony White’s Treatment of Character 1986 (Psychologist – Psychotherapist).  Omega Distributors 136 Loftus St Leederville 6007 Perth Western Australia.


To see the whole article go to

Click on the first page of the article then press “full screen” and then hit the F11 key and you should be able to read and toggle through the pages ok.

Tony White’s Blog   

The Demon Sub Personality is a paper exploring some of  Eric Berne’s early work. Tony White further investigates the Demon Ego state with very good case studies, analysis and information regarding the treatment of the Demon part in personality.

Eric Berne states:


Tony White Writes on the Demon:


Astrological Lilith’s


Lilith the Asteroid, Dark Moon Lilith and Black Moon Lilith all have the underlying Lilith qualities however they are different aspects of the same thing. Some interesting and reputable websites on Astrological Lilith’s are; (Black Moon Lilith) Dark Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith Blogs by Kingsley

Black Moon lilithium

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Two Black Moon Liliths

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Lilith’s Creative Side



10 Responses to “Lilith Edits”

  1. 1 Graffiti August 10, 2009 at 19:49

    Good article my friend. It is interesting to see Lillith and the demon being presented side by side. You certainly seem to know your stuff Kingsley

  2. 2 Funkstar August 11, 2009 at 10:36

    Great to see your update Kingsley. Now all of your information is in one easily accessible place. A lot of the mythlogy for astrology comes from the ancient Greeks but as far as I know they did not mention Lilith. I was thinking that Hekate may be similar, or even Medusa. Do you think it is correct to associate Lilith with the fixed star Algol?

  3. 3 kingsley August 11, 2009 at 11:20

    Hello Funkstar

    Lilith does seem to have some likeness with Algol however Medusa was more about turning men into stone with her power. Until that is, when Perseus cut her head off. Lilith is largely associated to babies and the storm wind kind of rage involving deeper levels of pain and revenge etc. Algol can be about the bravery of experiencing Medussa at close quarters – hopefully to live and tell the tale.

    Perhaps the Black Moon Lilith is the dark side of the Lilith archetype – that is, Lilith on the psychoanalyst’s couch. It seems like a good idea to explore her sub conscious realms and develop empathy for “her” however that doesnt necessarily mean she will change her ways.

    There is an element of ruthless individualism with the basic Lilith archetype and sometimes an experience with “her” can feel like ones head becomes severed like Medusa.


  4. 4 kingsley August 11, 2009 at 14:29

    Hello Grafitti, the parallels of Black Moon Lilith in personality with the Demon Sub Personality are extraordinary.

    Usually when a part of personality is split off for survival purposes it becomes repressed and not heard of or seen. However with regard to BML and the “Demon” in personality they both seems to hold an executive function in one way or other.

    I think in many cases – the Black Moon Lilith is representative of the “Demon of the parent or role model implanted into the Child Ego State”. The demon would have you believe that “she” is scary in your own mind.

    In Astrology there are several combinations where BML combines (by conjunction) with other planets or angles. Lilith in the natal chart is representative of ones potential introjection (inheritance) of ones parents Demon however there are other factors involved which may vary during the development of personality.

    Its a little bit disconcerting when the Lilith voice emerges – the person can think they have done something wrong or that they are “bad” afterwards much like you have described the “Demon” article.

    The Demon Sub Personality can be quite authoratitive sometimes and sounds like its coming from the parent in the Parent part or even the the parent’s “child in the Parent ego state”. It seems that the Demon also resides or attached to a persons Child Ego state as you have diagrammed so well Grafitti.

    I would like to see a different diagram showing the how the Demon Sub Personality seems to cathect thoughout the ego states – with an executive like function.

    Thanks for your comment


  5. 5 kingsley August 18, 2009 at 12:45

    Funkstar, recently a person I have come into contact with seemed to be exhibiting an intense Black Moon Lilith type of expression – the Demon Sub Personality. Usually Lilith is more vocal and “gamey” however this person was quiet and in control. There has been mental illness in the mans family with one parent suiciding some years ago.

    I was interested to see where BML was located in his chart. Without a time of birth the chart can show BML with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Low and behold the man has Mars conjunct the fixed star Algol (Medusa) and the south node – exactly opposite PLuto. The Moon seems to be in range for a T square to Mars Pluto opposition.

    The configuration of Mars/South Node and Algol is a formidable anger (rage) issue let alone having Pluto in the mix. I wouldnt be surprised if the man self harms at some stage.

    He is on his way back to gaol it seems. Today transiting Neptune is square his Mars Pluto and probably conjunct his Moon. Perhaps I could have looked at the chart earlier? I make it a rule not to combine Astrology with my counselling work.


  6. 6 Funkstar August 18, 2009 at 18:54

    As soon as i read your comment about that man I thought of terrible event which hit my family early last week. It involves so much of what you touched on: Mental illness, Black Moon Lilith, Algol, Mars, Neptune, Pluto and suicide.

    My aunties husband was a schitzophrenic, she left him to go to a womens shelter. He poured petrol over himself and lit it, killing himself. Worst of all he did this in front of their 18 year old son.

    I don’t have the mans birthdate, but do have the boys. He has Sun on Algol sextile Mars (Algol being squared by Neptune now). He also has asteroid Lilith conjunct Mercury, trine Black Moon Lilith. Transiting Pluto is on his Black Moon Lilith now.

    Transiting Black Moon Lilith opposing his Mars, trining his Sun. Asteroid Lilith conjunct his Jupiter opposite Saturn.

    Very heavy I know but that is Algol.

  7. 7 kingsley August 19, 2009 at 08:53

    That is interesting Funkstar, sorry to hear about this devestating story.


  8. 8 kingsley August 19, 2009 at 14:30

    By the way I have Algol (medusa) near my natal ascendant – its just over 2 degrees away though. That with Moon/Lilith in Aquarius tends to reflect my interesting life.


  9. 9 Funkstar August 22, 2009 at 13:03

    I discovered something interesting about transiting Black Moon Lilith aspecting my chart. I have mercury with Venus, opposite Saturn. Transiting Lilith in my first house:

    squared Venus 05 August
    squared Saturn 12 August
    squared Mercury 17 August

    My recent comments on Lilith here were on 11, 18 and 19 August. Maybe this transit of Black Moon Lilith forced me to think more seriously about her.

  10. 10 kingsley August 24, 2009 at 10:49

    I am glad you are expressing Lilith intuitively along with the aspects Funkstar. I think I have prog Black Moon Lilith conjunct my Mc. Its been going back and forth over this point for a while now.

    Lilith transited my Moon a couple of weeks ago Funkstar (thats where she is natally in my chart). At a meeting when my blood sugar levels were in the basement, Lilith seemed to come out for better or worse. I was in front of clinical psychs and other counsellors. Oh well, one can only be human in situations. Sometimes these types of meetings are cerebally fixated and ego driven. No wonder Lilith had some expression!

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