Play It Again Sam

Over the last month there have been incidents at work where I could have sworn that “I have been there before”. The strong sense of Deja vu I have been experiencing seems more than just coincidence perhaps I am “over navel gazing”. I could swear that some of my recent clients have come before however this time they presented as new clients.



One could lose themselves navel gazing

Some of my recent clients have been accompanied by their psychologist mothers and clinical nurse relatives. These are highly trained individuals who initially sit in the sessions. In some ways I have felt tested recently. Strangely enough it was an ok experience.

Often I get bookings from people who I have seen years ago. I remember them well. I have a very good long term memory so when I experience a similar client who reminds me of someone years ago its hard not to have a navel gaze about it.

I don’t remember everyone I see in my office over the years especially the clients who come one time and don’t come back. It doesn’t worry me at all – I treat all new clients in the same way. I find it easy to ignore my “navel”  mostly. Well, that is until now.

The recent solar eclipse with the emphasis of the South Node could be one astrological reason for a merry go round of experiences lately. My navel gazing tells me that when the Sun and South node were conjunct – my deja vu experiences increased.


The South Node activates old patterns and old synchronicity

Some of the clients who seemed familiar to me were playing out the same old scenes in front of me. “I sensed being here before”. It was like getting a second chance with these “new” clients. Perhaps more importantly – I could change whatever didn’t work before in counselling. Slowing down the merry go round of past psychological patterning is not an easy thing to do. It seems to me that helping the client realise that there is a slow switch – an off switch – where they can eventually get off “this thing”.

Another ground hog day experience recently was with a person attempting to reinforce their old issues. In the past they have transferred them to me or someone else. Playing psychological games with the aim of one or more people ending in a bad place – somehow reassures the player its ok to play the game. “Its ok for me to be stuck”!.

If the person can achieve the same old result and play the game out with someone then it can give power and validation to remain on the pathological “go round”.  Counselling and therapy is designed to identify repetitive – south node patterning and to invite the person to get off it – if they want.

getting off

The Same old Same old

In natal astrology Planets conjunct the south node will identify the issues at hand. Some elements of patterning can be “karmic”. That is, if the ruler of the South Node is conjunct the North node the karmic ties are stronger in this lifetime. If the ruler of the North Node is conjunct the South Node, it means that this lifetime will be about the past and ones “old patterns”.

I know of many astrologers and therapists with difficult South Node placements. They have developed into very good therapists indeed.



2 Responses to “Play It Again Sam”

  1. 1 KazzaB July 30, 2009 at 20:58

    I used to get a lot of deja vu but not so much recently. It’s funny that it seems to happen in cycles like that. It’s a really weird feeling of “I’ve done this before/been here before”. At one stage it was happening almost daily. I have always felt that we dream our future perhaps but maybe astrologically there is a different explanation, like you were saying. It’s an interesting phenomenem. (sp?)


  2. 2 kingsley July 31, 2009 at 10:02

    Yes, sometimes I wonder whether I have dreamed the coincidence Kazza. Dreams do seem to fit with de javu experiences but our rational mind tends to dismiss most of it.


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