Mid Point Moment

Sometimes it is a good idea to check natal Midpoints against Eclipses and other astrological phenomena. Midpoints offer alternative dimensions to understanding natal chart interpretation. A Midpoint is simply the half way point between two planets. The midpoint between two planets may also be the same degree as a natal planet in your chart.


Two very different cities

Theoretically if you were an astrological planet and you stood at this midpoint in America you would be imbued with equal flavours of Los Angeles and Chicago. You would be resonating with the energy of two cities like a harmonic point on a guitar. Depending on which planet you are – standing at the midpoint, the planetary combination is interpreted accordingly.

An interesting transiting Midpoint today is Venus/PLuto = Uranus

Uranus is the planet at the mid way point between Venus and PLuto.  The descriptions of this combinations of planets is love at first sight, fanatic love and unusual experiences in love.



I do enjoy working with midpoints especially in the case where a birth time is not available. One can confirm natal chart aspects with midpoints – much like getting a second opinion. In simplistic techniques using direct midpoints and the 360 modulus one can determine when a planet will be “harmonized”.

Another interesting midpoint from today is the faster moving combination of Moon/Uranus = Mars. The interpretation for this combination of planets is “excessive ambition, the craving for sensation, lack of self control, a tendency to act rashly, acts of violence and injury”.

I have known a few people with the above combination in their natal charts. One of the behaviours I have noticed is a tendency to interrupt others. They will often be that one person in a training group who constantly interrupts. They are smart and highly intuitive types with razor fast responses. They tend to re-frame the lecturers authoritative statements into their own understandings.

In fact they are not so concerned about learning the material of the workshop as opposed to gaining attention and needing to be the centre of attention in the group. The person is highly rebellious and knows how to block and deflect more profound questions directed at themselves.

The Moon/Uranus = Mars midpoint has much to with Stimulus Hunger.

Quoting     UK Therapy The Relationship Between Stimulus Hunger, Recognition Hunger and Strokes

“When a baby is born its primary hunger is not food but the need for the touch of another human being, the need for physical and mental stimulation.

Rene Spitz investigated this need by observing babies reared in children’s homes.

Even though well fed, warm and clean they were more likely to experience physical as well as emotional difficulties than children reared by their Mothers.

Spitz research demonstrated that sensory deprivation in the infant might result not only in psychic changes, but also in organic deterioration. It shows how vital the touching, hugging and ‘stroking’ is that babies normally get from their care providers.

This social handling and physical intimacy Berne called a ‘unit of recognition’ or a ‘stroke’.

He classified our need for ‘strokes’ under the banner of ‘the Four Hungers’:

  • Stimulus hunger
  • Recognition hunger
  • Structure hunger
  • Position hunger end quote

The above is basic Transactional Analysis that one would be taught at TA 101 Workshops.

Midpoints are good because they help link other dimensions of analysis where as linear planetary aspects are less descriptive.



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