New Neurosis

The Solar Eclipse on Wednesday 22nd July 2009 is supporting a New Moon at the very last degree of the sign Cancer. The Nodal points which activate eclipses are also at the precipice of changing signs. The Nodes travel backwards in the horoscope. They are currently located at zero degrees of Leo/Aquarius and will soon traverse the 29th degree of Cancer/Capricorn. Which ever calculation you use for the Nodes (Mean or True) this particular Solar Eclipse is heralding the beginning to a “new end”.

July EclipseThe Eclipse Chart for my City – New Moon Conjunct South Node

The symbol for the Nodes looks like a horsehoe – one is pointing upwards and the other downward.

There has been some interesting research over the years that seems to indicate that Eclipse points are “set off” by transiting planets for up to six months afterwards. When I say “set off” I refer to the physical, psychological and spiritual manifestations in ones life. The South Node will cross next weeks New Moon eclipse degree in the very near future.

Which ever calculation for the nodes you use – at some time in the near future the solar eclipse becomes very important indeed.

CORONA.TIFAndreas Gadess and Jerry Lodriguss

The Nodes are significant and complex points in our natal charts. The South Nodes in our charts can represent psychological patterning – past lives – our defences and neuroses. The North Node can also represent the tasks in our life time – our motion through life and where our ‘synchronicity’ seems to work best.

The descriptions of the natal Nodes are also represented by the various philosophies of life. The Spiritual and psychological meanings for an individual life can be described by astrological myth and other visualisations. Perhaps the nodal points in the natal chart represent the way inertia works in many levels of our lives.


Two aspects of our soul life in balance and opposite each other

The South Node is considered “dysfunctional” and the North Node is generally considered “functional” in Astrology. The nodal cycle takes about 18 years to complete through the signs.

The North and South Nodes in an eclipse chart usually relate to world events and people of great importance. The Nodes act as a kind of a trigger to literal manifestations involving countries and Kings.

Nature can erupt during an eclipse cycle and so can man. Perhaps during an eclipse the “matrix” and the fabric of time shifts on earth. A new interface is born and thus the life cycle is renewed.

The New Moon next week is at the very end of Cancer. Soon after the eclipse event the Moon and the Sun change signs denoting a significant shift or “moving on”. In a relatively short time for eclipses the South Node enters Cancer and acts as trigger to the eclipse degree. In later months Venus crosses the eclipse point and by mid October the planet Mars “has a go”. Because we are in the middle of an eclipse season some events such as the recent bombings in Jakarta are going off.

Perhaps you can key August amd mid October into your diary as two manifestations of next weeks eclipse.


Without delving into the cycles of eclipses which span centuries – the New Moon Eclipse in the last degree of Cancer suggests on personal levels that we are at the end of an emotional stumbling block. Perhaps by expressing the relevance of some issue in our life will help us to overcome the inertia for moving forward now. Some of us will move forward and others may not be quite ready. When the South Node shifts into Cancer we experience the end of one stage in life and the beginning of another.

The idea of experiencing neurosis is common place – however developmental psychology tends to suggest the source of neuroses occurs during early life. I am not saying that one cannot develop neuroses over night but that layers of issues can unravel from our sub conscious when we are ready for them. The eclipse next week is coming – ready or not!

Most of us will not be confronted by extraordinary manifestations of the eclipse however as one chapter closes at least there is a sense of renewal from an “ending” – which then propels us forward to the next thing.



20 Responses to “New Neurosis”

  1. 1 roses July 20, 2009 at 11:02

    But K, today is Monday the 20th of July 2009. Hang on – i’ll go back and read it again.

    Also… dysfunctional (South node) is different to non-functional. The opposite of ‘functional’ is when something isn’t functioning isn’t it? Dysfunctional means that its functioning but not in the way it’s assumed it should – well that’s how it seems to be to me. So in what way is the South Node dysfunctional?

    I am in the middle of an emotional time of it. Its kind of like crap from everywhere is being emptied right here and right now. We had that huge tsunami (the whole 15 cms of it) just the other week but its like the pressure is building somewhere and mother nature is going to have one heck of a tantrum really soon. Its like being wedged into the tightest crevice of a rock just waiting for either me to expire or the rock to split. I hope i get to expire because if the rock splits then there’s going to be a whole mountain of rock raining down and i don’t want to be a part of or watch that stuff happen.

    I hate the way that they play horrible things over and over again on the telly when they happen. They’re easy to turn off but it takes years to not remember terrible things one has seen.

    Oh for goodness sakes! Another rave… sorry K.

    I’m out of here. Cheers… roses

  2. 2 kingsley July 20, 2009 at 13:05

    Yes Roses, the Eclipse is on wednesday here in Australia. Astrology allows one to cast a chart in any time – past and future. Eclipses have a tendency to become “active” at some later point in time such as the 15th October 2009 for this eclipse. The effect of eclipses can also be felt a couple of weeks prior and post the actual eclipse event.

    Its a good time to “empty the crap” Roses. I only say that because I am an astrologer and that I know you.


  3. 3 kingsley July 20, 2009 at 13:24

    Oh yes, you are correct about my generalisation of functional/disfunctional Roses. These two nodes are opposite each other and follow the same path together.

    The south node represents ones karma, past lives, early nurtured life, psychological patterning learned and inherited, ones life script and repetitive patterns etc. Our defenses and blocks to life are at the south node.

    The North Node is where we integrate into life from the past – where we come together with others, our task in this life time – “why we were born” and our higher self. Invariably we shift between the two nodal process’s however the south node can be a place where we get stuck and find integrating into this lifetime somewhat challenging.

    In therapy the aim is to resolve the past – accept and let go of the old patterns and move towards something else. The Noth Node can help visualise these “functional” areas of life or in counselling the client verbalises what they would “prefer now” – after letting go and instead of the old patterns.

    In that way, my generalisation about the south node being disfunctional is apparent. If you gave me another blog or a workshop or two I would delve into why we need the south node and its positive attributes. In the case of an eclipse or if the South node transits your natal planet it is generally considered to be a pain in the arse.


  4. 4 roses July 20, 2009 at 14:34

    So… the North Node is our ability to digest stuff – past, present and future and the South Node sometimes getting blocked is perhaps like when we get constipated?

    You don’t know me K. Regardless of what name you’re using at the time – male or female.

    I like when you said that the effects of the eclipse can become evident prior or after the actual event. That’s a lot like life isn’t it?

    Also, Wednesday is not the 20th of July this year (2009). The 20th of July this year falls on Monday (today). Am i really not understanding this? What am i missing?

    And, i really missed (while reading the post) the positive relationship we have with the South Node. If we don’t poop we die. Is that one of the positives?

    I hope you are having a most lovely day today… thank you K.

  5. 5 kingsley July 20, 2009 at 15:00

    The eclipse is on wednesday Roses that is the 22nd July. No?

    I dont know what you mean Roses when you say “You don’t know me K. Regardless of what name you’re using at the time – male or female.”

    I dont think my astrology info on the nodes was anything personal for you Roses – you are right I dont know you. And if something you read creates a reaction in you – that is your business.

    Oh I see – I got the day right but the date wrong for the eclipse. The chart has the right day and date Roses.


  6. 6 roses July 21, 2009 at 08:56

    I only said that you don’t know me K, simply because you advised me to ’empty the crap’ owing to the fact that you’re an astrologer and that you know me.

    The date thing – i was not certain if i missed something and as it happens i did. I didn’t read the chart details correctly.

    Thank you for reiterating that my emotional responsibility belongs to me. I appreciate that.


  7. 7 kingsley July 21, 2009 at 10:17

    Yes I missed the incorrect date until you mentioned it Roses.Other bloggers miss clumps of theory only to add it on afterwards.

    I have kmown you over several years on cyberspace Roses. Perhaps I do know you a little over this medium.

    You must get familiar with the way Grafitti responds to bloggers as you do with me. In that was we also become familiar with the ways you respond and express yourself from time to time over the internet Roses.

    Sometimes I can tell that you are angry Roses. Sometimes its hard to know what you need. That is the limitations of blogging Roses – sometimes it is “hit and miss” in the comments department.

    Yes it is a good time Astrologically to express some limiting aspect of life. I think you are doing a good job so far Roses.


  8. 8 roses July 21, 2009 at 10:57

    I don’t understand K. You can know what someone needs?

    I never know if you’re angry or what. Emotions are so difficult to understand. They often happen mixed and so its difficult to know what’s happening inside especially if they are accompanied with external manifestations.

    For me it’s always hit and miss. In most departments.

    I’m blowen away that you can know what someone needs. I would like to be able to do that. I bet that it takes a heap of work and stuff to do that.

    Moving house this weekend. Best get a wriggle on. Cheers… roses

  9. 9 kingsley July 21, 2009 at 11:10

    Is that the way you interpreted what I said Roses? If you read again – I said “its hard to know what you need” That doesnt relate to me “knowing what someone needs”.

    In my mind its ok to express what one needs in emotional times Roses. Otherwise one never gets their needs met.


  10. 10 roses July 21, 2009 at 11:30

    Oh. I’m not good at making clear to others what i need? Yeah… i’m not good at that.

    If i found it difficult to know what someone needs – i would think that it does relate to an ability to be able to know what someone needs.

    Wouldn’t the difficulty be found in the attempt to know what someone needs? Therefore, wouldn’t one attempting such a thing, feel able to succeed in knowing that persons need?

    Yes… sorry K. I’m going to begin packing up my wardrobe now. I’m feeling sad right now. I don’t want to know why. Close to tears. Weird.

  11. 11 kingsley July 21, 2009 at 11:46

    I can know sometimes that a person “has needs” or they find difficulty expressing those needs Roses. Thats the important part.

    all the best in packing Roses and moving to your new house.


  12. 12 roses July 21, 2009 at 11:56

    So… how does one know what they need?

    I was told once that when you go looking through the kitchen for something you feel like to eat and can’t find it – well, you can’t find it simply because your body may be thirsty – we’re dehydrated.

    How does one know what they need?

  13. 13 kingsley July 21, 2009 at 12:41

    It can be much like you say Roses. One feels a hunger and then goes about identifying and satisfying that need. Perhaps food is a self nurturing device for some like many other ways.

    Its not an easy process to understand ones emotional needs Roses. Often humans tend to invent other ways to fulfill their emotional needs. The first step is to acknowledge that one “does have needs” and that “its ok to have those needs”

    There can be blocks to gettings needs met and the Transactional Analysis model diagrams that quite well. The three stacked circles describing the make up of personality with Child part saying to the Parent part “I need”. In some cases and depending on ones background The Parent Ego State responds back to Child “Dont have needs”.

    Therefore over time the child learns “not to have needs”. This can be the case with some styles of inflexible parenting.

    The Adult part of personality in the middle of the stack can understand eventually that “everyone has needs”. Bit by bit (and with the help of therapy)the child gains strength to go against the “parent voice” and to express their needs.

    By going about finding positive ways to fulfil their hunger for having needs the Parent voice diminishes and the child makes a redecision about “having and expressing needs. Some Parent ego states hardly budge so that requires a different kind of approach over time.

    does that make sense Roses?


  14. 14 roses July 21, 2009 at 13:06

    Theoretically yes. I can see ur explination on my internal movie screen. Its familiar – a bit like recalling something (like, how to spell a name) by picturing the thing on which it was last seen and reading it from the photograph recalled. But practical application? – not alot.

    Its identifying the need that is tricky (elusive?). Perhaps that’s a personal journey or something like that?

    The only thing that gives my Parent ego state any say is the look of concern when i see their faces. When there’s no concern there’ll be no respect toward them from me.

    I don’t know if i was programmed to not have needs. I know i have lots but i don’t know what labels to put on them for identification. Are you able to understand what i mean?

    Oh – identification. Name, drawing of the dark person, sex, age etc…

    That does make sense doesn’t it.

    Thank you so much K. I’m not quite so frightened of you today.

  15. 15 kingsley July 21, 2009 at 14:50

    Yes it is a bit elusive Roses. Thanks for saying that last bit Roses – “I am not quite frightened of you today” Perhaps in doing so you have also expressed a need you have.

    Whenever you wish to tell me directly “that I am a scary guy” that is ok by me Roses. Maybe you could practice it sometime? Just for the heck of it.


  16. 16 roses July 21, 2009 at 18:52

    K, lots of times i find you so scary. I’m never certain of myself and, you know when you said ‘hit or miss’? Well, i always feel that i hit but hit all the not so nice things or something. Do i make you feel bad for some reason?

    Its like, i’m frightened of what may happen after i talk to you. Like i’m all jumpy and stuff while i’m here – i have no idea why. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    The first few comments were really scary but after a bit i felt better.

    I’m feeling really jumpy right now so i’m going to go now.

    Thank you so much for today. I appreciate it so much.


  17. 17 kingsley July 21, 2009 at 22:11

    Its interesting Roses because I do not feel “hit” by you and you ask “do I make you feel bad for some reason?”

    I do not feel bad Roses however sometimes I sense that you need to be in control and thats ok. It appears to me that you want some help however sometimes you push others away too. If I did feel “hit” and “bad” or something Roses I wonder what that would mean for you?

    There must be a reason you keep coming back here – even if I do often scare you – as you report Roses.

    We can go on back and forth like this in the comments section Roses however I am not sure how its helping or if its meant to help. Can you think of what you wish to gain from our rapport here or how it is helping or not helping? It seems that you do like a challenge Roses and that is what impresses me about you.


  18. 18 roses July 22, 2009 at 08:50

    Well K, you asked if i could practice (telling you that you’re a scary guy – just for the heck of it) sometime and I just thought that this was as good a time as any. Was this not the ‘sometime’ you had in mind?

    So… you didn’t mean to practice right then and there. Boy! Did i ever miss that one! (Or, was it a hit?)


  19. 19 kingsley July 22, 2009 at 09:44

    Thats is fine by me Roses about the practicing however I am not sure whether its actually helping. It is a bit unorthodox to do this kind of thing on the internet Roses.

    For all I know you couldnt care less and might dismiss the info around the good questions you have asked previously. In my mind its more about you having the upper hand in our rapport now. You seem to be looking for “cracks” in my replies and wondering if its a “hit”. Why would you want to test my limits anyway Roses? How would that help you except for needing to experience some power and agressiveness. Why would you want to “hit” someone?

    In that way our discussions may have arrived at a somewhat anti-therapeutical end Roses. You seem to be very powerful Roses and practicing that against your “scary person” backdrop is a huge risk according to your original teary statements. I like the way you have expressed your scare to me.

    Taking risks is exciting Roses, the challenge of winning the “golden fleece” is enticing. I wont get involved in brawl with you Roses. How do I know if you are genuine about receiving the info above? For all I know you may dismiss it all as baloney.

    For that reason Roses I must say I have enjoyed our conversations here. I am not really backing out now however creating some safety for me and you.

    You do come on strong Roses however there is a vulnerable side of you too. If things get too tough here and your scared child becomes overwhelmed – I am not close enough to help contain that situation. Things begin to backfire and there can be trouble for both of us.

    I hope you understand that Roses. Its ok to practice telling me that I am scary Roses but not if you do that aggressively.


  20. 20 kingsley July 23, 2009 at 13:39

    For Roses

    Asking questions about counselling, psychotherapy and astrology is a priveledge around here not your right Roses.

    I am sure that you pay a good trainer to answer your questions mostly. My advice to you is to ask one question at a time and delve into that intellectually and reflectively before you ask a plethora of other questions. In that way you limit any confusion and avoid glossing over things that might be important to you.

    It seems that you are more interested in “wrestling” or engaging in adversarial transference so I suggest you find a good therapist near you who is capable of working in that technique.

    As for asking questions Roses I have a paypal account here if you wish to ask any further questions.

    Such is life


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