Planets Crossing The Ascendant

Last week the planet Mars was edging closer to my ascendant degree. Whenever a faster moving – personal planet is crossing my ascendant I tend to test my ascendant degree for accuracy. I have been without a computer for ten days and I haven’t been able to check Mars crossing my ascendant in real time.

When a planet crosses the ascendant usually one experiences the nature of that planet in physical ways. The ascendant represents ones body and the ruler of that ascendant degree says much about the personality of the person.  I was looking for signs of anger in my body last week  around about the time Mars was crossing my ascendant degree.

I got a little terse with the cats on Tuesday night however nothing too dramatic. I did some very good work with clients that day however there was no untoward confrontation. On Wednesday the 8th July when I took my computer into the laptop technician I felt a twinge of physical angst when another tech guy came around the back of my tech to see what was on my broken laptop screen. It was none of his business and I felt uncomfortable.

Wednesday afternoon I had to deal with a client who I accidentally stood up the week before. I had a diary malfunction and got two clients mixed up. Anyway the mother wasn’t prepared to accept my apology or reasons for the booking error. I apologised once again and said there is nothing else I can say. The clients mother however didn’t stop there and she went on to outline several options that I could have pursued.

Something kicked in me. I knew that this person wanted some kind of satisfaction from me. I understand how upsetting these things can be. I would be a millionaire if it wasn’t for all the cancellations and clients not showing up over the years. There was nothing more I could do. 

I  wasn’t about to get stuck arguing with the mother in the reception. I said to her “I hear that you are still angry” –  “I take your point” and then looked toward my client and suggested we get started.

That was Mars crossing my ascendant on Wednesday the 8th July. Mars can be experienced as confrontation or assertiveness when it crosses the ascendant. Mars can be a pain in the body when it reaches the ascendant degree. Lucky for me after reconciling my experiences that day I have once again confirmed that my ascendant degree is accurate. 



2 Responses to “Planets Crossing The Ascendant”

  1. 1 KazzaB July 14, 2009 at 17:36

    Sounds like you handled the angry mother brilliantly – there really wasn’t much more you could say. She sounds like a confrontational type of person.

    My computer was on for repairs a few months ago and I was so lost without it. And I hate it being in someone else’s hands because essentially it is a very private piece of equipement. So I can understand how you must have felt when someone else was looking at it as well.

  2. 2 kingsley July 15, 2009 at 15:44

    Hi KazzaB

    I am not sure whether the woman is a confrontational type. She was certainly angry and rightly so. Perhaps some the moments shared in reception are beneficial Kazza – in the process of family healing. I defined some boundaries with her and she did too. One can go forward spiritually or psychologically in these type of moments. She may have reflected on our “relational” discussion like I have done? Yes! I am online again Kazza. Its great!


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