Saying “I do”

In the next few weeks the energy within the cosmos is apparently focusing on commitment issues. Commitment is not necessarily about relationship issues. As you know there are many aspects of life which require decision making and commitments. Venus and Mars for the month of June remain conjunct in Taurus.

Leading up to the first New Moon this month the planet Saturn “allows” Venus and Mars to make an important commitment for better or worse.



Commitment to a Mental Hospital?

Venus and Mars in Taurus will form a trine aspect with Saturn on the twenty third of June. The sign of Taurus embodies a practical and grounding influence. Taurus represents the tactile and sensual area of life where developing routines and security thrive. Saturn is the planet of commitment and represents responsibility and maturity in the astrology chart.

This month – the potential is to make creative commitments that may actually stick. Perhaps my interpretation of the planets Venus Mars and Saturn might read “a working relationship” or  “in view of the alternatives – I will have to”.

The first New Moon in Cancer will make a striking opposition aspect to PLuto. Pluto brings a certain intensity and transformational grounds with making commitments this month.   

Commitment MoonNew Moon and Vesta opposite Pluto

Pluto opposite Moon and Sun is a very strong aspect indeed. Pluto may raise the stakes somewhat and is often felt as controlling element in ones environment. Pressure and control might not be such a bad thing when making a commitment this month. Perhaps a forced situation makes it somewhat easier to say “I do” or “I don’t”.

Pluto is symbolising a coercive element to the way new projects start this month. Expect emotional times which involves conforming to rules and limitations. If one does not feel in control this month – then who is in control? Going along with and accepting situations for what they are – seems to be more about ones practical considerations. The fates or the idea of Ananke and fate is how “necessity” can shape our destiny. In other words – out of some necessity this month our fate unfolds in new directions.

Pluto sounds a bit emotionally intense to me – to want so much power in the astrological equation. Perhaps a more practical outcome for this new moon simply involves buying a new washing machine – while the cost of repairing the item doesn’t make good financial sense.  Can you grasp the idea of a “forced situation” which involves some kind of value?

The astrological patterns show a “convergence to the dutiful” at the first new moon in Cancer. Of course there is another New Moon in the sign of Cancer in mid July. Two consecutive new moons in the same sign is not rare but quite unusual. I remember an astrologer calling this phenomena the “Blue Moon” – the once in a blue moon – New Moon. I am not sure of the validity of such a statement though.

The second New Moon in Cancer around the 22nd July is a Solar Eclipse. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves because right now its more important to identify and contemplate the nature of our practical yet dutiful commitments in life.

It’s ok to say no out of necessity too.



1 Response to “Saying “I do””

  1. 1 roses June 22, 2009 at 09:38

    “It’s ok to say no out of necessity too.”

    Thank you K.

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