Underneath the Surface

It seems a relatively quiet time astrologically this week if we ignore the collective influence of Neptune and Jupiter. The faster moving planet Mercury is continuing its difficult retrograde cycle and soon will reach its  stationary direct point. Underneath the surface though, there are other factors which may help to describe the current astrological landscape.


Illuminating hidden themes

First of all the planet Mercury is currently conjunct the fixed star of Capulus. Capulus represents the sword of Perseus and according to Brady is a weapon that may be used for good or ill. The fixed star Capulus represents male sexual energy and strength. Mercury will tend to focus the energy of Capulus into our thinking and communication process.

Mercury is coping the best way he can in the fixed sign of Taurus. Our ideas and thoughts can be potent at the present time with regard to Capulus. Mercury can usually make sense of subconscious and underlying influences however not at the moment.

Whether we are on the right track with our decisions and plans is perhaps less important than the need for making a stand of some kind. We all know that relationships can be strained if we argue or maintain our individual focus rather than understanding other view points. We still argue our point though. Perhaps on a cognitive level Mercury – Capulus represents the psyches defensive need, in times of uncertainty. Much like a male left brain kind of focus where its safer to follow a single minded track – any track!

The only way to go

The only way to go

Mercury and Capulus tends towards melancholia and taking life too seriously. Its hard when one is confused or when ones point of view is ignored by others. Most people who go to counselling benefit by being heard and understood. Many clients do not understand their own position in life and tend to become stuck in their thoughts as they try to cope. I often observe clients shedding layers of stress when I am able to understand and reflect simple aspects of their reality. The client begins to understand their own reality better when someone else can make sense of it first.

Mercury will turn stationary direct in a few days however I doubt whether things will be clearer by then. We are in the middle of a therapeutic birthing process care of forces underneath the surface. Jupiter Chiron and Neptune represents our resident cosmic therapist. While things may seem queasy underneath and our focus single minded our epiphany will eventually arrive.

Australian politics reflect the current Mercury retro – Capulus configuration quite well. It seems that the strong arguments around Carbon Emission deadlines are heading towards a double dissolution election. The coalition party and the government are in a serious political deadlock. Ultimately the sword of Perseus and the nations future will swing one way or the other.

Other “forces”  – underneath the surface at the moment relate to midpoints. Midpoints involve planetary combinations where one planet intersects the midpoint arc of two other planets. Midpoints are a complex and important technique in Astrology.

Venus Pluto = Neptune represents ones impressionability, immorality and seductive influences

Mars Neptune = Uranus represents changing energy levels – lack of energy, sudden change of health or a crisis in life.

Mars Jupiter = Uranus represents the urge for freedom, active resistance ambition and sudden decisions or incidents between partners. (Ebertin)

One of the benefits of astrology is aligning oneself in their own minds and hearts by identifying individual themes unfolding in life. A person may stick to their guns for very good reasons. With the current astrological patterns it seems to me that one would do well to understand what those “reasons” are.

Staying focused and on the tracks is just as important as realising the other potential outcomes in life. Perhaps we are faced with decisions and re decisions that challenge us one way or other. Experiencing ones current gestalt is somewhat harder than avoiding that. What ever one eventually chooses – will have much to do with “forces” underneath the surface.



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